Quick question: How would you react when a literal goddess thinks you're a demigod? Mind you it's through a movie. Well, when Charlie Sanchez plays an unknown movie, him and childhood friend Jaimee Flores are trapped in a mythological world. Knowing the consequences of being there yet they're mortals aren't good, the two must try their best to fit in with other demigods.

Author's note

I had an urge to write this for a while. I already had all of the ideas out, so I decided to just do it. This is (sorta) inspired by Rick Riordan's PJO + HoO series. You know, before the TV series comes out.

1. Prologue



Alright look, I'm writing this in the recovery room. My hand hurts, and Francine just made some really bad PB & J. Like who screws up peanut butter and jelly on bread? It's not that hard, and I once burned a muffin. Don't ask. But, I honestly don't know how I got...Here. And by here, I mean at a giant household that looks like an orphanage, but full of children of literal gods and goddesses. Where the food here is mediocre and the only normal conversation you'd hear is "How was training?". The place is called Hokensfil. Yes, it's a strange name. I honestly can't say it properly, nor do I care about it. All I want is just to go home. Back with my aunt and not have to deal with such tragedy. Sadly, I've been here at Hokensfil for a year, and my family has probably already filed me as missing. But I do indeed have an explanation for how Charlie and I are stuck here. Though there'll be some spots missing, I'm going to just do an overview of it. I better ask for some popcorn, or whatever they have for me to eat...

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