The Deadly Sins; Greed and Despair (Ban x Reader)

(Before reading, if you haven't watched the show or read the manga, there will be many spoilers through out this story!)

Many have heard of stories about the seven deadly sins which we refer to as vices or habits that are considered sinful. Every person is able to hone these sins and most live with them, but there is a group who call themselves The Seven Deadly Sins for their own reasons. What most people don't know, is that there was a eighth sin that struck fear into every person; The Sin Of Despair. She wasn't part of the group of sins, but she was connected to one of them, and that connection made her long for something that she wasn't even sure she could obtain. She could only hope to be cleansed of her nickname and be free to live and feel any way she wanted. This was her story.

(I do not own anything from The Seven Deadly Sins, only the characters and scenes I have created.)


5. Five

The sun starts creeping it's way up into the sky, causing (y/n) to slowly open her eyes, trying to adjust to it. She feels nauseous, not surprising from all the ale she drank last night. She watches the sunrise as she thinks back on last night. She forgot how she got up on the roof, but then remembered she had a little help. She sighs, throwing her arms behind her head and crossing her legs. 

"Alright, I think it's time for you to get some sleep this time.."

(y/n) shoves Ban away, quickly grabbing a bottle of ale and pouring it into her mouth. "No! I'm f..un."

Ban snatches the bottle from her hands and throws it behind him. (y/n) punches Ban weakly into his chest. "Why that!" He ignores her outburst, picking her up and holding her up by her thighs while she faces him, grabbing a hand full of his shirt. She pulls him closer to her, her breath hitting his lips. She smelled of ale and cherry blossoms which intoxicated him. He wanted to stay this way a bit longer but didn't want the others watching. He ignores her tantrum and starts taking her to the tavern door. She slaps his face kind of rough and points towards the roof. 

" to..the roof..idiot." She slurred. He obeys and grabs her tighter, hopping up onto the roof and setting her down. 

'Why does she want to be up here? It's so uncomfortable..'


He looks over at her, noticing the hesitance in her tone. He leans back on his hands, watching her. 

"Do you miss her?" The question shocks Ban. He lays back and stares at the stars in the sky. 

"Of course I do.." 

His answer was what (y/n) expected, knowing how they felt for each other. She never wanted to interfere with that, being Elaine's best friend and all. Tears start falling from her eyes as she thinks back on what happened. Ban's eyes grow wide as he watches her break down into sad sobs. He grabs her cheeks and rubs his thumbs over the tears, trying to wipe them away but they just kept flowing. 

"It's all my fault Ban..." 

He didn't expect those words to come from her mouth. He instantly tilted her chin up, forcing her to look at him. "Don't you ever blame yourself for what happened. You hear me? Is this what you've been feeling all these years?"

(y/n) slaps his hand away, shoving her face into her hands. "You don't understand..that demon..."

Ban cuts her off, pulling her towards him. "was after the fountain of youth. We fought the best we could, all of us. Elaine wouldn't want you blaming yourself." 

She stares up at him, holding on to her chest. "I destroyed your chance to have a life with Elaine! If I just....if I didn't leave her alone that day..I..." 

'Wait...she thinks I'm in love with Elaine? .....idiot. Why does she blame herself so much..'

Ban leans in, placing his lips on her forehead. (y/n)'s face turns red but she doesn't reject it. His touch made her feel strange and calm

"Get some sleep."

Ban leans down, holding her along with him and lays down. He turns over on his side, watching her chest move up and down for a bit as her breathing starts to slow, showing she was asleep. He runs his fingers through her hair, causing her to stir a bit and lean into him more. She wraps her arm around him and snuggles up to his chest. His heart starts racing and his cheeks start to turn red. After a bit, he hears someone clear their throat from below. He sneaks his way out of (y/n)'s arms and looks down to see Meliodas watching him. Ban hops down in front of him. 

"Can we have a chat?" Meliodas asks. 

"Sure cap'n." Meliodas leads Ban a little away from the tavern. He turns back around, not hiding the concern in his stare. "What happened between the two of you?"

Ban scoffs, annoyed that Meliodas was meddling in his business. "It's none of your business, captain."

Meliodas's expression doesn't change. "(y/n) is important to me. I just want to know if she is ok."

Ban grinds his teeth, agitation growing as he thinks about what captain and (y/n) mean to each other. He didn't even want to imagine if they....

"Why do you care for her so much? Do you like her captain?" Ban inched his way closer to Meliodas, a threatening aura surrounding him. Meliodas holds out his hand, causing Ban to stop. Ban chuckles, shaking his head. 

"I can't tell you right now.." 

Ban slams his fist into Meliodas's chest, causing Meliodas to be pushed back a bit, his feet dragging into the dirt. Ban leans his face in inches from his. 

"She's important to me too, captain." Ban backs away, shoving his hands into his pockets and making his way back into the tavern. Meliodas sighs, rubbing his chest as he looks up to the roof, smiling as he watches his sister sleep peacefully. 


"Morning (y/n)!" Meliodas yells, watching as (y/n) slowly makes her way inside the door, holding her head. She waves her hand weakly at him, making her way over to a table and plopping down on a chair. She clutches her head, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep. A delicious aroma makes it's way to her nostrils, causing her to take in a big breath. He mouth starts to water a bit as her eyes try to follow where the smell is coming from. She glances behind the bar and watches as Ban is cooking something. 

'I'm so hungry...'

Ban turns around, giving her a cheeky smile while waving a spatula around. "Hungry (y/n)?"

"Starving." She answers. 

"(y/n). Since you'll be helping with the tavern as a waitress, it's only fair for you to wear the uniform provided! Here." Meliodas tosses a uniform down on the table, catching (y/n) off guard. "When did I agree to this?" 

"It's not that bad. It's quite comfy." Elizabeth beams. 

"Yes they are." Meliodas says, shoving his face into Elizabeth's chest. She squeals, her face turning red from embarrassment. "S...sir Meliodas!" 

"It'll attract more customers so we can get more information on where the other deadly sins are." Meliodas claims. 

"I'm not wearing that." (y/n) states. Ban places a plate of food in front of her, leaning in close to her and whispering in her ear. "I bet you'd look great it in." 

(y/n) pushes him away, turning to hide her blush from him. He laughs and makes his way back over to where he was. She looks down at the uniform and contemplates on if she should or not. She has been wearing the same clothes for a while and could use a break from them. And if it helped getting more information, I guess there was no harm. She grabs the uniform and makes her way to the rest room, quickly changing into it. She realizes how revealing it really was and sighs. She makes her way back out to the others, walking over to the bar. 

"Can I have a plate of that?"

Ban turns around and does a double take at (y/n) as she wears her revealing outfit. She notices his eyes scan her body, causing her cheeks to flush. She grabs the plate he hands her and quickly makes her way back to the table. She takes a fork full of the delicious meal and moans in delight by the taste. 

"This is so much better than Meliodas's food." (y/n) beams. Meliodas whines, rubbing the back of his head. Ban gives him a questionable look, still trying to figure out what Meliodas's deal was with (y/n). "So where are we off to next Sir Meliodas?" Elizabeth asks, mopping the floor. 

"The Capital Of The Dead." Meliodas grabs a rag and starts cleaning off the bar. (y/n) finishes up her food and hands her plate to Meliodas. 

"Mind if I go into town real fast? I wanted to find a new outfit to wear since mine is getting worn out." She motions to Meliodas, who shrugs his shoulders and smiles at her. "Go ahead!" (y/n) runs back to the restroom to change out of the uniform and heads to the tavern door. 

"I'm coming too." Ban says as he makes his way to the door, holding it open for her. She rolls her eyes and walks out. Ban turns and stares back at Meliodas, who doesn't say anything and turns away. Ban snickers and shuts the door. 

"Are you just going to follow me for now on?" (y/n) asks, walking the dirt trail down to the town. Ban wraps his arm around her shoulder, gently pulling her closer to him and smirks. 

"I actually need to go to town myself but if you want me with you all you gotta do is ask." He pinches her cheek, causing her eye to twitch. She brings her right arm around, trying to land a punch to his stomach, but he quickly blocks it by grabbing it, yanking her towards him. He stares into her beautiful (e/c) eyes, causing her heart to thump harder than it already was. She clears her throat and pushes him away. He laughs, walking ahead of her. 

'Why does he have to tease me all the time....stupid.'

The two make their way to the town square. Ban turns to her, scratching the back of his head. "I got a couple things I gotta do so meet me back here when you're done." Before (y/n) could object, Ban hurries off into the street. She huffs, looking around. She finds a clothing store and chooses a new outfit. She wanted something more comfortable to help on their journey. Finding a suitable outfit, she makes her way over to a stand selling food and notices some sort of berry treat. She remembered how much Ban loved the berries at the forest before and thought he'd enjoy one, even if it wasn't the same berries. She buys two of them and makes her way back to where Ban said to meet. After a decent amount of time, Ban finally shows up wearing something new as well. She hides her blush, noticing how nice he looked. 

'Get it together girl...he's Elaine's..'

"What're you thinking about?" Ban whispers, breaking (y/n) out of her thoughts. She almost drops the treats she bought, causing her to panic for a second. Ban cocks his head at her, laughing. "What do you got there?" He looks down at the treats in her hands. 

" us a treat." She holds one out for him. He takes one and instantly takes a bite out of it. His eyes grow a bit wider, savoring the taste of the delicious berries. 

'She remembered..'

(y/n) takes a bite out of hers, softly moaning from the taste. It reminded her of when Elaine would bake for her. Ban watches her as she drifts into her own world. He could tell she was getting emotional, thinking back on the past. He pulls out something from his pocket, holding it out to her. She looks up at it, her eyes observing the object. 

"Wow. That's beautiful Ban." (y/n) smiles, looking away from him. She assumed he bought it for Elaine and would take it to her grave, where ever that was. Ban notices her expression change, making him assume she was jealous. 

"It's for someone who is very special to me." 

(y/n) fakes a smile, turning around and walking back towards the tavern. Ban quickly catches up to her, grabbing her waist causing her to stop. She doesn't turn to look at him, but she could feel him wrap the bracelet around her wrist. He latches it together and inches his way to her ear but before he could whisper to her, they both hear a familiar voice yelling at them. 

"Ban! Stop being a perv! We're ready to leave now!" Hawk yells, trotting his way towards the too. Ban steps back from (y/n), shoving his hands in his pockets and starts walking away. Hawk looks up at (y/n), who is holding onto her wrist where the crystal bracelet lay. Her eyes glisten at it, wondering why he would buy her something this nice. 

"(y/n)! Let's go!" Hawk screams again. (y/n) shakes her head and starts walking alongside Hawk. 



"So this is the village closest to the City Of The Dead?" Diane asks the others. 

"Yep. We're going to open up the Boar Hat so we can get some money for food." Meliodas turns to look at the others. "We'll have Ban cook since he's the best cook." He looks around, noticing Ban isn't with them. "Where did Ban go?" 

(y/n) looks around, wondering the same thing as her brother. She wasn't sure why he would run off on his own, but he has been doing some things on his own recently so it wasn't a complete shock. She pats Meliodas on the back. "I'm sure he'll be back. Let's get the tavern ready. Meliodas nods and follows her inside. The group get the tavern ready to open up, setting everything up and cleaning. A while goes by and Ban still hasn't returned. 

(y/n) ties her hair up into a pony tail and walks over to the others. "Hey. I'm going to go look for Ban. He's been gone for a while." 

Meliodas looks at her, shaking his head. "We'll go look for him. I need you to stay here and get everything ready."

She could see the look Meliodas gave, knowing he wasn't going to let up. (y/n) slams her fist down onto the table, startling Elizabeth and the others. Meliodas stares at her with an expressionless glare, wanting her to relax. She grumbles, turning away from him and grabbing his dirty rag. She rinses it off and starts cleaning more, completely ignoring him now. 

He looks at the others and smiles. "Let's go guys."

Elizabeth frowns at (y/n), wondering why her and Meliodas were being weird to each other right now. She ignores it and follows Meliodas out the door. (y/n) curses to herself, trying not to be too pissed at him. 

'Why does he treat me like a damn child? What's his deal with Ban anyways? Does he not want me associating with the fox sin?'

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