Moon Child

Young Delilah doesn't care much about the ceremony for picking out the new moon child - a girl who is connected to the spirits and their job to guide the people - but all of that gets turned on its head when she's getting pick to be a part of it.

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1. Chapter 1



I was never really into dressing up and acting all fancy. For me, it’s seemed silly, especially the whole selection ceremony. Picking out 10 young girls to compete to be the new Moon Child and to join The Daughters of the Moon, a group of special girls who are connected to the spiritual world, and which job it is to protect and guide us. It’s some bullshit if you ask me. But for my sister Esther, it’s the time of the year. She’s eats up every single little piece of this act, raw. And as the good big sister I am, I’m here with her, at The Moon Festival. She’s especially excited this year, cause I just turned 17. The age where you could be picked to be a part of the selection ceremony. I already told her it wouldn’t happen, but she wouldn’t let go of the idea. Her sister, as the new Moon Child, how grand would that me. Except for the fact that each year at least one of the girls dies or goes missing. Some say it’s a sacrifice to the spirits. They give us a moon child, and we give them a new spirit.  Once again, bullshit.

Luckily there’s a lot of other things to do at The Moon Festival. There are lots of small stalls that sell all sorts of stuff, from jewelry to sweet goods. You could also try your luck at a game but those are properly rigged. And then there’s the kissing booth. Pathetic really, but you earn your money where you can. Our flower business hasn’t been doing that good lately. Since our dad past away, our mom’s motivation kinda went with him. 

But here we are, at the party of the year, spending those few coins our mother could spare, having a blast, or something. At least Esther seems happy  She’s trying desperately to win a teddy bear from one of those games that you cannot win no matter what, but I couldn’t bear to tell her that. I’m just looking at round at the festival. It’s quite pretty when you think about it.  All these people dressed up in the best outfit they own in the dim light of the moon,  and lantern they hung up from tree to tree, chatting and buying each other small gift. Forgetting for a moment how awful the world is. 

Esther started pulling me through the crowd, she wanted to get a good spot for the picking. 

“Slow down,” I told her, but she didn’t listen. This could very well be the only time she would see the girls up close, so she wouldn’t miss the chance. She pushed herself through the people and found us a spot in the second row.  She sat down, all excited glancing at the stage where the show soon began. If only this little could make me happy as well. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the annual selection of the new Moon Child!” yelled the host, Lady Lucian, the leader of The Daughter of the Moon. “The selection will as always play throughout the next 5 days, and on this Friday we will celebrate the born of the new Moon Child! “ The crow went wild, clapping, and cheering. It made sense to look forward to that party. All the food and wine were free that night.  Lady Lucian took a few steps back, making room for the king. 

“Being pick as the new Moon Child, it’s one of the greatest honors you can get. “He stated. “It might be a difficult and hard job, but it will be just as rewarding. I hope you all take this very seriously and play fair.  And now, for picking the competitors, my oldest son.” With an arm movement the presenting the upcoming king. The lady lover. The rich kid. Prince Julian. 

All the girls applauded him and screamed. It was kinda disgusting. I agree with them, he is good looking, but he’s a spoiled brat. 

“Ladies, ladies, “ He shushed. “ I’m only allowed to pick 10 of you, so please don’t get all heartbroken if I don’t pick you.” He walked over to a big bawl of notes, shoved his hand in there, and pick out a name. 

“Chloë Bach.” She jumped up from the group, cheering.  She’s sweet and innocent, I had often met her in the forest picking flowers. People are probably gonna love her. 

“Maya Jackson.” I don’t know that girl, but she seems very masculine and strong. Someone, we actually should hire as a proctor, but there was no way she was going to win. She’s wasn’t pretty enough. She’s wouldn’t be, even after they’ll put her in their fancy dresses. 

“Scarlett Jones.” Of course. The James family pop out 7 girls and one poor boy, and each time one of those girls turns 17, she’s in the selection. Non of them won tho, except for their mother, many years ago. 

“Delilah Storm.” My sister reacted faster than me. She jumped with excitement and pulled me up from the chair. I looked around on all the faces staring at me. It was so confusing. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t supposed to get picked “Come on Delilah, we don’t have all night.” The prince rushed me. I walked up onto the stage in a fog, unsure of what even would happen next. 

“Nora…” His voice faded away, together with the rest of the sound. All I could focus on was my little sister, looking all proud at me. I might think is bullshit, but I had to do all I could, for her.


“Congratulations girls!” Bursted Lady Lucian out in her over-enthusiastic way of being. The competitors had gathered in a telt behind the stage. Most of us look very happy, me, on the other hand, was still just confused: And then there was Jones, she’s looked like only she truly belonged here, and maybe she was right. Her family somehow really knew how to play this game.  

“Each day I will present to you a step in the selection ceremony. It’s a very special ceremony that will open up our souls and letting the spirits in, and if they think you’re the right one, they will help you see beyond our world.” She gazed into the sky. “If not, it won’t help to repeat the steps. Simply you’re chosen, or you’re not.  And we don’t work ahead, I’m looking at you, Jones.” She said in a suddenly much more strict voice. Scarlett just rolled her eyes. “Any questions?”


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