A group of friends break into their school to have some fun but their fun is over the moment men with guns come and ruin their fun. Will they get out alive?


2. Chapter 2

I turned away from the window and sat back down with my friends. We all tried to brainstorm a way to get out of here. It was such a relief to know that they didn't know we were here. Amber asked, "why would they even wanna come to a school?" "She has a point," I said. Barry added, "your right there isn't anything valuable here why would they even come here". We were all left with confusion by Ambers question which sparked curiosity in me. I wanted to know what they wanted and when I told everyone my thoughts they thought I was insane and said we should just try and figure out a way out of here. Although I wanted to know more about why they were here, it was safer to find a way out. James and I decided we'd walk around the floor we were on to see where the men were. The only positive thing about this was that it was a large building with many places to hid and lucky for us we knew all the best places to hide. James first looked from the window to see if any of the men were around. When the coast was clear James and I headed down the corridor to the staircase. We wanted to see if we could see them on the bottom floor. 3 of the men were seated by the canteen and the other 2 were by the water fountain all on the ground floor. It looked like they were waiting for someone. They all still had their ski masks on. James and I slowing walked back to the classroom to tell everyone what we saw.

An hour had passed, Maggie was getting really nervous. We tried to calm her down and decided that since they aren't gonna leave anytime soon we're just gonna have to sneak out now. The office was near the canteen so we're gonna have to be extremely careful. I pocked my head out of the door to see a man walking down the hall. I quickly went back into the room. Luckily he didn't see me I was really slick. We started packing our bags but we went silent when we heard footsteps coming closer to our classroom. We quickly ducked down under tables far from the door. I heard the door creak open, I thought this was gonna be it, I genuinely thought that they were gonna kill us. I slightly glanced from my table to see the man he casually pocked his head into the room and left. I sighed with relief and looked at my friends they all looked so relieved as if they missed a bullet and they practically did. We waited a few minutes and then amber slowly went to the door to look out of the little window to see the man casually walking downstairs. She told us that he's gone and we started walking out the room. We went down the staircase the furthest from the canteen. We walked to the middle floor to see two men walking in our direction we weren't sure if there was anyone on the bottom staircase so we decided to head back upstairs. We went to another classroom near the staircase. There were no windows in this classroom. We locked the door and sat in the corner of the room.

We heard footsteps going past the room, we went back to the staircase we were planning on taking and headed to the ground floor. We poked our head out the double doors to see no one in the corridor. We all slowly walked down the hall, Candice slightly looked into the canteen and saw one of the men. She told us that he was walking away. We were so relieved, we waited for him to walk away and when he did, we hurried to the office that was only down the hall. We jumped the reception desk and headed to the broken window. I looked behind me and saw a man coming down the stairs. The man shouted 'YOU!' I told my friends to run, we immediately bolted for the window and ran out of the school the man was chasing after us but we turned left and ran into the park and hid behind some bushes. Maggie called the police who arrived at the scene 5 minutes later. We ended up getting charged with breaking and entering and spent a month in the detention centre.

The end.

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