My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


15. via Skype

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I looked at Louis that he didn't want to go back to London. Troy hugged him and smiled at him. 
"You can come home here any time you want." 
Louis nodded and he looked quickly at me. 
"I know!" 
He then hugged my mom. 
"I promise to come back soon." 
I swallowed and was shaking all over as he then hugged me. 
"I'll be back." he whispered in my ear and I smiled at him. 
"I know!"


"It's so fun that they get along well!" I heard Troy say to mom. "We have a family now and my son like us." 
I heard mom smile and kiss him. 
"I'm so happy that we now have two kids to worry about." 
I was ashamed. They suspected nothing, and I knew that Louis wouldn't let me go.


"Have you ever been naked on skype?" 
I was startled and stared at Louis. I saw that he was lying in his bed and I blushed quickly. 
"Don't say you want to try to be naked now? Then do I hang up right away." 
He laughed. 
"Come on., I miss you and I want to see your body." 
Okay, I must admit that the idea attracted to me. I saw at him that he wanted and I saw that he wanted to see my body. Just to not chicken out, I pulled off my dress and tossed it away. I put the computer on the bed and I noticed that Louis was overjoyed.
"Your turn!" I said and laughed. Louis obeyed me and he took off his sweater. I saw also that he stripped off his pants. 
"Your turn!"
I went to the door and closed it and locked. Then I took off my bra and put me down on the bed. Louis groaned and I saw that he wasn't looking at my face. 
"Your underwear?" I giggled. Louis swallowed and I saw that he hesitated. 
"Promise you wont tell anybody about this?" 
I laughed. 
"It was you who wanted to do it?" 
Louis smiled and obeyed me. I saw him strip naked and his member stood straight out. I giggled and watched as he blushed. 
"Off with your panties." he mumbled and I obeyed. Louis moaned lightly. 
"God, how I miss your body." 
I sat on the bed and looked at him. 
"So we'll sit and talk naked with each other?"
Lousi swallowed.
"Can't you lie down on the bed?"
I smiled. I put the computer at the foot of the bed and laid me down on the bed so that he could see my whole body from the bottom and up.
"Hope, you are so beautiful!"
I put a pillow under his head so that I saw the computer. Louis moaned lightly.
"Can you spread your legs?"
I obeyed. He moaned even higher.
"Can you touch yourself?"
I sat up and blushed.
He smiled weakly.
"I want to see you come."
"And You?"
He giggled and showed off his hand.
"I touch already my dick."
I did it. I lay down and obeyed him. I was at first careful, but then I dared more. I felt how I got my whole body tingle and meanwhile I saw Louis masturbate in the computer. He groaned and I heard that he liked to see me. 
"Come for me baby." he mumbled. I obeyed. I put a pillow over his head, spread her legs more and I moved quickly my hand over my sensitive area. Finally I couldn't hold myself back and I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. I calmed myself down in the end and heard that he also came. 
"Crap!" I mumbled and took away the pillow. "You make me ..." 
Louis grinned and breathed quickly. 
"I love that we did it."


I was ashamed afterwards and realized that he was about to get me to be like him. Mom hadn't heard anything and Troy sensed nothing. I showered quickly and made ​​sure I got on my clothes before they saw me.

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