Short Horror Stories (DONT READ AT NIGHT)

Super creepy short stories (some are real). Don't read this at night.


9. You Are Not Allowed to Touch Them

When I was eight my family moved from urban south Florida to a really small town in north Florida. It was like from a Goosebumps book. A lot of weird stuff has happened in the 15 years since we moved there, but the weirdest has got to be when my sister moved back in with my parents.

My sister’s husband had been shipped off to Afghanistan so she was left alone with a newborn son. Not wanting to go through the soul crushing loneliness of raising a newborn all alone in a trailer in the woods, she moved back into my parents house for a while.

She said it started first when the headboard of her bed would slam every now and then. Then one day she woke up because somebody was tickling her.

She didn’t really think about it until one night she woke my mom up by screaming(my sister is almost 30, she’s not a little kid), and my mom went in and THE WHOLE F**KING BED WAS ROCKING AND SHAKING LIKE. Really violently up down, to the sides, like a boat going through white water.

But, my mom and sister have been through a lot of sh*t, so they persevered. One night my sister was nursing her son and something grabbed her pony tail and started yanking her head around. My mom went in the room and very sternly, like talking to a bad kid, said,”I understand things are different. There’s a little baby here and there never has been before. You’re curious, I understand that. But you WILL NOT touch them anymore. You can look, you can stay. You were here before us, but I swear to god you are NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THEM.”

It stopped happening.

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