Falling for you

Emma is 18 years old and has moved into her own apartment. She is looking for a job to pay the rent. She goes to a One Direction concert with her friend. The next the wakes up in the bed of one Niall Horan.

Author's note

Hope you enjoy

4. The text

It´s been a couple days and my life has returned to normal.

Most of the night has come back to me. The reason I drank so much, was because of how upset I was that I was turned down for the job. I really thought I nailed the interview, but I guess it wasn´t meant to be me. It Sunday today and I have spent most of the day writing job applications for various jobs. Some of them I like and some of them I don´t feel so thrilled about. A couple I really want. Like to work as a personal stylist at Bloomingdales or as a makeup artist for a new company. I try not to hope too much, because my search for a job hasn´t gone very well so far. 

I haven´t spoken to Josephine yet, I am still not sure what to say. It feels like the night never happen. Yet my thoughts keep wandering and coming back the morning. A morning i woke up at One Direction´s hotel room. It not real, right? I can´t be.

Nevertheless, it is time to put it behind me. 

I am hungry, so I go in the kitchen to get something to eat. I don´t have much in the fridge and I end up just grabbing an apple. 

I better get a job very soon. I have been living off apples and oatmeal for the last month. I don´t get why nobody wants me.

I look in my bedroom mirror. My long blond hair is up in a messy bun. My pajamas pants in black velour sits rather flattering and my tank top is just fine as well. I decide I don´t care and throw on a jacket before going to the store.

I have around 10 dollars to spend. I laugh a little at how ironically uninteresting groceries I am getting.

I spend the rest of the night front of the TV with a cup of hot tea. No milk. Milk is a luxury. I make a mental note to ask Jose if I can have dinner at her place tomorrow. She is such a good cook.

I look at my watch and realizes the clock is already 11.30 pm. Time for bed.

I brush my teeth and wash my face. Put my phone in my charger by my bed. Turn of the lights and crawl into bed.

Almost asleep my phone pings. I ignore it and close my eyes again.

A few seconds later I hear another ping. I have to take a look.

“Hey Emma:)” It is a text from an unknown number.

Second text says “It is Niall. I don´t know if you remember me from the other night?”

My heart skips a beat. I remind myself to breathe.
Omg Niall Horan just texted me. Omg omg omg. I have to reply. I can´t keep Niall Horan waiting.

I pick up my phone.

“Hey Niall” I texted and continues with “I do remember you actually:) Sorry about just running off”

I hold my breath for a minute. Read it says. Ok. He read it. Will he respond? I hope so.

“Well that´s okay, although I would have liked to see you.”

I think for a minute. What do I respond? Before I get a change to respond, he sends another text.

“I heard from Harry you ran into him. He said your very beautiful.”

A smile spreads across my face. Harry said I am pretty. No not pretty, beautiful.

“Oh yeah I did” I respond. “Run into him.”

Oh I hope he responds. The conversation can´t stop here. I put my phone on the bedside table and get out of the bed. I walk around in circles.

Ping the phone says. “So, I wondered if you might like to go out with me sometime, Emma?:)”

YES, I would! Of course, I would.

I type slowly. Choosing my words carefully. “Yeah sure, I would like to” I don´t quite send it yet. Does it sound ridicules? Too casual? I turn off all the voices in my head and just press send. There nothing I can do now, too late to take it back.  

“That´s great!” Niall Horan responds. I smile to myself.

“Meet me at my hotel tomorrow at six?” He writes.

At his hotel? Very naughty. I shake my head and giggle.

“Deal;)” I respond. “See you tomorrow”

I turn the sound off my phone and lay down in my bed again. No change I am getting any sleep tonight.


So it is kind of a short chapter. But i wanted it to be centered around The Text. Hope you liked it and if you did i´d love it if you left af like<3

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