Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Mermaids, and other weird stuff I go to school with

In a small town, there is no room for being different. You try to fit in as much as you can, because if you don't, everyone always knows about it. Everyone is always in everyone's business.

That is the same with the perfectly perfect small town, Seabrooke. Everyone has perfect jobs, perfect lives, perfect clothes.

However, the town is misleading. It's sweet, uniform exterior hides true secrets in it's depths. No human knows the truth, not the whole of it anyway.

Yes, they are aware of the Zombies that have been living on the other side of the barrier as them, but they didn't know about the werewolves in the forest, the fairies, witches, warlocks, wizards and other beings living among them.

For almost a century, Seabrooke had been a safe haven for Magical folk, as long as they looked like the locals and didn't draw too much attention to themselves, no one noticed them. For the werewolves and zombies this was a problem, so they generally remained hidden from sight.

But everyone else, was free to walk. The others just needed to hide their defining features, and pray that they don't slip up and let anyone find out who or what they really are.

All characters from the original movie belong to Disney, my made up characters and add on's to the plot belong to me.

Warnings: Contains LGBTQ+, if you have a problem with that, sorry. I ship it, so it's in my fic. Contains mature content, and major spoilers. I am trying to keep it as close to the movie as possible without causing a copyright problem ;)

All rights to Disney, the actors, directors and crew.

Special thanks to WikiFandom for the extra information I gathered.


7. Chapter 7

I pulled on my cheer uniform, and tied my hair into a pony tail with a bow. I looked like a crisp goodey two shoes cheerleader. Perfectly normal.

Heading downstairs, I heard a knock at the door. I pulled it open, to find Bree and Addison standing there, dressed in their new cheer uniforms. We hugged, and started walking towards the school.

“What do you think initiation is going to be?” I asked, and Addison and Bree seemed to ponder.

“I think it’s going to be like an intense fitness boot camp to break your resistance,” Addison said with a shrug.

“I think it’s going to be an all mightier watching movies and roasting marshmallows and exchanging cheer secrets,” Bree said with a squeal.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” I say, stopping in front of the doors leading to the gym.

“Well, maybe it’s just nerves,” Addison suggested. I could see she felt it too.

We took our seats on the bleachers, and Bucky walked in. “Okay. Listen up. This year cheer is more important than ever, with the change of zombies joining our school,” I hear murmurs of agreement. “Cheer is being threatened!” Bucky bellowed, and Bree, Addison and I exchanged a wary look.

“C, H, E, E, are you ready to protect it?” Bucky asked, and there were whoops of approval.

Bucky smiled, and I knew it wasn’t going to be anything good. “Let the cheer initiation begin!”

We all piled into a van with Bucky’s face plastered on it, and drove through the city. “What if he’s going to leave us in the woods and make us forage back?” Bree squeaked.

“He wouldn’t do that,” I say, glancing at him in the mirror. He caught my eye and winked. I smiled back.

“Yeah, you’re right. He wouldn’t do that to you, so we’ll just stick with you and he won’t do anything to us,” Bree reasoned.

The van pulled to a stop, and Bree, Addison and I clambered out, not enjoying being squished.

We were surrounded by houses decorated with fairy lights. I gasped at its beauty.

“All right, you three are up first. Show them how it’s done,” Bucky said with a smile.

“Zombie! Get her!” Bucky cheered, and I whipped around to look at him.

“Buck, why are we in Zombie town?” I asked, my hands finding the hem of my skirt and started to fiddle.

“Every year, for cheer initiation, we like to remind Zombies that we don’t accept freaks in this town,” Bucky said, and I flinched slightly. He moved to garb something at his side.

He handed each of us a carton of eggs. “Egg that zombie house, and you guys have a spot on the cheer team,” Bucky said.

“What no!” I protested. “We can’t do that! It’s senselessly cruel and uncalled for. We shouldn’t do that!” I said, looking at Addison and Bree for back up.

“We can’t do that. Don’t make me do that,” I said to Bucky.

“You look lost,” a woman says, putting her hands on the open window on the other side. Bucky screams and drives away.

The woman looks disappointed at us. Bree and Addison run for cover.

“I don’t know why I’m even dating that guy,” I mutter and the woman raises an eyebrow.

“That’s your man over there honey? You can do so much better,” she said, walking away. I run over to Bree and Addison.

“Why are we hiding?” I whisper, and they jump. “Oh my gosh I thought you were a zombie,” Addison whispered.

“Nope. I’m human,” I lie.

“But we’re hiding from the zombie lady,” Bree answered, and I pulled a face. “Why though?” I ask, and a door opens.

I sit crosses legged on the floor, egg carton sitting next to me. I see Zed stand in the street and look around.

“Everything okay out here?” A new voice calls, and Zed’s eyes land on me. He looks sad. “Zed! Anybody there?” The voice called again.

He hesitates before calling back. “Uh, no, nobody,” he says, looking at me sadly, and walks back inside the house. I feel my heart sink. What am I doing?

“Are zombies always this harassed?” I say, and Bree and Addison looked at me. “I had no idea life was like this for them,” I say, getting to my feet.

“Screw Bucky,” I say, throwing the egg carton into the trash can.

As I walk through Zombie town, I look around at the houses. It’s truly beautiful.

I’m conflicted. Do I want to fit in and be normal, or do I want to be myself and be a freak? I can’t decide.

You’ve got a good heart,” I sing. I wrap my arms around myself to try and block out the cold. “but I know it changes.” I sing. I look down at my feet where I’m walking. “A restless tide, untamable,” I sing. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. I kick stones as I walk, trying to distract myself from the burning in my eyes.

You came my way,” I sing, now looking up at the moon. “And I knew a storm could come too,” I sing, unwrapping my arms. “You’d lift me high,” I sing, reaching towards the moon, reaching towards the wisdom in its face. “Or let me fall,” I sing, dropping my hands. The moon can’t offer me guidance. This is my decision to make.

I keep walking, voicing my thoughts out loud. “But I took your hand,” I sing, looking down at my hands. “Promised I’d withstand any blaze you blew my way,” I sing. That is true. I knew Bucky had a temper, I knew very well that he did. “But something inside, it solidified and I knew I’d always stay,” I sing, coming to a stop at the barrier between Zombie town and Seabrooke. I turn to look back over my shoulder. Bree and Addison are no where in sight.

You can build me up, you can tear me down,” I sing, determination flooding through my veins. “You can try but I’m unbreakable,” I can’t let anyone be treated the way that Bucky is having us treat the zombies. That ends here. “You can do your best, I’ll stand the test,” I cross the threshold, and I’m back in Seabrooke. My defenses go up. “You can try but I’m unshakable.”

When the fires burnt, the wind has blown, the waters dried,” I sing, my speed picking up as I walk. “You’ll still find stone,” I sing. I’m not letting anyone be treated this way. “My heart of stone,” I sing.

You say we’re perfect,” I sing, looking into a shop’s window. “A perfect picture. You hold me close for the world to see,” I sing. Bucky is only dating me because I’m pretty. I know that very well.

And when I said that you were the only one I ever loved, I meant those words truthfully,” I sing. I know I fell out of love with Bucky. Merissa can see it, I know it. Anyone who looks close enough knows it. “But I know, without my looks your love would disappear,” I sing. “And though it isn’t fair, I don’t care. Cause my love’s no longer there,” I sing. In this moment I realized that I wasn’t with Bucky because I loved him. I was with him as a safety net.

You can build me up, you can tear me down, you can try but I’m unbreakable. You can do your best, but I’ll stand the test. You’ll find that I’m unshakable,” I sing. I known Bucky is going to make my life hell if I break up with him. But he can try.

When the fires burnt, when the wind has blown, when the waters dried, you’ll still find stone, my heart of stone,” I sing, coming to a stop by the street that I live on. I turn and look back.

Soon I’ll have to go. I’ll never see you grow. But I hope that you will know, you’ll never be done. Cause like a river runs dry and leaves it’s scars behind, I won’t be by your side, cause my life is set in stone,” I finish my final note as I am about to enter my house. I look across the street and find Merissa’s lights still on. Weird. It’s like eleven p.m.

I hop into the tree that reaches her window, and knock on the glass.

“What the heck? It’s eleven p.m.!” She hisses, pulling up the window. “I thought you were an axe murderer,” she whisper hissed at me.

“I’m going to break up with Bucky,” I said, having made up my mind.

“Hold up. What? When did this happen?” She asked, taking a seat by her mirror table.

“I’m breaking up with Bucky tomorrow. He’s a duschebag, who’s only dating me cause I’m pretty. And I don’t lone him,” I sum up.

“Great, I’m glad for that realization,” Merissa says, “but what brought this on?”

So I sat down on her bed and explained everything to her as she brushed her hair.

“So you’re telling me, you’re going to throw your cushy life away because a Zombie boy you met this morning looked sad?” She said.

“No. I’m throwing my cushy life away to make a change because the treatment of different in this town is unfair and that needs to change,” I say, and Merissa raises an eyebrow.

“And partly because of the Zombie boy,” Merissa grinned. “No,” I say, opening her window and slipping out.

“I can smell your lies!” She calls out after me. I roll my eyes and jog to my house.

“Bye!” I call, and Merissa rolls her eyes at me.

At least I now have some clarity in my life.

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