A young girl is set up to marry a rich young man which she knows nothing about, but after they fall for each other he dies and she is left alone in her own head, searching for someone to love, until she finds the perfect pair.

1. 1

    I have to pull myself together, for him at least, he never liked to see me this way, but I cannot help it. 
   I remember this shirt, I think as I pick up a basic black t-shirt, all of his shirts were the same yet they were so different. I put it up against my nose and took in its smell, remembering every detail it gave me, I wanted that feeling to linger, I wanted him to linger. I could not bare the thought of letting the shirt out of my hand, I wanted to just keep it forever, I wanted to keep him forever. 
  I finally gather enough strength to fold the shirt and put it on the bed, right where I could see it, I let it go, but not quite yet. Everything around me still reminds me of him, I do not think I can get over how fast time flew us by. 
  “Bella, are you ready?” A faint voice asks from behind the door, “yes mother, coming,” I say with tears rushing through my eyes as it hits me; today I have to say goodbye to the love of my life. My mother enters the room and when she does she sees tears forming in my eyes and tries to comfort me but it is no use, she never understood how to get through to me nor will she.

   “Don’t worry honey, you’ve inherited more than enough to live on your own, to get your life on track, your responsibilities will not be a worry, you have the money for it,” was all she said in hopes in comforting me, which made me burst out crying; she could never understand true love, she can never understand what I had with him, our love was pure, even if it did not start off like that. 
  As soon as we leave the bedroom my heart aches; it feels as if a part of me left, I do not think I will survive this. 
  I made sure to dress in my nicest clothes because it will be my last time seeing him, I wanted our goodbye to. . . . Well, I do not know what I want it to be, but I made sure to dress my best, at least he always did. 
  There he was, so peaceful, so angelic, so pale! He was perfect even in this form, he was very well put together and very neat, his face was very pure, which made me shed a tear over his body; I wanted to hold him just one last time but I could not, I knew it was over, I knew I could not, I knew he was gone, and so was I. 
  I stood there for as long as my legs could hold me, then I stayed a while longer, I did not want to leave him, even though he was gone, but I was not ready to accept that fact, I was not ready to accept reality. 
  Then, in a blink of an eye, it was over, the whole funeral was over, everyone left, and I had no one, not even my mother and her insane thoughts. I was left with my own insane thoughts. I was home with no one around me to just hold me, comfort me, tell me everything will be okay, I was all alone in a house designed for more than one person. 


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