A Change

Strange how one thing can change everything


1. A Change

I remember when everything was dark

When everything was cold

When everything was silent

When I was alone


I remember when closing my eyes meant nightmares

When opening them meant horrors

When I wanted nothing more than to escape

When escaping meant leaving this world behind


I remember when I walked alone everyday

When the cold stares of everyone chilled me to the bone

When no one cares about me

When my past, present and future meant something to no one


I remember when I met you


Suddenly, everything wasn’t cold, silent or isolating

Suddenly, there are no more nightmares or horrors

Suddenly, my life matters to someone

Suddenly, escaping isn’t an ending


You changed me, for better or worse

You smiled and thawed the ice clutching my heart

You spoke and calmed the storm raging in my mind

You took my hand and promised I’d be okay


I’m not okay but, I’m not alone

I’m not okay but, I’m here

I’m not okay but, I stand with someone

I’m not okay and the world is still dark


But with you, there is light

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