Danganronpa 3. Monochrome end

BSTT...The boarding school for talented teenagers. The school had been running for a few years now and the killings games haven't ended yet. A new group of fifteen students is now on the chopping board.


30. Sunshine

I was waiting for the bus to arrive at the new place. I was inside my room slowly following the trees pass us by outside:
"Sebrina...Lycan..." I said softly to myself. I heard a soft knock at my door:
"hm?" I looked toward it. The knock echoed again:
"Come on in...it isn't locked," I said. The door opened and at the door was Talle. He looked at me for a few seconds. I couldn't describe the feeling in the air...a mix of...sadness...confusion...hatred...and...cold...
"What are you up to?" I asked. Talle walked inside and closed the door behind him. He sat down in front of the door and looked at me:
"I don't trust you..." Talle said:
"What?" I asked confused. Talle looked at me:
"I don't trust you at all...Your connection to Felix Piger didn't help at all...You are nothing but an enemy to me." Talle said as he pointed at me:
"Why are you telling me this?" I asked:
"To set the borderline...We are soon arriving at the next spot and I rather you stop trying to be my friend and realize we are enemies." Talle said as he places a thumb to his neck and drew a line over it:
"You threatening me?" I asked:
"Not at all...No way I could take ya down," Talle said as he opened the door:
"Just saying...if someone were to die again...I might make it harder for you." Talle said as he left.

I stood there watching the door close:
"Damn..." I said as I looked out the window as I did the trees behind the glass vanished and an opening appear. light streamed in through the window.


We have arrived, haven't we?

"Hello, students. Hello students! We have now arrived at the new destination. Please come to the door!" Moniu said through the speakers.

I shook my head and walked to the door. I arrived and saw everyone here:
"Hey..." Sebrina said:
"Hey, are you ready?" I asked:
"Yes..." She said:
"Ren!" Vian shouted as she ran to my side:
"Vian, Viola," I said. Vian and Viola walked up to them:
"TALLE! I haven't seen you today. Where have you been!" Hina shouted:
"Leave me alone," Talle said:
"How are you feeling?" Storm asked:
"Better..." Leo said with a smile:
"This way," Harry said guiding Laura by the hand. Laura smiled and held his hand:
"Thank you, as always, Harry," Laura said. Harry smiled warmly:
"Kai..." Ella said:
"I'm fine...I think." Kai said as he held a hand to his head:
"Good," Ella said. 

Victor stood by himself silently. He just watched over everyone:
"Hello!" Moniu shouted as the screen turned on and it began to talk:
"Feel free to go through the gate, of course, the record is still gonna be taken. Welcome to your new destination. The Monocamp!" Moniu shouted. Everyone was silent as the screen turned off:
"Let's go," Kai said as he went through the gate:
"Wait for me!" Ella ran after him:
"And they're gone," Talle said as he left:
"Talle, you get back here!" Hina shouted as she ran after him:
"Aren't we going too?" Leo asked:
"Yes...See you guys out there." Storm said. Leo and Storm left together:
"I could use your assistance once again, Harry," Laura said:
"Of course, I'm here to help," Harry said. He looked at me:
"Take care of them, please," Harry said. He helped Laura down the stairs to the outside. The doorway was shining with light:
"What now, Ren?" Vian asked:
"I think you should go together..." Victor said. I looked at the undertaker:
"Aren't you going?" I asked. Victor looked at me and adjusted his tie:
"Of course, I am..." Victor said as he looked down at Vian:
"I trust her with you...and only you," Victor said as he left:
"Victor!" I shouted...He was gone:
"Victor..." I said:
"Are we going? me bored." Vian said:
"He said it was a campground. Maybe we can make marshmallows!" Viola said happily:
"me like marshmallows!" Vian shouted. The two girls brimmed with energy:
"Me too..." Sebrina said and threw an arm into the air...Haha, nice try Sebrina:
"You do too?" Vian asked:
"Yes...What girl...don't?" Sebrina asked:
"We should totally see if we can find some!" Viola shouted. I looked at them with a smile and shook my head:
"Let's go, girls," I said. I left the gate and heard the familiar beep sound as it took my id. I tighten the grip around the bracelet on my arm:
"Stop worrying...we are okay," Viola said. I nodded. We four stepped out on the stairs and the horizon hit us. There was sunshine...The sun touched my face as I looked over the horizon:
"River, RIVER!" Vian shouted. We could see a beautiful river...a forest...a camping area and a cabin next to it. The forest trees became very thick the further you went out...seems like a wall:
"We shouldn't worry about our bracelets this time around...Seems like we got our border just there." I said:
"So bright..." Sebrina said with a sigh:
"You need more sun!" Vian shouted:
"I must agree there...You look so tired all the time." Viola said:
"I don't...sleep..." Sebrina said. I smiled and looked at them:
"Come!" Vian shouted and grabbed Sebrina's hand. The little girl dragged the gang-leader down the stairs. I could see the others spread out over the horizon:
"Seems like the others are already out exploring," Viola said as she walked down the stairs. She pulled out her violin and began playing a soft and warm tone. I smiled and walked right behind her:
"Viola, Viola!" Vian shouted. Viola smiled and kept playing. Sebrina smiled:
"Let the melody purify everything around us and let the sunshine once again. Let this music drain everything from the darkness!" Viola shouted:
"You really are a fighter for the good, Viola," I said:
"Fighter for justice. Me think it suits us. We are gonna be a justice gang!" Vian shouted:
"Fighting for justice..." Sebrina said with as much hype she can before striking a pose...which just looked sluggish:
"Pff..." I let out a sharp shot of air:
"Hahahaha!" Vian and Viola started to laugh and Sebrina let her arms drop. She smiled a bit:
"There..." Sebrina said. I smiled warmly as I looked at the gang-leader. She really wants to change. She really wants to get away from what she used to do and as I look at her...I now know that she wants to change:
"Shall we get going?" I asked. Viola nodded and Vian took her hand:
"Let's go!" Vian shouted. I walked with the three of them. We are now exploring a new place. I felt the bangle on my wrist again. The metal device was annoying and it was a constant reminder of where we were, but at times like this...I wouldn't really dislike being here. 

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