Amy is about to have a sleepover before they even start they have to cancel it. Then after dinner, Amy finds out that she is to leave her home with a couple of strange people she barely knows. And then, before she goes to bed she finds a strange note outside of her window. Can any get worse? Will she be able to survive whatever going to happen?


1. Chapter 1

Amy stepped outside of the bathroom and her best friend ran up to her.

“Hey, Amy,” Jill said

“Hey, Jill,” she responded.

“You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah,” Amy replied.

Lately, Amy has had some mysterious situations that she not convinced are right. Amy began to walk to her room.

“Are you going to tell me what you wanted to talk about,” Jill voiced behind Amy.

 Jill has been Amy’s best friend since first or second grade. Since the day they meet they have told each other everything. Well, almost everything. Recently Amy has had some weird feelings and dreams. Amy finally realized she had nearly run into the wall near her room, but she turned just in time.

“Amy are you ok because you almost ran into a wall?” Jill asked

“I almost always run into a wall,” she told Jill, ready to shut down on her friend then she thought better of it. “And yeah I am fine,” she added

“No, you are not,” Jill said walking into Amy’s room.

Amy walked in behind Jill, “Ok I will tell you” Amy shut the door behind her, “you know the new girl?”

“The one with short hair and it is a light purple?” Jill asked

“Yes!” Amy then turned red

“Emily is her name Amy,” she told Amy. Amy turned bright red.

“So that’s what you wanted to tell me about,” Jill teased

“No isn’t!” Amy said then got an even darker red, “thing is the dreams... I have had strange dreams lately.”

“so how d-" Jill started

Amy’s father screamed "GIRLS COME HERE!!!!  THE BATTLE IS DONE!!!!"

“What?!” both girls screamed simultaneously, jumped up and ran downstairs.

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