The Barcode

Skyler has never been normal. Since her 10th birthday, she has been seeing barcodes on people's necks. These barcodes tell Skyler their expiration date is. She then meets someone who has an expired barcode.

Author's note

Hope yall enjoy it! First story!

2. ♥Chapter 2♥

 I look out the window as the trees pass by us, just like how time has been passing by us. It feels like just yesterday when I met my best friends, Lauren and Sam.

 It was the first time in forever Florida had gotten rain and nobody was prepared.  Remember standing outside waiting for my mom to pick me up from my second week of Kindergarten. I hated it and I just wanted to get out of the hell hole. The teachers would bend over and talk in a high voice like we were dogs. And the ones that did not treat us like dogs would just stand there. They would show up late and leave early, chew gum and stick it in kids’ hair. And the kids, well, they were just as bad. They would throw sand it kids hair, poop on the floor, and poke each other. Like I said before, it was a hell hole and I felt like the only normal kid there. I would sit in the back, drawing, not saying anything. The teachers actually had never heard me talk, nobody had at school. I also didn't have any reason to talk anyway. That same day, one of the teenage helpers had stuck gum in my hair just as I was about to walk out the door. “Haha Loser!” She cackled and walked away. I was her main target since I couldn't fight back. So there I was standing in the pouring rain, with gum in my hair, and the saddest face you’ll ever see. I waited and waited. I waited so long that my hair wasn’t taking in any more water and was just spilling off my head. My house was about 10 minors away so I couldn’t walk home and everyone had already left, forgetting about me. My head was hung low staring at the ground. Watching the worms coming out of the ground to get refreshed from the rain. The same rain that was making life horrible. In the distance, I see two headlights coming. A smile came across my face. Maybe my mom didn’t forget about me. The car comes to a halt causing a wave of leftover rainwater to wash over me. I cross my arms over my head, bracing myself. The water smashes into my arms causing my small body to fall backward. My butt hitting the ground first and the rest of my body following. I throw my hands back to try and catch myself. Luckily, it works and my head doesn’t hit the ground. I use my hands to rub the water out of my eyes. I pulled my arm away to see a young girl standing in front of me. Her black hair was short. Her skin was a little bit lighter. But the thing that caught my eye the most was the worry in her eyes. “Are you okay?” I hear her ask. I don’t answer and instead, I stare. She holds out her hand and offers to help me up. I grab her hand and pull myself up. “What’s your name?” she asks. I still don’t answer. “Umm-well-where’s your mom?” she asks. This time I answer but without using words, I shrug. The girl examines me. “You look familiar,” she says. Before we know it, a tall lady walks over and looks at me. “Are you ok, honey?” she asks. I nod my head, even though my butt still ached. “Do you know where your mom is?” she asks. The girl answers for me saying, “She doesn’t know where her mommy is, mommy.” The lady sighs and looks at me. “Do you want to call her?” I nod my head. Luckily, I was a very smart kid back then and had learned my mother’s number. The lady pulls her phone out and hands it to me. I dial the number and put the phone up to my ear. The ringing rattles in my brain. “Hello?” says a voice. I panic and hand the phone back to the lady. I didn’t hang up but I didn’t want to talk to her. The lady is puzzled but still takes the phone and puts it to her ear. “Hello?” she says. “Hi this is Sandra Jones.” “Why are you calling me?” I hear my mom say impatiently. “Well, your daughter is standing outside in the freezing rain waiting for you to come. It’s been half an hour since pick up, ma’am.” They keep talking before Sandra puts the phone back in her pocket and sighs. “Your mom is on her way now, sweetie. Do you want to sit in my car while you wait?” I shake my head. My mom is always telling me to never go in a stranger's car. Sandra smacks her forehead “Of course. Stranger danger. I’m sorry. Lauren, do you want to stay out here with her while she waits for her mother?” Lauren eagerly nods her head. “Yes, mommy,” she says. “Alright, I’ll be in the car, watching y’all.” Sandra walks away. I turned to Lauren and she was already looking at me. “what’s your name?” she asks quickly. I don’t answer and instead, I turn around to show her my backpack. Fortunately, my name was printed on the backpack. “Rose! Rose is your name. That’s such a pretty name.” I nodded my head in agreement. “My name is Lauren, Lauren Jones. and that was my mommy. She’s really nice.” I nod my head. Her mom was really nice. She just went out of her way and let me use her phone to call my mom. At that time, I never really noticed it. I just thought they were crazy but nice. I don’t remember what else Lauren talked to me about but all I remember is her waving bye and I smiled back. The next day, during recess, I was on the swings. I was looking down at the mulch below my feet, thinking about last night. ‘HI ROSE!” I hear a familiar voice screech. I look up to see Lauren skipping towards me. Her hair held up by two pink bows, bouncing behind her. She carried a jump rope in her right hand and another one in her left hand. “Wanna jump rope together?” She asks me, smiling. Lauren was the first person to ever offer to play with me. Me, thinking about it now, I think the kids were scared of me since I didn't talk and that if they did talk to me I would use mind powers to hurt them. I sat there staring in front of me. I didn't know if I should play with her or not. I lift myself off the swing and nod my head at Lauren. We spend the rest of the recess skipping rope around the playground, only stopping when the teachers call us back in. We walk in the doors back in the school. Our small feet hitting the tile floors. We came to the point where we had to part our ways. We wave bye before I said, “Thank you.” Lauren looked at me puzzled. Her face went from a puzzled face to a smile. “See you tomorrow, Rose” and with that, she left. She came back, every single day. My life felt like it had meaning then. Two years later we met Dawn in a group project. We all instantly clicked and became besties. I started to want to go to school. I actually started dressing better. I actually wore a smile on my face. It wasn't a complete smile but it was a pretty darn good one.

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