Polynesian Monster Invasion

Second part of my El Dorado/Frozen Trilogy. Strange magic and monsters are attacking Arendelle, Weselton, Motunui and everywhere in the world. Can Miguel, Tulio, Chel and Alvito find out who is behind it and stop it?’ Also there will be some alternatives from ‘Frozen 2’. And happy 20th anniversary, 'Road to El Dorado'.


5. Miguel

I sighed happily. “This is the life, hey, Moana?”

            She chuckled. “No doubt about it, Miguel.”

            Just the two of us were on a boat – a small one from Moana’s fleet. According to her, we were just under two miles away from my island. Neither me, Tulio, Chel or Benito ever went out this far. When I showed Moana the furthest I ever sailed from the island, she said I only sailed not even half a mile away. She and her people were the sailing and navigating experts, so who was I to argue?

            Moana and I were fishing for what we can, whether it would be fish, crab, lobster, eel or even a shark. The sea was nice and calm, so we just enjoyed sunbathing on our boat in the warm air while they waited from the lobster traps and the fishing nets to do their jobs. It was so warm that I thought it was one of those days where I needed my red shirt and shoes off and trousers rolled up.

            It had been nearly a week since Moana and her people arrived on my island and they had settled nicely. They said my island was not that very different to Motunui, the one where they had to leave. They were grateful to me and my friends for letting them stay and they were grateful to me for helping build their new village. While I helped them build it every day, I made new friends out of them and I had learnt so much from them such as like how they cooked their delicious food, their unique dances and their amazing creative tattoos, which I got one for myself. As a gift to show their appreciation for all I had done for them, they rewarded me a small tattoo of a turtle on my back. It was a painful experience, but I loved my tattoo and I carried it on my back with pride. I also helped them hunt food and fish. Before they arrived, I did know how to sail and fish a little bit but being on their fishing trips helped me improve both of those skills.

            I might be speaking too soon, but I think Moana and I were in a relationship. She was the one I spent the most time with. I was spending more time with her than I was with Tulio, Chel, Benito and Altivo. I was helping her check the village had everything they need and we spent a lot of time talking, laughing and dancing together. Moana and some of her people even learned how to ride Altivo. 

            I don’t know how or why this was happening. Maybe for me, it was because either I felt a little jealous of Tulio and Chel being a family with their son and they were spending more time together without me or I didn’t have a girlfriend since Raya from Kumandra. Even when I was living with her, I could never forget about Queen Elsa of Arendelle since I left. She was the one I didn’t spend much time with, yet she was the one I couldn’t forget about. Despite my constant thinking that Elsa would be better off without me in her life and I made the right decision to re-join my friends, it didn’t feel right and I wished I never left Arendelle. I was glad my friends and I never went back to Spain as there was nothing there for us, expect wanted posters of us and maybe even my horrible sister, who might still be alive or not. Since Tulio and I accidentally stowed away on Cortez’s ship, our lives have only improved. 

            As for Moana, maybe she was still upset about her parents were dead and she was under pressure of not only being the chief of a tribe, but of a tribe that still had to leave their village and find new a new one. Though we never said we were in a relationship, she always seemed to feel better with me. She said I was funny, helpful and I made her feel good about herself. And I said what I really thought of her: she was beautiful, caring, brave and very smart. 

            Then suddenly some of the traps and the nets were dangling up and down which meant we must have caught a few things. Moana got up and took off her skirt, revealing her white bikini briefs, and dived in. A few seconds later, she came back up to the surface with the traps and the nets that were full of marine life. There was plenty of fish, eels, crabs and lobsters.

            “You’ve done really good, Moana,” I told her, as I helped the stuff up onto the boat.

            She smiled. “We’ve done good, Miguel. Come on in. The water’s warm and lovely.”

            I was a bit confused.

            “We don’t need to head back to the island right now,” she said. “Our fishing isn’t going anywhere. It’s amazing to see what’s down there. Let’s go and explore. Come in.”

            So I dived in and enjoyed the warm sea. Moana let the way and neither of us could believe what we saw. We saw many fish and marine life, large seashells, coral reefs and a few sunken ships among the many beautiful and colourful stuff we saw. I enjoyed seeing all this stuff and in the warm sea, but seeing all of this stuff with Moana was the thing that was making this a wonderful experience. When I told her all of that after we surfaced, she did something she usually did and then she did something I never imagined she would do. The thing she usually did was hug me and the thing she didn’t do was kiss me on the lips. I started to think that this was the best day of my whole life.

            Then I heard some cries for help. 

            “Do you hear that, Moana?” I asked.

            “Yeah, I do,” she said.

            They sounded like children’s cries for help. Moana and I climbed back onto the boat and secured our fishing. As I put my red shirt back on, Moana put her skirt back on and tried to feel the wind, but there wasn’t any, so we decided not to use the sails and use the oars instead. 



Moana and I rowed our boat to follow those calls. We kept rowing and rowing, ignoring out tired and aching arms. 

            “Miguel, look.”

            I looked at where Moana was pointing to. All I could see was an old worn barrel with holes in it. It was in the direction the cries were coming from so we rowed to it. The closer we rowed, the more I could what was in the barrel. Or should I say who was in it. They were two kids in it. A boy and a girl. 

            “Hey,” I called. When they caught my attention, I continued. “It’s okay. We’re going to help you.”

            We rowed over to the barrel. I held onto it and Moana helped the girl out. As I watched her, the girl reminded me of Arendelle. It was not just her clothes, but her face and hair reminded me of my friends Princess Anna and Kristoff. She had Anna’s face, but she had Kristoff’s blonde hair. Whereas the boy had Anna’s strawberry blonde hair but Kristoff’s face and he was wearing Arendelle clothes. 

            After Moana helped him out, I let go of the barrel and I turned to the kids. “Are you all right?”

            The little girl shook her head. “No, my brother and I are a long way from home and we lost our mama.” She burst into tears. Moana went to comfort her.

            “Thanks for rescuing us,” the boy said. “I’m Kasper and this is my sister Rika. We’re from Arendelle.” 

            I started to row back to my island and Kasper told me everything about him and Rika. They were both children from Princess Anna and Kristoff of Arendelle and he was the next in line of the throne after his aunt Queen Elsa. They were on a negotiation trip from Argabah and they were heading back home when they got attacked by some rouge ships. Their mother put them in the barrel for safety and told us not to come out until she opened the lid. After waiting for so long, Kasper couldn’t stay inside any longer and he had to open the lid. They were shocked to see their ship destroyed and sunk. They couldn’t find their mother at all. Then it got windy and the barrel took them out of the river they were sailing on and out to  sea. For days, they were in the barrel and called for help, but none came until they bumped into Moana and me.

            “How did you survive without food or clean fresh water?” I asked.

            “My sister has garden magic powers,” Kasper told me. “She can grow a giant size apple or a carrot the size of a mountain out of her hand. The moisture from the fruit kept us hydrated and kept us from drinking the seawater.”

            Then there was another cry for help. This time it kept getting louder and louder which meant we didn’t have to sail to find it; it was coming to us. Then what we saw a giant icicle that looked like a canoe. There was something moving in it, but it wasn’t a human being.

            “Olaf?” Rika said.

            As the giant icicle canoe kept coming closer, the more I tried to see if it was my old pal Olaf. And I saw it was.

            “Help! Help!” he cried. “I need help!”
            “Hold on, Olaf,” I called. I turned the boat and started to row to him. When we reached him, Moana, Kasper and Rika held onto his canoe and I helped him out and put him back onto my boat.

            “Thank you, Mr. –” He stopped and gave me a ‘trying-to-remember-me’ look. “Hey, you remind me of someone I knew. What was his name? Matthew? Marcus? Martin? Nathan? Thomas?”

            “Could it be Miguel?” I said playing with his game.

            “Yeah, that’s right,” Olaf said. “His name was Miguel.” Then he gasped as he remembered. “You’re Miguel. Sir Miguel.”

            I chuckled. “That’s right, Olaf. It’s me, Miguel.”

            He hugged me. “I missed you, buddy.”
            “And I missed you too, pal,” I said, hugging him back.

            Then Olaf saw Kasper and Rika and he went to hug them. “If only your mother could see you guys alive,” he told them.

            “Mama’s alive?” Rika asked.

            “Yes. Your mama, your papa, auntie Elsa and Sven are alive. Everyone in Arendelle is alive, but they are captured.”

            “Captured?” Kasper said. “By whom?” 

            As Moana and I rowed back to the island, Olaf told us what happened to Arendelle.

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