Every single person on this planet has a soulmate; or at least in Kate's world. When you turn 18 a black stain appears where your soulmate will first make contact with you. Once Kate turns 18 she tries to find the one meant for her.

Author's note

I will try to make this story short and I will try my best to finish it.

2. Chapter #2: Birthday

Hello, my name is Katie. Today is my birthday, I turn 18. Today I will find out where my soulmate will touch me. Everyone hypes having a soulmate up to the point where I believe that I won't even have one. Apparently this person is meant for you and no one else. If I do end up with a soulmate, I hope they don't have a relationship that I ruin or I somehow mess up. That's all I can think about as I stand in front of my bathroom mirror. My parents wait outside the door, eager as ever. I can hear my dad's leg bouncing as he stands against the frame of the door, my mom probably waiting with her camera. I take a deep breath as my phone's alarm goes off. I am officially 18. On the dot. Exact time I was born and everything.

"Well honey?" I hear my mom say. I don't respond. I don't see anything on my face or neck, nor on my hands.

"Oh she has that dang hoodie on, take it off." I hear my dad say from behind the door. Indeed do I have my favorite black hoodie on. I shake as I go to take off my sweatshirt. Before I do my sleeve slips back past the wrist a bit and there is a stain; like ink on paper and paint on a canvas. I pull back my sleeve and there it is. A huge hand print, larger then my forearm. I stand there for a second staring at it.

"Well?" I hear my impatient dad say. I cover my mouth with my other hand as I stare at the mark. I let out a muffled sob.

I do have a soulmate.

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