My stepbrother

A short story ... Louis Tomlinson fanfic


12. Sex like maniacs

Louis took up the bag in the room he used to sleep in. I went into my room and I was so nervous I didn't know where I was going. Okay, I was attracted by his proposal, to be with him, but in my head I saw my mom's despairing face. She would think I had lost it and I wasn't thinking clearly.


Louis only managed to get into my room and walk up to me. He kissed me so hard and I felt how much I actually loved to feel him near me. He pulled off my shirt and I felt how he embraced me. He pushed me onto the bed and I lost all the latches. I stripped him of his shirt and he tore off all my clothes. It was as if we didn't get enough and I wanted him. Louis pulled off his pants and he penetrated without foreplay. I whimpered against his lips and I felt that my body was ready. I heard him moaning and he quickly began working his hip. I felt his dick worked and it tingled all over.
"Condoms!" I mumbled. Louis smiled and stretched out his arm. He rooted in his pants pocket and pulled out a pack. I watched as he opened it up, pushed out of me and then he took it over his cock.
"Happy?" he mumbled and smiled at me. I laughed a little bit embarrassed and he got me to stand on all fours. Louis stood behind my butt and he penetrated. I moved back and forth. Louis kept a firm grip on my waist and I could hear him moaning with pleasure. I heard how his body bounced against my buttocks and I moaned loudly. I felt that he increased the pace and he whimpered. He took his hand around my waist and reached with his fingers just to my clitoris. I went crazy when he started fondle me and I laid my head down against the pillow. It was like I totally lost control and I couldn't stop.


Louis stopped right as it was and I looked at him in surprise. 
"We shouldn't put an end to this so soon." he murmured and laughed a little bit. He was breathing rapidly, and the whole he was red. I saw how sweaty he was and I knew he needed a break.


When he had calmed down, he pulled me from the bed. He put me on my desk and I took my legs around his waist. I felt how he penetrated again and he smiled at me. 
"We have to try everything that we can to try." 
I moaned and I took my arms around his neck. I kissed him and I felt how he began working with the body. He stopped kissing me and forced me to lean down against the wall, then he lifted my legs up as high as he could. I saw how he worked faster with his hip and he moaned in pleasure. He looked down at my body and I saw how much he longed for me. 
"We are crazy." I moaned. Louis smiled and looked at my eyes. 
"I love this." 
I smiled. 
"Oh, really?"
Louis laughed and I felt how he made me moan again. He bounced on my back and he quickly brought out his cock in me. When he came, I felt his whole body shook. He whimpered straight out and I knew how he pushed himself into me. As soon as he had settled down, he took off the condom and sat down on the floor in front of the desk. He started licking me and I shook directly by all the emotions that came over me. I took my legs around his neck and felt his tongue made ​​me almost cry straight out. I took my hands over his head and I tried to move me towards his face. It didn't take much for me to come. Louis had two fingers penetrate and he gained direct my G-spot. I screamed and I was shaking all over. It just exploded.


"And you say you are against this?" 
I was breathing quickly, looking down at his face. 
"But this isn't normal?" 
He stood up and laughed. 
"Well, we do like to have sex?" 
I frowned. 
"Not everything is about sex?" 
Louis didn't agree. 
"When you're crazy about a girl, it's about sex, it's all about to do it with her."
I was annoyed. 
"Then you don't love me, you just want my body." 
He shook his head and looked down over my naked body. 
"That's a part of the package when I choose you."

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