Eruption ~ Bakugou Katsuki (BNHA x Fairy Tail)


Living in the kingdom of Fiore (Fairy Tail) A girl who was gifted with a magic that she had no control over. She possessed one too many abilities and was sought out wherever she went. She figures out a way to transport to another world (BNHA) to try and escape her past. What she doesn’t know is that her journey will soon destroy her as she meets a man who completely changes her darkened heart.


17. First Kiss

I never felt this way before. Before me stood a girl who was completely lost in her own worries and issues yet she somehow had enough room in her mind to show some sort of affection to an asshole like me. I never was the type of guy to share any of my feelings outside myself for people to see until I met Melody. She was unlike any girl I've ever met. When I first laid eyes on her, it was as if my heart started beating for the first time. Yeah, I got my dream job as a pro hero and was working for Endeavor's agency, but something was always missing. I had Kirishima and Denki as my buds even though they surprise me by taking my insults still to this day, but they weren't what I was yearning for. I've also hooked up with women every now and then just to fulfill my needs, but I never felt anything towards them. Melody's lips crashed onto mine and completely caught me off guard. I notice a tear slid down her cheek as she scrunches her eyes, daring not to look at me while she makes the first move. 

I never realized until now how broken she really was. I couldn't close my eyes for the first couple seconds, trying to make sure that this wasn't a dream. Her hand grips my hair near the back of my neck, and I could tell she was hungering for more. Finally coming to my senses, I close my eyes and take the lead in our first kiss. I cup her cheeks with both of my hands and pull her towards my lips even more, making it harder for us to breath. I hear a moan escape her lips as our kiss deepens by the second. I slide my tongue along her perfect lips, forcing my way in. A moan escapes her which instantly turns me on. My sexual urges try to take over me, but in my mind I knew I didn't want us to have sex this way and definitely not when everyone is downstairs. We made out like two new teenagers new to it until she finally pulled away. I didn't want to stop, but I knew she would have to do it or I would just turn into a wild beast. 


"Katsuki?" I look up into his fiery eyes, his cheek was completely flushed and his breathing was shallow. I held my hands onto his and gently pulled them off my cheeks, causing him to frown as he notices little burns on both my cheeks. I giggle and wave my hands at him. "Your hands got super hot, but it's ok!" I tried to play it off cool but I knew my cheeks were going to be noticed by everyone else. 


"Fuck. I'm so sorry." Katsuki grabs his forehead and shakes his head at me.  I reach for his hands but he pulls away. I grumble at him which makes his head pop up and he grins at me. "Ok, that was actually adorable." My cheeks burn from both his comment and the actual burns. I smiles and stand up from the bed, adjusting my hair and clothes so I don't cause too much of a stir when we go back downstairs. Katsuki stands up and walks over to me, towering over me and giving me a peck on the lips. "So you like me too huh?" He starts to gloat but I completely ignore him and start to walk out the room. He runs in front of me and smirks. I roll my eyes at him and bite my lower lip, causing his breath to hitch. "You really don't know the answer yet?" I giggle as I rub my hand on his abdomen, making him freeze in place. I smirk and walk down the stairs. I hear him cursing at himself as he was probably super turned on now. For some reason I liked to tease him, even though I knew I wanted him so fucking bad. As I walk back to the others I notice everyone is gone except for Natsu and Juvia. Natsu looks over at me and smirks.


"Well, well. I've definitely seen those burns before." He says as he points to my cheeks. My eyes widen and I lose my train of thought. Natsu laughs and shakes his head. "Lucy gets so pissed at me every time I burn her. Thankfully Wendy can heal her up or she would just be crisp." Juvia shakes her head and sighs. "Well at least I know that you won't be going after my darling Gray." Juvia looks up at me and for the first time she smiles a bit. I sigh in relief and look over at Katsuki, who finally makes his way down. Natsu smirks at him, causing Katsuki to huff. "What the hell are you smiling about?" 


Natsu eyes Katsuki and ignores the attitude. "I'm just excited to see what you're really made of." Katsuki grins, bigger than I've ever seen. "Bring in on dragon." Natsu's gives Katsuki a thumbs up and waves for him to follow him. Juvia starts walking towards the exit as well, catching me off guard. I quicken my face and follow her out the door. 


We make it to a cute wooded area with a lake. It was only the two of us which calmed my nerves a tad, but I was still super nervous to do anything involving my magic. She stands a few feet from me and watches me for a few seconds, making me shift uncomfortably. "So you are able to control different types of magic, but you're losing control over some dark magic taking control of you, correct?" I nod my head at her and she continues to speak. "You have no experience with water magic so this is going to be tough, but if you really want this then I believe you'll do fine." 


"I want this." I quickly say. As I said that, I was thinking about Katsuki and how I wanted to spend more time with him, just a little bit longer. Juvia grins and looks over at the lake. "You look at Katsuki the same was I looked at Gray when I first started catching feelings for him. It was love at first sight." Juvia's cheeks grow a pale pink as she giggled to herself. I quickly intervened with her comment. "I'm not in love with him or anything. Just a little crush is all." Juvia rolls her eyes and stares off at some birds flying in the sky. "Maybe, but time will tell. You never know what can happen." I shake my head and lean down, sticking my hand into the lake. The water was freezing cold. 

"You'll learn to become one with the water and understand how important and magical it can be. Are you ready to begin you lesson?" I stare back into the water and look down at the reflection of myself staring back at me. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me, but I knew deep down I wanted to be able to do normal things, like maybe hang out with the girls more and even have some more alone time with Katsuki.



(I know this chapter was extremely short, but I wanted to get something up for you guys! I been busy with work but I will have more for you guys this weekend since I'm off on weekends!) 

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