Do I love Draco Malfoy?..

Harry Potter is just a normal boy...but that he don't know...He falls in love with he's enemy (Draco Malfoy).....Will he's crush like him back? Will they live together?


1. The 7th year on Hogwarts

It have been 7 years since I started on Hogwarts, I didn't know I would be the hero of the hole school, defeating Voldemort at the 7th year it were shocking, I guess I had to take the 7th year over again, because of the war. Finely it were the time to get to the school again, I couldn't wait.

Hermione, Ron and I were sitting in the train, ''Isn't it exiting!'' said Hermione really exiting, me and Ron just laughed, ''Yeah Hermione its exiting'' said Ron still laughing. Malfoy just slamed our door up into the room we were sitting in the train. ''So your back Harry Potter!?'', I knew Malfoy for a long time and sometimes I really wished we didn't know each other, ''Yeah?! What you want?'', I think he were frozen cause he didn't say I thing, we just looked at each other. But..just out of know where, I felt something good, ''You're just gotta stand there?! Malfoy!'' Ron got me out of this happy feeling, guess he did it with Malfoy to. Malfoy just slamed the door and walked away. Ron sighed a really long sigh ''why he after us all the time?!'', no one knew, but that feeling were not a normal feeling.

We arrived at Hogwarts, finely! I saw many people I know and some new ones I think it were the new 1st years studints. ''Welcome everyone!'' said Professor Mcgonagall there stod where Dumbledore used to stand. ''Before we eat, we will give the new studints welcome!'' the new studints came in and we clapped at them.

After we all have eaten and were full over dessert, I notice Malfoy looking at me, my heart were beating what is this feeling? I just ignored it and walked away. Ginny gave ''Hey Harry! Wanna hang again? Maybe we can do something lowley together!'' Ginny is girlfriend, I do like her but Im not sure anymore. I followed Ginny to a place so we were alone, Ginny wanted to kiss so we did, ''I love you Harry'' I smiled a crooked smile, ''You're not gonna say it back?'' I looked a bit down, ''Sorry I just thought of something else, of course I love you..''.

When it were time for bed I stayed up longer...I couldn't stop thinking of that feeling I had whenever I saw Malfoy, maybe it were nothing but I couldn't stop thinking of it.

I had a dream, I were fly in a dark room and couldn't find a way out to the light I were totaly lost it felt so real, ''Hello?! Anyone there!'' my tears actually started falling, it were cold I just wanted it to stop. I saw a hand, I took it I didn't care where it took me just away from this place, this place felt like when I faught agenst the Dementors. I got dragged out to a light place, I gasp it were Malfoy who saved me, we looked into each others eyes, we were about to kiss I actually wanted to kiss with him, but a voice were talking. I woke up, it were Ron ''Wake up were gonna be late'' I nod, I thought about the dream while getting my clothes on, why didn't I dream about Ginny? Why Malfoy? I have to let go of that dream, ''You done?'' I nod. We were walking through the hallway when I saw Malfoy, he were talking with someone from Slytherin, it got me thinking of that dream, I just tried to ignore him. 

''Goodmorning everyone! Today we will introduce you to our new rector, Professor Calvin Harris'' He came into the door and everyone clapped, ''Thank you everyone its a pleasure to meet you all. I hope you will take me in, I know im not Professor Dumbledore, and im not trying to replace him. If you have any problems you can always come to my office or if you just wanted to talk and get tea we can figure that out. But now lets eat.'' Just one clap and the food where there, it were still amazing as always. Today's breakfast was good there were eggs, bacon, chicken, bread and more. ''so! what are we gonna do today? Meet Hagrid? fly with a broom?'' Ron looked exiting, I laughed a bit, I was gonna say something but I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and it were Professor Harris, ''You're Harry Potter, nice to meet you, I heard a lot about you'' he smiled, and I nod and took my hand out ''Nice to meet you to Harris'' he took the hand and then walked back. ''Harry you alright?'' Hermione looked a bit worried at me ''I know Dumbledore meant much to you, but maybe its time to get over it..'' I sighed ''yeah your right''.

I were going to gryffindor's bedroom, when I saw Malfoy following me, what were he doing? Were he spying on me? I just keep on walking, he kept on following me, so I stopped ''What you want Malfoy'' I turned around and he stod there ''Why do you think im following you?! Pottah!'' I sighed and walked over to him, 'Fine then go'' We looked at each other for some time ''Fine...'' he walked away, and again my heart was beating.

Hermione looked very mad at me when I gave into the gryffindor's room, ''Where were you?! You're late!'' I sighed I was gonna say I was sorry before Ron said ''Hermione come on, give him some time with Ginny'' he winked at me, yeah It were totaly bc of Ginny I said to myself, ''Alright'' said Hermione while staring at Ron in a little ''mad'' way. ''It weren't Ginny who got me late...'' I said while sitting down at the fire, they looked confused at me ''What was it then?'' I looked down and considered if I should tell them about my heart beating when ever I saw Malfoy, ''Malfoy just followed me, and of course he said he didn't'' Ron maid a tsk and said ''Malfoy is a stupid git'' Hermione slapped soft her book on his head '' Don't say that!'' Ron whisperd ow! while holding his hand on his head, ''Do you know why he followed you?'' I took my arms up, she sighed ''maybe he were going the same way'' she sat down beside us, ''Yeah right! I bet his trying to find out our password!'' Hermione slamed Ron again with a book on his head, and of course he said ow! ''Im going..somewhere'' I stod up and walked to the far woman said the password and walked out.

I walked through the hallways, I walked around a corner, I was looking at the ground, I bumped into Malfoy ''Oh sorry Malfoy I didn't see you...'' We looked into each others eyes again just like in the dream. I saw he looked around, there were no one ''Sorry Harry...'' I looked shocked at him, wait did he just say sorry is Malfoy alright?! ''I-Its okay Malfoy'' I smiled at him, but then he's face went a bit red wait is he blushing? or is it just cold? ''I should go now Harry..'' I nod and he walked away, I waved at him and he waved back.

It were late and me and Ron were laying in our beds ''hey Ron..'' Ron looked up from he's book ''Yeah? What is it?'' I sat up ''I was wondering what would happend to Ginny if we broke up'' Ron was in shock he looked at me and sat up ''Wait?! Are you gonna break up with her?!'' I coughed and said ''of course not! I just want to know what would happend'' I could see Ron a little sad and worried ''she would be very sad'' I was about to say something but someone spoke, ''I want everyone to come up to our dining room immediately'' me and Ron looked at each other confused but we got dressed and started walking.

When all Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff wereall sat down Professor Harris spoke ''Everyone Im sorry to call you this late, but something terrible happend and we want to inform you.'' everyone looked at each other, 'we have imformed that an attack have been going on'' whispering came around the room ''Its alright nothing bad had happend so there is no need to worry'' Harris looked at everyone very calm but I could see he wasn't.

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