Short Horror Stories (DONT READ AT NIGHT)

Super creepy short stories (some are real). Don't read this at night.


7. The Little Boy in the Beauty Salon

Back in ’84, my grandma was going to get her hair done. She walked into the salon she frequented and was sitting in the waiting area reading a magazine. Suddenly, she felt like someone was watching her. She looked up and saw a kid that looked exactly like my uncle (as a kid – he was about 25 at the time) sitting in the barber chair. He smiled and waved at her. She waved back and he blew her a kiss. She went back to reading her magazine but couldn’t shake how similar to my uncle that kid looked – literally identical. She looked back up but the kid was gone.

Not one hour later, she got a call from the police department saying that my uncle was found dead on the scene of a car accident.

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