Wolf Fur



1. The Difference

In my home on the mountain, there is a separation of the wolf pack. Alphas and Omegas, they don't mix. Alpha's can love alphas, and Omegas can love omegas, there is know in between. You may have siblings that are omegas and you may be an alpha. That part doesn't matter. The marriage part does.


I was born into the Alpha family, but my younger brother was an omega. I always thought that he could be an alpha some day, and he thought that too. The problem is he isn't made for that. He still can't hunt and he is two years old already. If he went into the wild, he wouldn't last two minutes, without getting eaten by a bear or something.


I live with my dad in a very large den. My mom died when I was born, due to complications. That is why I was born different.


I was born with a disease that caused me to loose my eye sight in only one eye. I can still see in the other. I was born this way. Also you may be wondering were my brother came from if my mom died. Well my dad saved him from an abusive wolf pack at the Mason River. That was an odd day. He had been born a little small, and since my Mom was dead, and my dad wanted more pups, he adopted Opa. 


"Pine! Come to the hunt." That was my best friend Aspen. She was the nicest alpha you will ever meet. 

"Coming Aspen." We were going on the biggest hunt of the year. 

"You better hurry!" I almost stumbled over my own paws going out that cave.

"Bye Everyone" I yelled to the living room space, where most of my family were.


Sorry about the randomness, I was very stressed and rushed doing this. Enjoy!

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