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I love music. I couldn't live without it:D

Some bands I like:

Bring Me The Horizon
Falling In Reverse
A Day To Remember
All Time Low
The 1975
Asking Alexandria
Pierce The Veil
and (drum roll pleases?)

MAJOR directioner.

I have a pet unicorn.
His name is Carl and he is invisible.
He eats cookies..that are invisible.
And he has a boyfriend named Jeffery (named after my scene friend lol XD)
Just face it, Carl has a radical life.

I'm usually really sweet and annoy people with my happiness, but if some crazy potato come screwin dat up...then Houston, we have a problem.

I hate when people are like: "I LOVE NUTELLA!!" Bitch, I discovered that in like 2003! Even Liam Payne ate it as a child, so no I love Nutella not you.

Fave song(s): Game Over by Falling In Reverse and Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon

Dianas are fans that have ever self harmed, starved themselves, ever been depressed or felt unpretty. #IAmDiana

My favorite things to say are "OH NO! IT'S THE ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE! GRAB THE BEER!" and "We should throw a party...where no one can wear pants."

I love Peace Tea and Sprite :3

A goal in life for me is to have a foodgasm in the middle of a wedding. Can you imagine it? Bride: I d-

I love:

Finn and Jack, Dan and Phil, Anthony and Ian, O2L, Marcus Butler, Zoella, Joey Graceffa, and MANY MORE!!!


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    mumbled "Hello Movellas :)"

    7 years ago
    Family Guy; I already like you XD. Hello and welcome de welcome :). If you have any questions or need any help or need anything really, just let me know :). This is a great website, so I'm sure you'll find plenty to do and have a good time!
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    mumbled "TWO NEW CHAPTERS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I'm back with two (VERY EXCITING) chapters of Autumn Leaves :)))))) I also added some good looking pancakes:3
  • 123kittyface
    This is such an original idea:) The first chapter just sets off the book:) can't wait to move on to read the rest!
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