Endlessly Ellie

Betrayed, bruised, broken: the three b's of high school, at least in Ellie's case. Follow her through her first year of high school as she learns to navigate friendships, relationships, the balance of home and school, and everything else that comes with being a young woman.

1. One

Betrayed. That's the word that comes to mind when Ellie thinks back to her high school years. 

Betrayed. Broken. Bruised. She never felt safe there. She found friendships in the worst kinds of people. She fell in love with boys who didn't know how to love anyone but themselves. Ellie never truly felt like... Ellie. 

Her freshman year she was lost, both physically and emotionally. She had been determined to leave her broken friendships behind and start fresh so she transferred schools. But instead of being the kind of new girl you see in movies and tv shows where everyone stops what they are doing to turn and look at you, Ellie walked into school that first day and was invisible. She watched from the back of the room, the hugs and fist bumps of old friends being reunited after a summer apart. She sat alone. 

A girl rushed into the classroom as the bell rang out. Her hands were full of pretty much everything one would need for a freshman geometry class. Looseleaf paper, pencils, paper clips, you name it and she had it. Her empty backpack hung over her shoulder as she dropped everything on the table Ellie was sitting at, with a huge clatter that sent all the faces in the room toward their table. 

Ellie blushed even though she hadn't made the noise. The teacher had been introducing herself already and had also turned to look at the back table. Ellie just shrugged. The girl was now sitting down throwing everything haphazardly into her backpack. When she was done she was sweating and she brushed her hair out of her eyes with her right hand then reached it out toward Ellie. It was covered in sweat but Ellie didn't want to be rude to the first person to talk to her at this new school so she shook it anyway. 

"Hi!" said the girl, "My name is Sam"

Ellie smiled politely then whispered in return "I'm Ellie."

"Are you new here? I don't think I've ever seen you around." This resulted in a shush from the teacher who then returned to writing some dates on the board.

Ellie copied the teachers writing into her planner. "Yeah," she whispered, trying very hard to not interrupt the teacher, "I just transferred from Macktown. 

"Huh, I've never heard of that place, but cool! You can sit with me and my friends at lunch and I can show you around the school. What kind of things do you like to do? I am on the soccer team and-"

"Miss Parks. I heard about you from the Jr. High teachers. I think we need to talk after class." The teacher was looking straight at Sam. 

"Yeah okay, but Ellie is new here! I was just trying to be friendly." 

"Well, Welcome Ellie, but Sam, I will still be waiting at my desk for you after the bell rings." Said, Ms. Belldale

Same nodded but as soon as Ms. Belldale turned her back she rolled her eyes and smiled at Ellie. Ellie didn't like how disrespectful she had been but she smiled back anyway because she didn't want her only friend here to think that she was lame. 

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