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Imagine being sat watching your crush flirt with other people. I mean it's not like he's my boyfriend or anything but it sure does give me a funny feeling inside. He glanced over to me catching my eye and smiled. I smiled back then acted as if I wasn't staring at him. Ever since that night I've been somewhat crushing on him. It started with a simple text, which eventually happened more often.

One night he was at a friends house party and I was sat at home. It was about 8 o'clock and I felt my phone buzz so I picked it up and checked the screen. My heart did a little flutter as I saw his name pop up on the screen. I instantly noticed the kiss at the end of the message, making me smile slightly. I read the message a few times and formed a reply up in my head before opened get the message.

~Saw you looking earlier x~

My fingers tapped away at the screen, forming my answer.

~Haha sorry about that x~

My hands started to sweat as I waited foe the next message. I pushed myself up on the sofa and place the phone in my lap. My sister looked over when the phone buzzed again, raising her eyebrow. I smiled at her and picked up my phone. Sure enough I had a reply.

~nah it's fine don't worry. Too busy enjoying the view haha x~

My heart sped up as I though of an answer. I re read the message several times to see if I was taking it the wrong way. Was he being sarcastic? Was I really starting that bad. My fingers found their way to the keyboard and tapped away.

~haha no I was staring into space x~

I wasn't even convinced by my answer. I just practically admitted that I was staring at him, well more specifically his muscly arm- wait what?! Christ I was literally lowkey obsessing over him and I barely know him. I mean I've spoken to him a few times and seen him out and about, but seriously I need to calm myself.

My phone buzzed again signalling I had another message. I picked my phone up and read the screen, a message from him again. Luckily he had changed the subject and was asking about something else.

~God I'm bored x~

~How come??x~

~I'm at my friends boring house warming party, drinking all the free drinks I can on offer x~

I replied to the message saying that he would no doubt be drunk soon and set my phone down. A few minutes later I felt the pond buzz again. This continued for most of the night, messaging back and fourth asking questions and getting to know each other.

~I'm going to freeze walking home x~

~Well have fun with that haha x~

I made my way up to bed where the conversation continued. At this point it was late at night and I was ready to sleep. I received a message saying that he had got home and was ready for his bed. We continued small talk for a short while.

~I'm going to get myself to bed, night x~

~Night x~ seen 12:30am

I rolled over in bed and pulled my lip between my teeth, holding back a smile. My chest felt sort of fuzzy and warm. I buried my head in the pillow and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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