Kayla Chase

Hi, I'm Kayla. Kayla Chase. I'm currently twelve years old. I'm a demigod, daughter of Apollo, god of music, archery, healing, light, and truth. I've been going to a camp for about five years. Camp Half-Blood, I've grown up here and trained for those five years. Over the years, new campers have come and go whether they hit age twelve, or eight-teen. I have very few friends, and I hid most of my feelings until Leo came. Something takes a twist on my life when I get sent on a quest with couple more people than I'm used too, and I warm up to some people. Zues' master bolt has been stolen and its up to all of us to get it back.

This is based on the books so if you did not read them you probably won't get most of the story, some of the characters will still be in the story that come on later in the stories, like the seven. Just a heads up! I'm also making this a series, so I'll include it in then title when it's the first, second, third, fourth, and so on. This is the first, enjoy

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1. Meeting Percy

           KAYLA'S P.O.V           My mind was racing and I couldn't stop thinking. Not for one second. Because you have to think to reflect, and you have to reflect  to fight. I saw a blade shoot past my eyeball. I deflected it with my sword and flung hers into the air. It landed right smack, blade down in front of me, stuck in the soil. "Annabeth, you're going to have to do better than that to beat me," I said to Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena. I took her sword out of the ground and gave it back to her. "You'd think we'd share the same DNA," she said sarcastically. Our foster parents were different people but they had the same last name. Even though I only lived with them for about a year until my satyr came, I liked the last name, so I decided to keep it. Thought it would be useful in the mortal world. "Bye Annabeth," I called as she walked away. "I'll see you later," she replied in a bored tone. All of a sudden I felt drained, as if there was no energy or blood left in me, and Annabeth hadn't cut me. I fought the blackness but it was overwhelming. I felt myself falling and I hit the ground. Before it got darker and darker and darker I saw several feet running toward me. Seconds later, I couldn't see, hear, or feel anything. I tried to awaken but my body refused to get up, then I was out.



"Kayla, Kayla, Kayla," said a distant, misty voice.

"What?," I groaned sleepily." Oh its you Grover. How long have I been out?"

"A day. But its really important that your awake now. I need you to train a newbie."

"Well, thanks for the warm welcome Grover, as always," I said grumpily with my eyes still closed. "Who is it?," I asked finally gathering enough energy to open my eyes to slits.

"Percy Jackson, he's undetermined, he's out right now though, with Chiron," Grover said with far more energy than I had at the moment. I thought for a minute. I wonder what he looks like?

"Kayla, snap out of it," Grover said snapping in my face. I flinched and realized I was staring into space.

"O.K I'll be on the lookout for him."



      "Alright everyone, gather around," said Chiron. I ran toward him, and I guess I was the only one who heard him because nobody else was coming. "Yes Chiron?," I asked him with chirp in my voice, "You need some help?," I asked him. "Please..." he muttered. "YO, PEEPS, SHUT IT!," everything went quiet. "Gather round'," I half yelled half said. "Thank you," said Chiron and he sounded a little ashamed. "Percy Jackson, come forward," A boy came up to Chiron about two inches taller than me, with jet black hair, and stunning blue eyes. "We'll take him!," shouted Luke, the camp leader, and the captain of our team. All the girls never shut up about how much they fancy him, but I never liked him much. " Well, no need to ask the question then," said Chiron, "Were going to play capture the flag, now I'll give you five minutes to get ready." I started to get everyone into position while Luke was giving Percy a helmet with the famous blue, feathered, streak down the middle. He gave it to him then left to go talk to the other teammates. I swiftly went to my position, border patrol. Sometimes, the Ares cabin can be really, really stupid. I usually take out eleven each time we play. You'd think people learn. Naturally I didn't ever find out who won until the screaming of victory. I could always tell when who won based on them, I'd memorized what the teams sound like by heart, then I came running in to the center of the forest to help my team not get killed by the other team because they were jealous. I loved my position, it was mostly quiet and it was right by the river, so when I got bored I'd just stare into the lake, looking for myself. My train of thought was lost when I heard the conch horn blow followed by yells of agony and rage. It didn't faze me, so I waited for the first red team member to come to get their butt whooped by yours truly. Clarisse was first to show up with a feisty look in her eyes. " This time," she bellowed, "I'll get you no matter what."     "Try me," I said to her with just the same amount of hatred in my eyes. I cut her arm with the blade of my sword and she cried in pain. "Well Clarisse, if you actually want to beat  me , here are some tips." I said to her with sarcasm in my voice," Step one, try top sneak up and don't talk, because if you talk I'll know you're there."    "I don't need you stupid tips, or any help at all!" she yelled, quite annoyed. Yet I went on anyway to annoy her further still. "Step two, think of your battle strategy instead of just lashing out with anger expecting and hoping for the best."     "I SAID I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!" she screamed at me in frustration. She barreled towards me. I sidestepped and she went flying to the ground. When she was in an arch, I kicked her back down, and she passed out. 'Typical Clarisse' I thought to myself. I heard a scream from the other side of the lake, all the way at the other end of the forest, and across the rocks. "Well, looks like Annabeth has found Percy" I said aloud. 'And now there's me running to the rescue' I thought as I ran as fast as I possibly could toward them, which didn't take long because when you've played 'Capture the Flag' as many times as I have, you get fast. Annabeth had her sword at his neck and I ran to him, did a front-flip off the rocks, and took her sword right out of her hands. Annabeth looked as if she would explode at any second, and she would chop me to pieces while doing so. Percy looked like he could kiss me right now. I turned to Annabeth and discovered she was running towards the center. I heard victorious yells from the center. I grabbed Percy's wrist and darted toward the yells. I saw the flag being held up by Luke, who was grinning out of his mind. The conch horn blew to signal the game was over and dinnertime was now. We all ran as fast as we could to get the good seats in the house. I was the first person there. I was feeling adventurous, so when I looked into my goblet I said 'Diet Cherry Coke,' and 'Mel's Lemonade' mixed. It actually didn't taste that bad. Before I ate, I went up to the fire and mumbled," Hephaestus, please accept my offering........" and scraped a part into the fire. I went back to the table and ate the rest of my plate. I felt more alive during the night, so I was barely tired at all. Even though I only had about three or four friends, who were all from the Aphrodite cabin, I figured I'd go out as well.  I was very ugly compared to them. I thought thy were applying their make-up, or worrying about their hair at this point. After that, they'd actually have to eat something, or I'd make them eat something. They were petite, skinny and never wanted to eat a thing. Tonight I was feeling a bit different, so I didn't wait up for them. I clunked down the stairs, and headed over to the campfire.


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