A girl named Rylin Parks is mute: And this is her story.

Author's note

This is a story that my sister and I are working on, IT'S JUST A ROUGH DRAFT... But if you could, would you give me feedback?

1. Chapter One

I look down at my map, utterly lost. I head back to the main office and stand in front of the desk. The lady behind it was blond and preppy. I looked down by the time she turned to me. 

    “Hi, how can I help you?” She asks, staring at me. I hand her my class list and the map. “Oh! You're lost, okay!” She shows me where to go and I hurry on, glad no ones in the hall. I rush as fast as I can without getting in trouble. I kept my eyes on the ground as I walked into the classroom. I stand silently in the doorway until the teacher waves me over. 

    “Hi, are you the new student?” Without looking at him I give a small nod. “Do you want an introduction to the class?” My eyes finally drift up from my shoes to his desk, shaking my head. “Okay, I’m Mr. Brandon. Go sit over there please.” 

I turn to the seat and it's on the right, but surrounded by other kids. The classroom is set up in rows of desks, just like I’ve seen in movies. On my way to my seat someone touched my hand, I flinched and drew my hand up to my chest and sat in my seat. On my right sat a girl with extremely straight hair, in front of me sat a boy with dyed pink hair on top, behind me sat a girl with semi-curly hair, and to my left sat a boy with curly hair. Both girls were playing on their smartphones and the boys were both talking loud and throwing things to each other. 

Of course, I get sat next to the loud kids. 

Homeroom only lasted another five minutes, so I put my head on my arms and pretended I was asleep. I learned that the boy with the dyed hair’s name is Damien, most of the time he was “Dame” though. One girl, the slightly curly-haired one’s name was Lacy. 

I pack my things as slowly as I could and am the last person to get out of class. My next class is Government, and thankfully only across the hall. I step up to the teacher’s desk and she looks me up and down. 

“Name?” I hold out my class list and point to my name, “Okay Rylin, take a seat wherever, no seating charts.” She stands up in record time and walks to the center of the class. I walk to the second row from the back and sit, still looking down. On her teacher’s desk, I can see her little name card, Mrs. Bones. Cool. 

She starts droning on, so I could take a few peeks at her. She had every color of dye in her hair; blue, purple, green, teal, neon colors too, but somehow it works. Her outfit is bizarre in the same way, with a blue Disney Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a red skirt with whole polka dots. 

A girl tapped my shoulder and I almost bolted. I looked at her, she had short-cropped brown hair. “You might wanna take notes, new girl.” She half whispers to me. I give her a small nod and grab my notebook, just to end up doodling. 

I already know everything about how a president gets impeached, and how it works, what presidents have been kicked out of office, but Mrs. Bones must have noticed I wasn’t paying attention and asked me who the first president was that was impeached. 

I looked down at my hands and didn’t answer. She asked again, and when I didn’t answer she huffed and moved on. I stared at my hands all through both Math and halfway through U.S. History. My history teacher, Mr. Justice, was dead set on making me speak. Every few minutes he would ask me something in front of the whole class. After the fourteenth time, he stomped up to my desk and slammed his hand on my desk, 

“Young missy, just who do you think you are?” He sneers close to my face, close enough I could see his nose hairs. It felt like I had no space, even when he was standing back up, it was like I couldn’t get far enough from him. I clenched my fists under the desk to keep them from trembling and I felt my whole body tense. 

“You need to go talk with our principal, Mrs. Martines.” He says. “Do you know where that is?” I shake my head, he calls out for a girl named Lacy to escort me. I pack my things as fast as I can and walk stiffly out of the classroom. Some kids are staring, bluntly smirking at me, so again, I watch my feet. 

Lacy, it turns out, is the same Lacy as in my homeroom class, with the slightly curly hair, and we also have Government and Math together. She talks non stop about whos parties to go to, who cheated on who, etc. She took a breath, finally, after saying that she couldn’t believe that she was my first friend at this school. 

“Wait, do you want me to be your friend? It’s totally fine if you don’t want me to, I mean lots of people don’t like me. I mean-” she stops when she sees me nod, and she gives me a relieved smile. 

As for me, I was glad I finally made a friend, but I was sweaty and trembling, so I stuck my hands in my hoodie pockets and walked with my head down. I nearly ran into someone because I wasn’t paying attention or looking at where I was going, and thankfully it was someone I recognized. 

“Rylin? What are you doing out of class?” I felt myself start trembling more while Lacy explained for me. 

“Hi, Mr. Jae! Um, Rylin got sent to the principal’s office because she wouldn’t answer anything the teacher asked of her, and he got real mad, and she was given lots of cha-” 

“Thank you, Miss Lacy, I’ll take it from here.” I look at her surprised look, but it turns into a smile quickly. 

“Okay! See you tomorrow Mr. Jae.” She skips away leaving me and Adam alone. 

“Kiddo, you look pale, did something happen?” he asks, guiding me along. I shake my head and take a deep breath. “Alright.” 

He directs me into his classroom and I look around. 

My uncle is the English teacher at this school, and his classroom is covered in book covers, quotes, and has mini-libraries in all the corners of the room. I sit down on a desk as he sits down on his teacher’s desk. 

“This is my prep period, so com visit whenever, okay?” He looks in my direction and I give him a nod, still stiff and tense. I didn’t realize it, but tears started rolling down my face. I never want to be scared of a teacher, but I didn’t realize that they could be so scary. 

Adam kneels in front of me “Kiddo?” He reaches up to rub my back and I flinch, very obviously, and his hand retracts. 

“Did someone hit you?” 

I shake my head. 

“Did you think  someone was going to hit you?” His eyebrows knit together. 

I nod. 

“Was it a student?” 


“Mr. Justice.” He says, but even though it wasn’t a question I nod. 

He gets up to leave and I start crying more and more. He pats my shoulder and walks over to the desk. He brings back a pen and paper. 

“Listen, kid,” he says, kneeling again, “I know we just met a few days ago, but I have a promise and an idea. My promise is that I will do everything in my power to make you feel safe and healthy.” He waited for me to look at him, “My idea is dorky, but it may help you. On this paper, you could write down all your troubles, like what just happened just now.” 

Also, I won’t read it. I only know that it sometimes helps me.” He stands up and walks to the door, “I have to make a phone call, be right back.” I nod and look at him. 

He’s got the same blue eyes as Papa, and black hair, the same kind that would still look nice if he let it go messy. He’s got a smooth voice, like the kind that could read to you until you fell asleep. He’s way nicer than Papa. 

I sigh and sit in a chair, staring at the paper. Maybe just start a little. 

‘My name is Rylin Parks.’ 

‘And I am Mute.’ 

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