Blinded by Two

This story is about a girl who meets a new student and hates him at first by as she gets to know him things change...
(Sorry super cringe)


22. William

William I drive the rest of the way home. I’m a little worried about what’s going on, because I don’t know her home life. Her mom could be abusive for all I know. Well there’s nothing I can do unless she wants me too. Have you ever had the feeling someone’s watching? Well right now as I walk up to my house I feel like someone’s watching me, so I look back and see Travis just standing there on the sidewalk watching me. “Hello, William. Did you have fun?,” Travis asks as he approaches me. “Ummm. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I say, because he couldn’t know I was out with Perry. Could he? “Yes you do. You were out with my girlfriend.” Travis says. Okay, I admit it this dude scares me. “Well, that’s because you were too ‘busy’ to hang out with her.” I snap. I may be scared but that never stops me from running my mouth off. “How’s your mother? Still trapped in a hospital?” Travis asks just to mess with me. I won’t let this get to me this time. I won’t. I can’t lose it with him again. Right  when I’m about  to speak and father walks out and says “You got a problem with my son? Wait, aren’t you Travis?” I almost laugh as Travis pretty much runs to his car. “Thanks Dad!” I say while walking past him into the house. “Anytime, I never liked that kid in the first place…. Creepy kid. Much like his brother…” Dad says trailing me into the living room. Then adds “And we all know what happened to him.” Dad plops down on the couch to watch the football game, so I escape upstairs to my bedroom. I slumped over to the bathroom,looked into the mirror to find I didn’t even recognize myself. I don’t really know if it was good or bad. Well truth be told I don’t think I even care.  After I showered I slipped into my pajamas and plopped on my bed, which gave a loud growl in protest about my weight. I can’t tell if today meant anything or if it just seemed right in the spark of the moment. I mean on my part I meant it, but I have no idea what she thinks. Man, I never thought I would get mixed up with a girl that’s dating my enemy.
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