The Deadly Sins; Greed and Despair (Ban x Reader)

(Before reading, if you haven't watched the show or read the manga, there will be many spoilers through out this story!)

Many have heard of stories about the seven deadly sins which we refer to as vices or habits that are considered sinful. Every person is able to hone these sins and most live with them, but there is a group who call themselves The Seven Deadly Sins for their own reasons. What most people don't know, is that there was a eighth sin that struck fear into every person; The Sin Of Despair. She wasn't part of the group of sins, but she was connected to one of them, and that connection made her long for something that she wasn't even sure she could obtain. She could only hope to be cleansed of her nickname and be free to live and feel any way she wanted. This was her story.

(I do not own anything from The Seven Deadly Sins, only the characters and scenes I have created.)


2. Two

Many years have gone by after that day Meliodas and his sister were thrown on their own. The Demon King rejected his own flesh and blood, as they didn't have the same beliefs as he did. After many years of traveling together, they both decided to part ways and focus on themselves. They knew they would find each other again whenever they needed and wished each other luck. 

"I hope you find happiness again Meliodas. I'll truly miss you." 

"Aww, don't talk like we'll never see each other again! You're always so gloomy!" He said, grabbing hold of (y/n)'s cheeks and pinching them, causing her to slap his hands and giggle. She puts a hand on his head and shakes his hair up. 

"I know, I's going to be weird without you by my side, that's all." Meliodas grabs the back of the (y/n)'s neck and pulls her head to his, kissing her forehead. 

"I'll always be here for you (y/n)." 

A smile appears on (y/n)’s lips, as her eyes start to burn up. She holds back the tears that threaten to fall and nods at him. She knew this wasn't goodbye. This was only the beginning for them. She turns around and without looking back, holds up two fingers to the sky. She could hear Meliodas chuckle, causing some tears to fall down her cheeks. He watched as his sister disappeared through the town, hoping she too would become truly happy. 


(y/n) finds herself in a forest that was bright and lively. She watched as the animals ran in peace and seemed to not fear anything. She was exhausted from walking for days and grew extremely weak and hungry. 

'I really should've listened to Meliodas and ate before I left. But his cooking is so gross!'


A sweet aroma makes its way to her nostrils, causing drool to escape her mouth. She shakes her head and wipes the drool from her lips. Following the scent, she finds herself at a huge tree. She looks up and finds the scent coming from the top of the tree. She fights the urge to climb the tree and instead leans against the trunk, sliding down and plopping herself onto the ground. She closes her eyes and soon drifts off into a deep sleep.


(y/n)’s eyes open wide as she senses someone near her. A pair of golden eyes stared back at her, catching her off guard. She sits still, not daring to look away from the small girl that stared back at her. 

"Are you a human?" The petite blonde girl asked, unfazed by (y/n)’s shock. 

'No one liked the demon clan, so it would be bad if I went around stating my true identity.'

"Who are you?" (y/n) stated calmly, not wanting to bring attention to herself. She thought she might be trespassing so she stood up slowly, raising her hands up to show she wasn't fighting back. The blonde girl tilted her head and giggled. "I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Elaine. I'm the Holy Maiden of this sacred tree. I was afraid you came looking for the fountain of youth." 

"The fountain of what?" (y/n) stared, confused by the blondes words. 

"So you really aren't here for that...why are you here?" 

"I was searching for a place to sleep, possibly find some food. I smelled a delicious aroma and decided to take a quick nap here, but I can leave." (y/n) stands up, brushing the dust off her clothes and turning to walk back the way she came. Elaine floats in front of her, causing her to halt to a stop. "You can fly? Are you a fairy?" 

Elaine giggles, nodding her head at the confused girl. "I am! This is the Fairy King's Forest, home to the fairies. I know this must be weird, but you are more than welcome to stay! It's kind of lonely here to begin with and it would be nice to have a friend around."

'Lonely....a..friend? Is that something that would make me happy?' 

(y/n) stared back at Elaine, who nervously played with her fingers. A small grin shows on (y/n)’s lips and she decides to stay with Elaine. 


More years go by as the two girls become good friends to each other. They both guarded the fountain of youth together at the top of the sacred tree, watching as many humans come and go with their attempts to take it and become immortal. (y/n) laughed to herself thinking about how stupid humans really were into thinking immortality would make them happy. Yet again, she still couldn't figure out what true happiness felt like. One specific human however caught both Elaine and (y/n)’s attention as he fought long and hard to obtain the immortality the fountain had to offer. 

"I'll sit back this time and watch you deal with this guy." (y/n) waved, laying back against the trunk as they both guarded the cup on top the the tree. A guy who had blue spiky hair and crimson eyes continued to climb the trunk of the tree and make his way to the top with the two girls, only for Elaine to blow him off with her wind power. As the days went on, the guy was non stop, repeating the same thing over and over, annoying both Elaine and (y/n), who still sat back and laughed at the sight. But this time, the man succeeded in making his way up and stops to fight Elaine. 

"Do you need help?" (y/n) asks Elaine, who shakes her head. "I got him." The guy's eyes drift over to (y/n) who laid lazily in the same spot she's been in, her arms behind her head. He was intrigued by how cool and collected this girl seemed. Her features calm and sound, much different than Elaine's, who looked extremely annoyed. 

'Why is this guy staring at me all weird?' 

(y/n) chuckled to herself, closing her eyes to take a quick nap as her friend dealt with this issue. 

Elaine and the man prepare to fight, but the man instead uses his weapon to grab the cup that holds the water of the fountain of youth. Surprising Elaine, she holds out her hands in a plea. 

"If you drink that the whole forest will die!!" Elaine yelled, causing the man to pause what he is doing. He looks at Elaine, sighing and looking down at the cup. Elaine starts to read his mind. 

'If the forest dies, I won't be able to get the berries I really love anymore..'

Elaine's eyes grow wide, looking at the man who seemed to change his mind on his plan. She never met a human who would give up their want for immortality before. The man hands the cup back over to Elaine and sits down, rubbing the back of his head. He looks back over at (y/n), who is fast asleep and oblivious to what is going on. He chuckles to himself and looks back up at Elaine.

"You really are different than the other humans." She said, a tint of pink escapes her cheeks. The man laughs at the comment and shrugs. "I just really love the berries." 

"My name is Elaine. I'm the guardian of this forest and the fountain of youth." 

"I'm bandit Ban. Who is that girl over there?" He asks, pointing to the passed out girl. Elaine giggles and hovers over to the girl, poking her cheeks. "This is (y/n). She's a human too, but she has been my friend for many years, helping me guard the fountain."

Ban laughs. "Yeah. She was really helpful sleeping the day away." Elaine rolled her eyes, still giggling over the comment. She shakes the girl awake. "(y/n)! Wake up!" (y/n) jolts up, looking around and ready to fight. Both Elaine and Ban laugh at her. (y/n) glares at Ban, an anger overcoming her. Ban watches in silence, grinning at the sudden attention. 

"What the hell is going on Elaine!? What did he do!" 

Elaine holds her hands up to calm the girl down. "It's alright (y/n)! He is different than the others."

"So these past couple days of him fighting to get up here and take the cup makes him different than the others?" (y/n) walks over to Ban, bending down to stare into his eyes, her hands holding on to her hips. She squints at him, focusing on his crimson eyes. Ban stares back into hers, curiosity clouding his mind as he tries to read this girl. Her beauty was beyond anything he has ever seen before, causing his thoughts to escape him. He tries to say something, but nothing comes out. 

"Are you going to sit there dumbfounded or what?" (y/n) said, turning her back to his and walking past Elaine, waving her hand up. "Do whatever you want Elaine, you're in charge here, but you better hope you're right." 

"Ignore her Ban, she's usually grumpy." Elaine tries to say softly. 

"I heard that!" (y/n) yelled back, causing Elaine to giggle again.


After just seven days, Ban made himself at home with Elaine and (y/n). Elaine grew closer to Ban, developing feelings for him as (y/n) sat in the distance, watching them. She didn't want to become close to Ban, knowing how her friend felt for him. She didn't want to risk any feelings developing for him. She never really thought of that happening anyway, but he always caught her eye. 

"I'm going to explore the forest for a bit Elaine! I'll be back." (y/n) yelled, hopping down onto a branch and making her way down to the ground below. (y/n) starts making her way into the forest, away from the sacred tree. She wanted some time to herself. She decided to go bath in the lake and relax for a while. She walks to the edge of the lake, sticking her toe into the warm water. She starts to take off her boots, placing them next to the stone she sat on. She begins lifting her shirt up, showing her toned stomach, but stops and stares off into a tree. Her eyebrow twitches and she huffs.

"I know you're their Ban." (y/n) yells. She turns back to the lake, listening to the rustle of the tree and footsteps coming up behind her. 

"You're too smart (y/n)." He whined, standing next to her with his hands in his pockets. He leans against the tree that sat next to the stone she was on. She glances up at him with an evil grin.

"It's not about being smart. I just know you're a perv." 

Ban laughs, rustling his hair with his hand, clearly not denying her comment. 

"I wanted to come talk to you. I didn't realize you would be bathing." He said in a serious tone. 

(y/n)’s eyes grew wider, trying to figure him out. She was curious with what he wanted to talk about. 

"Turn around." She said, causing Ban to be taken back. She rolled her eyes and shoved him. "I still want to bath so turn around so I can undress and hop in the water. Then we can talk." 

Ban turns around, feeling his cheeks grow hot as he listened to the girls clothes fall to the ground. He hears the water splash, but didn't dare turn around yet. He wanted to be respectful, even though his mind drifted to what she looked like...

"You can turn around now." He heard her voice call. He turns around and looks at the girl, only able to see barely her chest up. Her (h/c) hair soaking wet from diving underneath the water, sticking to her skin. His cheeks grew even hotter and he knew she could see the blush escaping his skin. She ignored it and waited for him to speak, not leaving his eyes. 

He makes his way to the edge of the lake, taking a seat at the edge. "I was curious why you never really talk to me. You always watch me and Elaine from a distance."

(y/n) scrubs her hair with her hands, looking everywhere else but him. She shrugs. "Just never really cared to." 

Ban frowns at her comment, splashing a bit of water with his hand. He looks down into the lake, lost in his thoughts. (y/n) sighs, swimming over to him. She observes the man, wondering what his deal was with Elaine. 

"Do you have feelings for Elaine?" (y/n) asks. Ban's eyes shoot up to hers, realizing she was inches from him. He fought himself from looking down at her body. She watches his eyes try to drift, causing her cheeks to turn pink. She swims back, farther away from him. He notices her blush, making his heart skip a beat. He leans back into the grass, staring into the sky. 

"She's an amazing girl." Ban says, watching the clouds float by. 

(y/n) nods, her chest twisting a bit. She clutches onto her chest, wondering what that was about. She looks back at the man who now had his shirt off. 

"What are you doing!?" She yelled at him, turning her back to him. Her face heats up even more. She hears the water behind her splash. Waves of water drift to her. She takes in a deep breath, not daring to turn around. 

"I wanted to take a swim." Ban chimed. He swims up towards (y/n), laughing as she doesn't move an inch. 

"You don't need to be embarrassed (y/n)." 

(y/n) turns around, staring at the now naked Ban. 

'I'm so glad I can only see his chest up.!' 

(y/n) sinks down into the water, only her nose up is above the water now. Ban laughs at (y/n). He swims a little closer to her, their faces inches apart. 

"I want to get to know you more." He says in a serious tone. (y/n) raises her head out of the water, cocking her head to the side in confusion. 

"Why do you want to get to know me?"

Ban rolls his eyes at her. "Because you're always quiet, unless you're yelling at me or Elaine. You seem to always go off on your own or sleep. I feel there's more to you than meets the eye." 

"And what exactly meets the eye?" (y/n) asks.

Ban turns his back to her, looking off into the distance. Not wanting her to see the effect she has on him. "A gorgeous girl who seems to be fighting demons of her own." 

(y/n)’s cheeks flush at his sweet comment but her heart starts to hurt from the word 'demons'. She ignores the last part and sighs. She didn't expect him to say something so bold, especially when she knew he had feelings for Elaine. She turns around as well, both their backs now facing each other. 

'He..thinks I'm gorgeous?' 

They somehow drift closer, their backs gently brush against each other. Both their breaths hitch as they take in the sudden touch. Their hearts start pounding and time seems to pause for them as they soak in the moment..wanting it to last a bit longer. She turns around, staring at the man's back. She never felt this feeling before. She was confused by it but scared at the same time. She thought back to what Elaine was doing. Ban turns around, noticing (y/n)’s confused expression. He lifts his hand to grab her face, but she grabs it, stopping him from succeeding. 

"Elaine has feelings for you Ban. This isn't right." His eyes grow wider, taking her hand with his and entwining their fingers together. He squeezes her hand, and slowly let's go. He sighs and makes his way to the edge of the lake. She turns around, allowing him to get out and get changed. He clears his throat and looks back at (y/n). (y/n) turns back around. He stares at her once more. He carves this image into his mind. The most beautiful scene he has ever seen. He smiles and makes his way back to the sacred tree.

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