The Wars (BTS VS Got7 VS EXO)

Jackson Wang from Got7.
Park Jimin from BTS.
Kai from EXO.

A pretty, wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA as she got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's the only one adopted who's a girl in this family. She met her bias from boybands, EXO, Got7 and BTS when she arrived in LA to Korea.

She got to choose to be "His" girl, but she did. The question is who it is?

Read Erika's adventure journey.


3. Chapter 1







I was playing 3Ds along with the twins, but they wanted our older brother to play with us as he was super busy on his phone and I kept playing with my 3Ds. We are on the plane on our, Jinson's and mine, own because our dad and mum go first, but then they put our older brother in the charge.

He should be playing with our twin brothers and makes us happy, but he didn't do it. Jinson, slightly, put me in the charge because he's lazy and he doesn't know how to make fun, but I do. I don't know what did he did with his phone, and I bet he would be texting his new girlfriend from America.

Anyway, I miss my friends from America, and I miss the sunny day. I wish I could stay there, but they didn't want me to be left alone, and after all, I'm their most troubled child. They want me to come with them and see if this will work so well but going to live alone is the most sacred thing..!

Otherwise, I'll be fine, but they didn't. So it could be my chance to prove to them that I could be independent.

I sigh out of sadness and continue playing until..!

"Nuna?" One of twin, Kevin calls me.

Well, their parent wants me to call their Korean name, but for me, yes, it's hard to say this. It was Ke Ben.

"What is it, Kevin?" I ask.

"I want to go to the toilet." He whines.

I sigh out of sadness and look at his sad eyes as I nod, and stand up to help him to stand up.

He's only 8, and he sometimes lies a lot. We hold our hand because it's a coward people to queue and I went to the first-class plane as we can't wait to get there. I can see that poor Kevin have to hold on it.

Fortunately, it was free to use it, but then, someone uses it by the hand on the door, and this was most handsome and confusedly man to see me, backward of the plane people because I know this was a man's hand and how size is it.

"Sorry!" I bow my head deeply without hesitation.

I sigh out of annoyingly, and I blush as I still look down at the floor.

Damnit! Now I make this man confused and look at me just like mad women. I was stupid, I know!

"Nuna, you should be speaking it in Korean," Kevin whispers as drags me to lean down, and put his hand on my ear.

Aigoo! I supposed to repeat it, but this time, in the Korean language!

I look up at the man's face, and I was shocked to see this man.

Jackson Wang!

"Jackson!" I shout as I put my hand in my mouth as he leans against the door with his hands in his pocket and gives me a mixture, confused and happy, smile.

"Uh!" I say panicked.

I lost my word!

With that, I quickly bow profoundly and say wrongly in informal:


I heard the hand's on my brother's forehead, and the cute laughing comes from Jackson. I stand up and look up at his happy face with my confused face.

"Oh, my god! It's Mianhamnida or Joesonghamnida!" My brother shouts with his formal tone.


I saw Kevin's hands on his pant, and I want him to use this toilet, but we have to go back. I am so dumb after all..! I should go now before he bursts into laughter!

I was about to shuffle away from where he stands there, but Jackson grabs my arm and turns me around to face him as I blush.

Oh, my god!

"Here!" Jackson suddenly speaks in English with his cute Hong Kong accent to surprised me as he opens the door and offers my brother to use it.

"You can use it," Jackson says with his kind tone as he lets my arm and gives me smiley face with his sexy lip bites.

"Kevin, let me help with your-" Kevin interrupted me.

I blended down and was about to take his button, but he looks uncomfortable to see Jackson what can a girl did to her younger brother.

"Nuna! I can do it!" He grabs my hands and drops it down.

With that, my brother storms inside the toilet, and I still blend down as I was annoying.

Oh, my, he was a devil brother and another one, Jin, is eviler than him.

I look up at Jackson and gives him an awkward smile as I blush.

"Hey. I'm Jackson! And you are?" Jackson asks as he waves his hand to say hello.

I smile a little and confused at the same time while I introduce myself to him.


"Erika? Nice name!" He comments.

I was confused to see his face, and he bites his lip with happy smiles to see me.

How did he speak English, and why did he says it after I say sorry in English? And if he gets a Hong Kong accent, why did he talk about this way? Maybe he got English for a long time? Is it me, or is it getting arkward to be silence?

We have a staring moment and quiet at the moment until the bang sound's inside of toilet make me jumpy.

"Kevin! Is everything okay in there?" I call out toward his name and ask.

I hear the crying sound of the toilet, and he unlocks to open the bathroom. I follow the wailing comes from Kevin's mouth and saw his head's bleeding out when I open the door, and I was shocked.

"Oh, Kevin!" I saw his bottom to peeing out to show us.

He didn't know how to unlock the button from his pant, and he's only eight years old, but I will be very in trouble when we head back.

"Let me see it...." That was Jackson's voice as he points with his finger against him.

With that, I was about to say the same way what he says, and he bends down to see the blood on my brother's head as I was about to blend down, but he interrupted me.

What? I was panicked! Why you might ask. Because..! Well..! After all, he's my bias of Got7 group!

"Oh! It doesn't look good! Lucky for your son, it would be safe for his long hair. Kevin, was it?" He calls his name into a question.

"Hyeong! Nuna! AH!" Kevin screams and run around to stand behind my back as he noticed that we were talking to the stranger.

"Oh! No! Sorry about confusing you but he's not my son, and it's my one of twin brother, that was what you were confused about." I make it clear to say something after I went to silence.

With that, Kevin drags me away from grabbing my hand, and we went back before I take a last glance at him.

He looks relieved! I wonder why did he see this way?! After that, we run back..! Lucky for us, no one notices us or his blood, and we're heading back to our seat as no one saw us.

I was looking for my handkerchief in my both pocket, but I lost it. Maybe left it in front of Jackson. Oh..! Jackson! If he has it, then I should grab it when I see it again.

With that, I sit back and do nothing as I let Jinson do something with Kevin.








I was holding this girl's, Erika's, handkerchief after I found it on the floor and I walk back to get my seat.

She's quite cute with her glasses. But I'm sure that she knows who I am and I was hoping that she won't freak out. Why? Because..! Well..! She's a cute and funny girl. I like her, not that way, but I would like to become her friend.

After I just watched that she walked away, I pulled her handkerchief out of my pocket, and I smiled at it. I'm delighted to meet you again, Erika!

I appear to smile at this, and I left my band confused as they look at me.

"Hey! What is that?" That was JB asks as he points by using his finger toward the handkerchief.

I didn't listen to them, and I kept look at it as I still smile at it with my bite lip.

What if Erika knew why all of us were here in America.

"Jackson, what is that?" That was Mark says in English!

He born in America, that's why!

With he asks this question, I say nothing, but I smile with my natural bites lip, and they call my name in unison.

"What?" I 'accidentally' ask in English.

I was embarrassed enough not to say it in, not English, Korean. Oh, yeah! I forget! We make a pact to not speaking in English. I mean they know these base English, but still, we agreed.

Jinyoung gives me a creeping smile, and I look at them, except for Mark, everyone seems confused. Of course, they don't understand this.

I was leaning down as I was embarrassed.

Well..! I can change this subject, can't I?

"I mean! What?!" I shout in my attitude mode.

I want to be alone at the moment, but JYP says I shouldn't be alone..! It's my first time in this country, America, and he also wants Mark, Jae-beom and Jinyoung teach us some places, beaches, and restaurants. Everything frequently went passed until I met this girl, Erika and I forget we agreed not to speak English or everything except for Korean.

"Jackson, do we want to know what is it, don't we?" Jinyoung says as he looks around to see the guys sit up by next to him because he's in the middle.

With that, I shake my head with my redder face, and we look at each other as I was embarrassed.

"Oh, Jackson! You look blushing!" BamBam says when he laughs.

With that, my band laugh at me, and I was rosy as I was angry at the same time.

"Hey! I was serious!" I shout.

Everyone laughs at my blushing face and pout as well.

"Who is it? A girl?" Jinyoung asks.

What? Should they respect my private life? Since he asks for this, he was foolish, but he shouldn't ask this because Jr (his real name is Jinyoung) make everyone to grab attention on me.

I nod slowly, and I look at the outside of the plane window while I feel hot on my face.

It isn't very comfortable.

"Aw! Our Jackson is in love!" That was BamBam tense me.

I said nothing and sat here. Love is nothing to do with me, but it makes me wonder what if I love this girl, will it make me so happy?

I went to sleep and left them to talk alone until someone shakes me to wake up. I awake grumpily and feel tiredness.

"Where am I?" I accidentally say in English.

Oops! I always forget a pact. Aigoo! Luckily for me, Mark's still here, and I can talk to him in English.

"Jackson, there's someone who wants to call out toward you," Mark smirks a little.

Please, don't tell me that most prominent fan of mine stalks me!

I lean my head on the chair and then mark looks at the side of the row as I follow his direction.

A girl with brownish hairs and glasses appears on the row. Erika?!

I was shocked to see her, and I stand up as I was panicking.

"Erika?" I say panicky as I dragged her hand away from my bandmates with their sound in their voice like they saw a baby.

"What is it?" I ask gently.

"I'm here for my handkerchief..?" She says shyly.

"Oh, that's right! Sorry! Here. You drop it." I say as I put my hands in both pockets and give it to her while I found it.

"Thank You, Jackson!" She thanks me as she take it and I give her a friendly smile with my bite lip.

She gives me a small, cute smile, and she yawns as she looks tried. I was a daydream, and we were standing here as awkward come along.

"Hey, can you move please?" Someone says behind Erika.

Oh, right!

I was jumpy and then let some people pass by me.

Are we landing, right? I guess so..! I allowed Erika to move by me, and we smile at each other.

With that, I went back to my bandmates, and I laugh widely as I left them confused. I move first, and then everyone calls my name.

"Jackson?!" They call in the union.

I ignore them and keep to walk away from their face as I cover my face to show them with my blushed face.

When did we meet again? I wonder what if she accepted my number on her handkerchief? What did she think of me?

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