The Siren song

Siren is a mystical magic creature of the sea, song echo through their voice, this story is about a human girl named Syrena that have the siren song in her voice and the adventure come to her in an unknown way, can she pass the adventure or will she fail and lose the siren song forever?


5. Dad and History

Syrena went home and saw her dad under the hollow tree, Dad???”Syrena dad looks at his daughter, Hi daughter, are you okay?”Her dad asked.

I’m fine, The siren song only affects me, ”Syrena says, The siren song only affects you because you're mom used to be siren,” Syrena was shocked. When you're a mom has you, the siren saw you weren't one of them. They want to kill you but your mom gives you a gift of the siren song and when she did. She was banished from the sea and was human, the siren has been searching for you, ”Syrena dad get up and leave.

Syrena went to her room and turn on the news and saw that the scientists are put a siren in a tank where her boyfriend's dad work.

Today the siren attack the scientist's lab only 4 survive and 56 does, people are said to stay away from that dangerous creature or you will die.


Syrena text her boyfriend.

Syrena: Did you watch the news?

Cyrus: Yeah I did, my dad survive

Syrena: Why we're the scientists put the dangerous creature in a tank in the first place?

Cyrus: My dad was trying to stop them, he was cautious about the Siren attack, he knew they were going to them next

Syrena: They look for me

Cyrus: You can't

Syrena: I will if I have to

Cyrus: Ok

Syrena: Bye love you❤️

Cyrus: Bye love you too😘

Syrena ends the text.

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