The Wars (BTS VS Got7 VS EXO)

Jackson Wang from Got7.
Park Jimin from BTS.
Kai from EXO.

A pretty, wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA as she got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's the only one adopted who's a girl in this family. She met her bias from boybands, EXO, Got7 and BTS when she arrived in LA to Korea.

She got to choose to be "His" girl, but she did. The question is who it is?

Read Erika's adventure journey.


2. Prologue



I met these people, and they fight over me because of me, I’m a pretty, smart girl.  

Jackson Wang is the sexy Korean/Hong Kong dancer and Rapper.  

Park Jimin is the most cuteness/main vocalist than this group, BTS, Korean dancer and singer.

Kai is the most handsomely in this union, EXO, Korean dancer and singer.

I’m not sure who I can go out with because their fan is loving them so much and they’re so famous. I was 18, so I can go out with ‘him’, not necessary, K-Pop stars but I can hang out, and I would be dating on the average date with him.

You might be confused because you don’t know what’s going on, right? I put the pictures of the boys face on the desk, and I look up at the ceiling while I lay down on the bed.

I’m Erika. Erika Bevan. I’m 20. I don’t know who’s my birth family — born in Los Angeles like Mark aka he’s also Jackson’s bandmate, Got7. I’m half American/Korean, but I’m happy to be both.

How did I meet these boys? You know my father’s a successful CEO of Korea and America, didn’t you? He even asks my adopted family to move to Korea. I’m the only one who’s fostered a child of this family. My family accepted his opportunity, but for me, I wasn’t sure about this..!

But now I’m in Korea. I was right. Meet these guys are more complicated than my new friends or my new best friend, and I wasn’t planning to tell my new friend about them as I was blaming myself to not telling her what’s going on.   What? I have new friends in Korea already, well, ‘had’..! Wow!

My mum interrupted my thought by calling out to me.

Elika! Dinner!” Mum shouts in English and then she speaks in Korea language Everyone! Dinner!

Do you want to know what she says? Anyway, Elika is my Korea name.

With that, I sit up and get up as I went to the dining room where everyone speaks Korea. When I was inside the dining room, everyone died down and looked at me. I sigh out of sadness, and I found a seat as I sit on it. They clap their hands and pray to god as I follow them.

Thank you for the food!” They speak in Korea language.

Thank you!” I shout.

What? Do you say that you want to know what do we told? All I see is learning a based Korea in this language. We eat together except for me.

Oh, you don’t know about my family?! An older brother! A handsome man, 26 years old, lazy and haven’t moved out — Jinson Bevan (Jeong Jinwoon of 2 AM). We got a little two boys, Jin Bevan and Ke Ben Bevan. Those two are mad twins, ten years old; you can tell they are adorable and cute, but they’re not.

We have a Dad, a successful CEO of this company in Korea. Byung-Chul Bevan. We have a fantastic and hard-working mother. Liji Bevan. My adopted parents applied the adoption at the house in Los Angeles. when I was little. That’s where they found me, and we were moving here about two years ago.

I was daydreaming until Jin throws his shoe at me and shouts at the same time:

Hey!” I was shocked and angry to see his action, he continues, “Quit daydreaming, Girlie!”

Oh, no!” I throw his shoe back angrily and aim at his face while I take it back.

What, Elika? What is it?” Dad asks while he was eating the rice in his full mouth.

“We saw it, Daddy!” The twin says in unison.

Thank you,” I say with my soft tone as I clap my hand.

They saw me walk away in shocked and I ignore their face as I was walking toward my room.

Elika?!” Dad called my name with his sad tone.

I slammed the door gently and went to bed as I lay down on it.

I have never been fitting in this country..! Do you want to know when I was arriving here at 18 years old, and how did I meet these guy? Well, welcome to my world!

Start my story for me to tell you all! Please start at the airport where I got here!

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