The clique

The clique:
Crystal, Lucia, Wavy, Musia and technia.
When Crystal starts to act really suspecious, the clique starts to worry about her. What is her secret and when is she going to finally spill?

Author's note

Based on The clique series.

1. The secret

Crystal a 16-year-old shifted in her bed nervously. She was really nervous about the next day at school. She wanted to think about Brandon her secret boyfriend but instead, she ended up thinking about how her friends were going to be mad when they found out she was dating one of the hotties. She forced herself to think about something else like her essay. That made her sleepy really quick since it was really boring. The next day..................

" Let's hurry" Technia yelled from her room as she ran downstairs putting her winter boots on.

" Jesus, Tech you're the one late not us" Lucia snapped her hands in front of Technia's face.

"Sorry I didn't know where I put my tube top" Technia confessed.

" Whatever, We are gonna be late," Musia said reminded them.

" Where is Crystal" Technia asked realizing Crystal wasn't there.

" Oh, she left early, she says she had something to do at school but I hardly doubt that," Lucia said

" Yeah, this sleepover at your house technia is soo going to be the last for me" Wavy whined as the rest step out of Technia's mansion and went on the limo.

In school................

The rest of the clique spotted Crystal next to Brandon's locker waiting nervously.

" there she is, and OMG why is she next to Brandon locker that is soo wrong," Wavy said shocked.

They walked over to Crystal and when crystal saw them she quickly fixes herself and acts boldly.

" What are you doing here CUH- RYSTAl," Musia said in her clique language.

" Oh, I just uh wanted to uh" Crystal couldn't figure out the words.

 " I oh I had to do something really quick for yesterday's homework" Crystal lied. Of course, she couldn't tell her friends that she was dating Brandon. that would be insane and she didn't want them to be angry at her.

" Jeez, you could be a nerd sometimes" Rose shot at Crystal.

" I guess, now let's go" Crystal shrug went back to her place and left with the girls.

By the lockers............

" Yesterday's homework was soo hard, I knew I should have paid the teacher to do it by themselves," Lucia said as she applied on a rosy pink lip gloss.

" How many times do your parents have to tell you not to use your money for those jeez," Wavy said applied on her mascara. Crystal stood there applying her red lip gloss and taking a quick glare in the hallway to see if Brandon and his gang were coming.

" Crys, u ok," Rose asked when she realized Crystal's silence.

"Of course, it's just that I have to buy a new lip gloss collection, this one is not bright enough" She lied.

" Me too gotta tell my mom I need new ones, do you know that Nova has a fake Gucci bag," Lucia gossiped.

" They are as fake as her" Musia continued.

They all burst into laughter.

" I gotta go don't want Mr. Huff barking at me like I'm his dog," Crystal said out of the blue. " But we have 10 minutes left," Rose said

" Exactly if I go early he would be surprised and so he would not have to ruin the rest of my day with more homework," Crystal said.

" K bye" The rest of the clique yelled behind her.

With Crystal...........

Crystal looked behind her for the last time and took a left and headed to Brandon's locker like she always has. She saw that Brandon was waiting for her as usual too. She walked to him all bold.

" How are you, sorry I took soo much time, my girls were complaining and all" Crystal explained what had kept her late. " I see," Brandon said and hugged Crystal.

" You see, it's really hard keeping this a secret" Crystal said.

" Same here, my boys know, I don't know about yours," Brandon said and let go of Crystal.

" I'll just keep it a secret, for now, they seem really suspicious and I don't like it, it makes me feel guilty," Crystal said. " "But what if you are guilty" Brandon joked. Crystal didn't take it that funny, She held her hand about to slap the crap out of Brandon when Brandon snuck a kiss on her neck. He knew Her skin was very sensitive.

" My gosh, I got to go to Mr. Huff, you know," Crystal said as she tiptoed to kiss Brandon for the last time. Brandon bent down for it to be easier for her.

After the 30 sec kiss.......

" Bye see you at lunch no contact though," Crystal said before she left.

" Bye," Brandon said and left.

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