Short Horror Stories (DONT READ AT NIGHT)

Super creepy short stories (some are real). Don't read this at night.


8. I Was Never Outside

This isn’t my story, so it takes away from the horror factor a bit, but it’s from a good friend that I know doesn’t make sh*t up.

His story happens when he was about 8. He was playing hide and seek with his friend at his house, it was late… Probably about 10ish. It’s my friends turn to find his friend. He’s looking everywhere around the house, but he can’t seem to find him anywhere. He eventually decides he must be hiding outside. So he leaves the house to find him.

He starts searching around some bushes when he hears his friends voice coming from a dark corner maybe 20 feet away. They voice calls for him to come over. He didn’t, because he was already spooked out enough being outside in the pitch black. My friend yelled back, “no! You come over here!”

That’s when he said it really started to get spooky. He told me the voice that sounded just like his friend kept insisting that he come over to the dark corner. My friend kept saying no over and over again. At this point, he said the the voice suddenly changed to a dark, horrible sounding voice demanding he come over. At this point he ran back inside, only to see his friend in the living room. When questioned how he got inside so fast, the friend said he never went outside.

Now, I know both of these two guys. None of them make up sh*t. And I doubt it’s the case of an “imagination gone wild”.

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