The Wars (BTS VS Got7 VS EXO)

Jackson Wang from Got7.
Park Jimin from BTS.
Kai from EXO.

A pretty, wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA as she got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's the only one adopted who's a girl in this family. She met her bias from boybands, EXO, Got7 and BTS when she arrived in LA to Korea.

She got to choose to be "His" girl, but she did. The question is who it is?

Read Erika's adventure journey.


4. Chapter 2




Why am I go to America with eight members of this more popular band of Korean, EXO? Or why did I looking for a girl in America? No thanks, I want to get a Korean girlfriend, and I want to go nightclub when we all get there.

We all get on the same plane with GOT7 members, but we sit on a different seat, and I sit with Sehun. Why? Because he wants to sit next to me and he wants to talk about the girls in America!

All he said ‘hot’ or ‘sweet’ or ‘sexy’, and that’s all he says is ‘You’re hot’ to an American girl in English. That’s not how we do welcome, and he doesn’t know how to greet them, but he makes all of us go home by the President. We just arrived in America yesterday, and we planned to stay there in one week, but Sehun ruins it!

After we got out of the plane, I was about to pick my packing bag, but I stop myself, and I saw Sehun was bothering on the long ponytail black hairs in the corner of my eyes. I shake my head, and I let the sigh out of sadness as I allowed my bodyguard to do pick up my suitcase.

I wish that I could not be able to support him to do it!

Hey, Jong-in! Would you come here, please?!” Sehun shouts as he waves at me like a child.

Jong-in is the real name of mine that every member in this group knew my name and everyone, even our fans, calls me ‘Kai’ because I hate the word!

I forced a smile look on my lip because I was angry with Sehun and I get up as I bend down to pick up my suitcase earlier.

I wish for this will be over because I know some English. What? This girl must live in America because of this.

Jong-in? Does Sehun means Kai?” She mutters in English when I start to walk toward where they stand there and when she calls my stage name, I stop to stand behind this girl.

Yes? What is it, Se-hun?!” I ask and make him annoyed when I call his real name.

Anyway, I was wondering if I was this girl’s bias, I would love to be her bais!

With that, a girl, the one who I stand behind her, turns around to see me. I was about to chuckle, but a girl melts my heart straight away when she turns around to see me. She seems surprisingly happier to see me, and we were staring at each other for a long time.

She looks beautiful with her big glass and a black long ponytail hair.

With that, Sehun interrupted us, and he stands in front of me as she looks down on the ground.

Kai?! She only speaks English. Can you help me?!” Sehun asks.

He knows, and everyone knows that I speak English!

No way! No, thank you! Of course, I only speak a little English, so why should I help a pointless, hopelessly romantic guy like you?” I explain.

Sehun put the puppy, sad look to show me his face and put both hands of his clap together as he begs for my help.

Aigoo! He’s good!

With that, a girl, who stands behind Sehun, walks around and stands here in the front of us.

“I want to pick my suitcase, and it’s heavy for me to pick it up but my older brother’s right there!”

She used body language for us to understand what she’s trying to say and when this girl tells us ‘her older brother’, she turns her head to see him as we follow her direction to see her brother texts on his phone.

Oh, right! I’ll pick it up for you if you want!” I offer to help to shut Sehun up.

“Finally, someone speaks English! Sure!” She smiles at me.

“I speak English a little! Right, so show me which suitcase is yours?” I pull her arm to go near the bag claim when I grasp this girl’s arm.

She points at the red suitcase, and after I nod, I was about to get it, but I stop myself from standing here.

Indeed, I don’t know her name, and I don’t want to become her stalker!

I turn my left to see this girl’s confused face, and she was about to say something, but I stop her.

What’s your name?” I hesitated.

I didn’t mean to ask this question, but we have to go now, and she saw my worried face as she seems to understand me.

With that, she gives me a friendly smile, and I drop my worried face into a glamorous look.

“Erika.” She says softly.

Erika? Nice name!

With that, I pick her suitcase when I found her name and give her a bag to Erika.

“It’s nice to meet you, Erika. Goodbye! I farewell her as I walk away from her, and I grab Sehun’s arm to walk together, away from Erika.

“You too, Jong-inThank you!” She says.

Erika, huh!




Kai and Jackson can be sweetest, sexy people than I ever met famous people, but they could be swamp than they were free. K-Pop star never has a free day.

I could fit a lot of famous people while I was here in Seoul and I could meet my other bais from BTS, or I could meet one of BigBang members or SEVENTEEN or Monsta X or another band that’s from here.

I look out of the window to see everything and Kevin sit on my lap because the twins were fighting a little earlier as we were in the taxi.

Jinson still is on the phone, texting to his mystical girlfriend and I was very excited to see my parents.

Nuna..?” That was Jin, who sits next to me, calls out to me.

Oh, no! Jin is the even worse than Kevin, and I feel bad for myself that I have attention on Jin, I was scared.

I turn away from the window to see Jin’s pout face, and I let the sigh out of relief.

You have no idea how did I get my life through him!

“What is it, Jin?” I was scared to hear his answer.

“I’m hungry!” He pouts.

How can Jin pout is adorable? After all, I never see his side, and all my life since I get into their life, I thought they hate me because I’m an only girl in this family, well, my adopted mother’s a girl as well.

Then I can hear his stomach have a loud glowing sound and I bit my lip.

I was worried that we will have jet lag if we eat now and then it’ll be my fault.

“We’re almost there. Hold on; I get some food in my bag.” I say.

I grab my bag, and I pull some sweet and food. All I got is two M&M sweet, one Twix with two chocolate in the pack, Lay’s classic and one Oreo with two cookies in the bag. Jin and Kevin can have Twix. I look up at Jinson when I smile at him, and I give him Oreo cookie when he looks at me as he looks down at the cookies on my hand.

I know that the cookies are his favourite!

He took it away from my hand, and he smiles a little.

“Thank you, Erika! Hey, you two should be thanking her for food!” Jinson orders.

“No, no need to thank me!” I say to the twins and give them a smiling face.

Nuna, thank you!” The twins say in unison.

They all get back on their food, and I put the food in my bag as I look out of the window. I wasn’t hungry, and Jin reminds me of Mum, but their personality is different. Kevin and Jinson tell me of Dad, but their character is almost the same.

After the long ride, we arrived at the big house, and Jinson gets out of the taxi as he pays his money to the driver as I tried to wake the twins who sleep on my part of the body.

“Jin, Kevin, it’s time to wake up..! We’re here!” Gentle as I can, I lift Jin, and Jinson grabs Kevin after he finishes his payment.

“We have no choice, but we have to carry them. Come on.” Jinson says with his gentle tone.

Our clothes all are in the taxi! Who can take them?

I was about to say something but Jinson interrupted me and he takes one step backwards from where I see him. I was surprised to see my mother, and we have our butler.

“Oh, my god,” I mutter under my breath.

I pick Jin up when I get out of the car, and then I walk toward the gate, get through the entrance as I was in awe. Mum picks Jin away from where I stand here after we enter the house.

“Daring, why not you go to bath and come down at eight in the evening? You need to sleep.” Mum orders as we enter together.

I nod, and I look up at the stairs as I turn around to take a last look at the door, which is closing in slow motion.

Home sweet home!

I turn back to see the stairs, and I was about to walk upstairs, but someone stops me on the bottom of the stairs. I was surprised to see the most famous band, BTS; whose walk into the entrance door closer!

Hey, Jimin! We should have gone very soon!” That was Jin says.

I walk upstairs as fast as I can and went into my room as I slammed the door gently.

Oh, my God, they’re here at my new house! I wonder what all of these boys doing in here? Why did I feel like the old fangirl comes up?

I should be calm myself and tell myself that it’s just a dream!

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