Timed lives

A wolf named Togo was born the runt and his mother loved him anyways. But Togo and his father had a different relashinship with each other. As soon as Togo was born, Bear, (Togo´s father) knew he would survive the up comeing winter. Bear( Togo´s father) runs of to find him. Will he find him before death does.

Author's note

I have trouble finding more details so feel free to commant some.

2. The New litter

       9:00 in the Morning


       Bear spirinted into the den and rushed over to Blis. Blis could tell Bear was over whelmed and told him to sit

outside and she would call him back in later. Bear took a deep breath and left. But instead of siting outside the den

he went for a walk down the pathes that the snow had melted on. Takeing walks always made him feel better, and

he had to do it often to stay calm. He loved Blis, He loved the thought of her have pups, but they both could keep

telling each other that it ok whether it is or not. 

   After the walk Bear felt a lot better, so he sat and waited in frount of the den until Blis told him to meet the pups

that made it. Unfortunitly, they both new that they might end up with none but the two wolves had high hopes for

this litter.

All of a sudden Bear heard a light grunt. Bear walk into the den and saw Blis lying down crying. She called him 

over and said, ¨They made it! Two little pups!¨ Bear howled with joy and Blis joined in. Then Bear heard a small

howl and looked down. He saw a small female tawny colored wolf pup. The pup looked up at Bear and he felt a 

rush of love go through him, just like when he saw Blis. Then he pulled up his head and said, ¨You said there was

two?!¨ She stood up, reveling a small male black colored wolf pup looking up at him. Bear looked at him and he

could see he was strong and he would survive through the winter. 

    Bear was hungery and he thought Blis was too so he brought a rabbit to her. Plus, she needed to eat if they

wanted the pups to live. Then Bear heard a noise outside and went to investigate. It was a Male wolf that 

clamed he wanted to look at the new pups. Bear didn´t trust him but Blis did and brought the pups over to him

he said the female was healthy but he didn´t feel the same for the male. He said he was the runt and that 

they should just leave him to die in the cold snow. They both disagreed, Blis took the two pups to the back of the 

den and tells him to leave. But instead he jumped past Bear and Blis and nabbed the runt and left, Bear tried to

run after him but he had a head start and there was no catching up.

   That night they didn´t sleep a bit! They where trying to keep the female as safe as they could, keeping her

warm and feeding her when ever she needed it. That night was a struggle, and Bear decided to go looking for 

the male pup they were going to call Togo and the female Blanca. Bear and Blis felt powerless aganist the white 

storm. But they were determinded.

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