Danganronpa 3. Monochrome end

BSTT...The boarding school for talented teenagers. The school had been running for a few years now and the killings games haven't ended yet. A new group of fifteen students is now on the chopping board.


31. Nature

The first stop was, of course, the place connecting the area. The forest itself. The forest had a lot of tall trees and the ground was covered in a lot of golden leaves. A few roads went through the forest. There were benches to sit on. 

"Easy now, watch your step," Harry said as he guided Laura to sit on one of those benches:
"Oh, Laura and Harry," I said. Laura looked in our direction:
"Hello there. How are you guys?" Laura asked:
"The others have split up so I chose to just relax a bit...Sorry." Harry said:
"It is no problem," Victor said. He stood by himself feeling the trees:
"Yeah. We are fourteen people. We should totally be able to look around!" Vian shouted:
"Easy now," I said. Vian laughed:
"I actually was wondering, Laura-" Viola said:
"Yes?" Laura answered:
"You are blind and got your cane. Shouldn't you be able to get around alone?" Viola asked:
"Yeah. I can get around alone. Harry is not with me all the time but it's still nice to have a companion there got...vision" Laura said with a smile:
"I do try...Hehe." Harry said:
"I looked around for a bit," Victor said looking at us. He was straight to the point, huh:
"There is a camping area, a forest, a river, and a cabin...This reminds me of the first grounds of the other classes killing game." Victor said:
"The #18 class," Laura said:
"So the #18 class might be connected?" Harry asked:
"No, I don't think so..." Victor said as he looked at them. His cold eyes gazing at us:
"E-easy now. don't hit the semi ultimate!" Harry shouted:
"We shouldn't refrain from coming up with assumptions too easily...One wrong move and this class will go into disarray." Victor said as he left:
"Well. We will get going for now. There's more to explore." I said. Laura looked toward us:
"Please be safe...I can hear the nervousness in your voice." Laura said. I bit my tongue. I shouldn't show fear but after Dillian and-
"Come..." Sebrina said pulling on my sleeve. I nodded and continue my walk. 

We arrived at the river:
"HIYAH!" Leo shouted. I looked in shock as I grabbed the holster at my side. The future politician jumped into the river!?
"WHAT DID I SAY...Don't go jumping in!" Storm shouted. Leo's head emerged from the water. He shook his head and looked our way:
"Hello, fellow classmates!" He shouted:
"What are you doing?" Viola asked confused as she held on to Vian arm who was frantically trying to jump in too:
"I needed to cool my head off. I was getting myself down lately. So I did this." Leo said as he climbed out of the water and shook his head:
"Was that really necessary?" Storm asked as he crossed his hands:
"Yes, I feel the power of justice come into me again!" Leo shouted as he posed:
"I'm the justice warrior who will lead our nation into a brighter future!" He shouted:
"He is weird!" Vian shouted with a laugh:
"The river is nice. There's a little riverbank here for us to be at. The river isn't really deadly. It's mostly just a nice calm river." Storm said:
"Huh?" I said:
"The possibility of us dying in there is 5,0528917%," Storm said:
"What?" I asked:
"I ran the numbers." Storm said:
"You really are the ultimate mathematician," I said with a smile. Storm nodded:
"I will have you as my secretary when I take control over the nation. We two will be an unstoppable team!" Leo shouted. Storm smiled and nodded:
"I think we should leave them," I said. The other three nodded:
"But I want a dip in the river later!" Viola shouted:
"Yeah, Me want too!" Vian shouted. I smiled and we kept walking.

We arrived at another place now:
"Will you leave me alone!" Talle shouted. I looked toward the cabin. Talle had locked himself inside the cabin and Hina was standing outside:
"Get out here, Talle!" Hina shouted:
"S-should we just leave?" Viola asked:
"Can we really leave him?" Vian asked:
"Ah...Fine." I said as I walked toward them:
"REN IUSTITIA!" Hina shouted:
"What are you doing, Hina?" I asked:
"I'm trying to get Talle out!" Hina shouted:
"Shouldn't you just...Leave him alone?" Sebrina asked:
"I can't do that, Sebrina Coetus!" Hina shouted:
"Talle, are you okay?" I asked:
"I know what I said to you earlier, Ren. But please get that psycho away from me already!" Talle shouted:
"Talle get out here!" Hina shouted:
"Have you tried leaving him alone?" I asked:
"I can't leave that man to his own devices. He is to be kept an eye on twenty-four-seven." Hina said:
"I tried, Talle," I said:
"Traitor!" Talle shouted from the inside. The cabin itself was simple. I looked in through one of the windows and just saw a bed and a few items...Nothing of interest:
"Good luck, Hina," I said:
"Thanks, Talle! Get out here!" Hina shouted. 

Last place on the agenda. The camping area. Kai and Ella were there...They were having a serious discussion:
"Are you starting to feel better?" Ella asked nervously:
"I think so," Kai said. The camping ground was simple. There were a few cut-up logs placed around the ground to sit on. There was a giant camp-fire pit and also just a few places for a normal campfire:
"imagine it-" Kai said. I listened in on their conversation:
"You three go on ahead. I will come in a moment." I said. Vian and Viola nodded and left but Sebrina stood there still. I shrugged and listened:
"I'm the ultimate escapist. My life goal, my vision, my abilities are in escape but I can't find a way to escape this killing game. We are stuck, Ella...Stuck." Kai said as he closed his eyes:
"Don't give up yet. Let's keep going. We can't let one simple dog stop us!" Ella shouted as she smiled:
"Thank you," Kai said. Seems like Kai might be back to normal again. I smiled warmly and left them. Sebrina followed behind me:
"So this is the places we can play around with now?" I asked:
"It's much...More open." Sebrina said:
"So it will be harder this time," I said:
"And then...not really...The hospital had a tracker." Sebrina said. I nodded:
"We should stop talking..." Sebrina said:
"Stop talking?" I asked:
"Stop talking about murder...We should trust our classmates...No more murders." Sebrina said:
"You are right," I said:
"Have faith...Like Leo have faith...Like Kai got faith...Have faith." Sebrina said and kept walking:
"You two are so slow!" Vian shouted:
"Easy now, girl," Viola said:
"Sorry, sorry," I said:
"Let's go find those marshmallows..." Sebrina said with a small smile. We walked back toward the bus to look if there were any marshmallows. This isn't so bad anymore. Let's all escape together. 


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