Love Me

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  • Published: 6 Dec 2019
  • Updated: 15 Feb 2020
  • Status: Complete
Bella and her friend Rachel have known each other since childhood. Through college in California, Bella and Rachel have a fun time getting to know more and more people. When Victoria turns up at their dorm room apartment, they open their arms willingly for her as their friend. But when things start getting hot more of there friends show up. As they try to keep there relationships going as friends and possibly more, something stirs in the darkness.

Author's note

This is my first book that I wrote when I was a freshman. I hope you like!

43. Cheater

A week later…(Tori’s POV…)

It has been one week since Corbyn and Rachel got married. We have not heard much about how they are doing, but we know how newlyweds are. After the wedding and Rachel and Corbyn left, we had to deal with all the guests. Daniel and I finished getting all of the friends and family out, while Bella and the rest of us got everything cleaned up. Since the church said there was a wedding tomorrow, we left all the decorations up, since they weren’t ours anyway and I really did not want to get up in a tree at 1 in the morning in a dress and take down the lights. We grab all of the garment bags and then hop in Bella’s car and head to the dorms. Not that we think they are doing ‘something’, but we would like to hear something from them. It is 3 months from when we graduate and start a life in the real world. We are getting ready for finals and Bella, Jaina and I are getting ready for the masquerade ball that the college is having.

Jack’s POV….

I wake up to see that it’s already noon. I hop in the shower and put on my pizza delivery shirt and a pair of jeans. The wedding was only a week ago and Jaina had been real distant. I send her a quick, I luv U, message. Then I head to work.

    Hours has passed at work when I get a call from my boss, “Hey, Jack.” my boss says.

“Hey?” I reply surprised.

“I just wanted to call and say that I’m closing shop early. So, your free to go home.” She says.

“Thanks!” I reply before she hangs up.  As I head back I decide to surprise Jaina. I stop and grab her a bouquet of white lilies. I reach her door and unlock it with my spare key she gave me. I open the door and head straight for her room.

“Hey, I brou….” My words are cut short by what I see next. Jaina sitting on her bed with her lips pressed against someone else….. Randal, our waiter from the other night. I drop the flowers and run out the door. Jaina follows behind you.

“How could you do this to me.” I ask her tears forming in my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Jack but….” The next thing she says will not be what I wanted to hear.


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