A group of friends break into their school to have some fun but their fun is over the moment men with guns come and ruin their fun. Will they get out alive?


1. Chapter 1

Amber and I were walking to the park to meet up with Barry, James, Candice and Maggie. The sun was out but it was really windy. The park was filled with people and screaming. Boys playing football in the pitch and kids in the playground. Our friends were sitting by the colourful benches with graffiti on them. There was graffiti on the wall behind the benches as well. Yes, we were the ones who did it. We were stereotyped as a 'bad crowd'. Parents warned their kids away from us, most of our school was scared of us. I admit we've done things "unlawfully" but we're 16 were living our lives and no one is getting hurt. We all sat on the benches and vaped. Maggie had a crazy idea to break into our school at 10. I loved the idea and it wasn't something we haven't done before. I mean we've broken into a store before a bloody store with security alarms and stuff so a school was just a walk in the park. James said he'd get his brother to hook us up with the alcohol and I said I'd grab some cigarettes from my mom's room she has so many she wouldn't even notice. The school was only down the road from the park so we agreed to meet back here at 10 with our black ski masks.

A few hours later, it was 9.30 pm and I was in my room. It had gotten dark outside. My parents were out of town so I had no trouble sneaking out of the house. I grabbed my bag and filled it with food, cigarettes and my charger, I left the house 15 minutes later full of adrenaline. I was the first to arrive at the park, it was spooky and quiet. There was no one at the park or nearby. The streetlights gave out little light and due to that, it was hard to see so I grabbed my phone and turned the flashlight on. The others came too, a little while later and we grabbed our stuff and headed to the school. James and Barry grabbed a pair of crowbars and broke the chain on the school gate. We headed to the school office and broken the window and snuck into the main building. Barry and Candice went to the security room and hacking into the cameras and stopped them. We waited for them by the main staircase. They met us there 10 minutes later, we ran around the school, going into classrooms and jumping on the tables messing up some books. Nothing out of the normal. I played some music and we made funny videos which we obviously didn't post we weren't out there trying to get ourselves exposed.

We spent a few hours running around, looking through teachers stuff and destroying important documents about us in the office and ruining the work of the teachers we hated. An hour later, we went to our English classroom and had some food that I bought. We played some music while we charged our phones. Maggie went to the bathroom but she came running back into the room. She locked the door and turned the lights off. She looked petrified and told us that she saw 5 men on the ground floor holding guns. We all laughed as we thought she was joking. James said he'd go to check out these "men". He came back 2 minutes later, he locked the door. He stuttered and said, "s-she isn't joking there are men down there". We grabbed our phones with the intention to call police but we couldn't, there was no signal and they had cut off the Wifi. I looked out the small window that was on the door to see if the men were close by. I looked down the hall and saw a man coming out of the bathroom. I told the guys what I saw while I kept looking at the movement of the man in the black and navy blue hoodie. The man walked down the stairs that were by the toilets down the hall on the left side.


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