Love Me

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  • Published: 6 Dec 2019
  • Updated: 15 Feb 2020
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Bella and her friend Rachel have known each other since childhood. Through college in California, Bella and Rachel have a fun time getting to know more and more people. When Victoria turns up at their dorm room apartment, they open their arms willingly for her as their friend. But when things start getting hot more of there friends show up. As they try to keep there relationships going as friends and possibly more, something stirs in the darkness.

Author's note

This is my first book that I wrote when I was a freshman. I hope you like!

42. Marriage

Jack’s POV..

I take Jaina out to dinner for our six month anniversary. She looks so nice. I just couldn’t help, but stare at her. She is so beautiful. The waiter comes to take our order and he looks at her. His name is Randall.

“Hello, may I take your order?” Jaina orders her meal and so do I. He walks away and gets our drinks and meals. Once we finish eating Jaina walks up to the counter and starts talking to the waiter, but I have no idea what they are talking about. After I pay and we start heading home, she is on the phone the whole time.

“Who are you talking to?” I ask.

“Oh, it’s a friend of mine.” she replies.

“Oh, okay.” I say. After that bit of awkward silence, we continue with the rest of the ride to the dorms. When we get to the dorms, Tori, Daniel, Bella, and Zach are all huddled around talking.

“What are y'all talking about?” Jaina asks.

“We just saw something on the news about someone bombing the gas station that I was at.” Tori says. I look at Jaina and notice her horrified look.

“Yup that’s what we thought, too.” Bella says to Jaina’s expression.

“What are we going to do?” I ask.

“Well, all we can do is wait.” Bella says. They start getting up and get ready for bed.

“But I think until then we need to stay in here with y'all.” Daniel says. We all get dressed in PJ’s. Tori wears a matching set with the eiffel tower on it. The top is a white tank and then the shorts are white that end at the tops of her thighs. Rachel wears a Cookie Monster t-shirt with shorts that end at the tops of her thighs and have cookies on them. Jaina wears a t-shirt with a dog on it and shorts with little bones on it. Bella wears a black tank top with white hearts on it and black shorts that are shorter than all of the rest. The rest of us guys decide to wear shorts or sweats with no shirts, which we secretly know the girls love.  

We get ready for bed for the great day tomorrow. 

    Bella’s POV…

The next morning we all get up early and get dressed. Tomorrow is the wedding for Rachel and Corbyn. So today we have to get all the dresses and suits from the dry cleaners and then the flowers.

I wear a pink t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, black combat boots, and black jewelry. I wear my hair in curls down my back and my makeup is natural with mascara and light brown lipstick.

Tori wears a white t-shirt with PROBLEMS 99 on it like a football t-shirt with black stripes on the sleeves. She wears black ripped jeans and white Tom. Her hair is curled and then a dutch braid wraps around the front of her head. Her makeup is a natural brown with eyeliner and mascara.

Jaina wears a white t-shirt with red lips on them. She wears black jeans and white converse. She also wears her hair in soft curls and her makeup is just like Tori’s.

Rachel wears a white tank top, blue jeans that are ripped and rolled up, brown sandals and gold jewelry. Instead of her hair being up, she puts it in a bun. Her makeup matches mine.

Corbyn wears a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black tennis shoes.

Zach wears an off white t-shirt, black jeans and white tennis shoes.

Jack wears a black hoodie and black jeans with black Toms.

Daniel wears a white t-shirt, black jeans, a green jacket and white tennis shoes. 

After we finish getting dressed we head to the dry cleaners. We make the guys stay in the car while Rachel, Jaina, and I go in and get everything. We left Tori in the car to keep the guys busy. When we cross the threshold, we get a blast of cleaners supplies. We walk up and ask the girl behind the counter for our stuff. After 10 minutes we get all of our things and make sure to put the wedding dress in a black bag. (Explained later)

Tomorrow we plan on having it outside with tons of flowers and beautiful lights strung everywhere. Once in the car we head to the shooting location where the guys can go shoot for hours while we get flowers and everything else we need. After the long day we have already had we drive over to the church that Rachel wants to have it at and start setting up. I start getting the flowers read which are a mixture of blue, white, purple and green flowers.


Once I have finished arranging the flowers on the tables that we got from Teleflora's Portrait, I ask Rachel if she will leave. She agrees and takes the car with her. After she is done we get down to business. Tori starts streaming the lights from the tops of the trees. I start laying cloth across the tops of the pillars and in the middle put a bouquet of flowers that goes down the middle. Then we set up the middle and wait to put the flower petals we got to go on the floor as she walks down the aisle. Then as Tori is done with the lights in the trees, she goes to stream lights over the dance flower, where the church has let us put a piece of hardwood on the grass so that we can dance. After we have finished, we decide to leave for the night, so we text the guys to come pick us up after Rachel comes to pick them up. After I text them, I take the dresses and tuxes in to the church to lay them out. Soon after Jack comes to pick us up. Once at the dorms we all fall into a blissful sleep. 

    Rachel’s POV…

The next morning, is a rush for all of us to get to the church on time. We all wake up a 6 and rush over. I don’t want to see the back of the church until I come out that way I can be surprised. I go to the girl's room and we start doing my hair and makeup.

As Tori does my hair, Bella does my makeup and Jaina and Emily make sure that everything is in order. I wear my hair in an extremely intricate bun that is twisted, fished tailed and pinned around my head that ends in a bun. At the top of the bun, Jaina adds a beautiful silver piece to my hair that will clip on to my veil that is all lace and reaches the floor and makes my dress longer. My makeup is a light pink smokey eye that fades into black, with an intricate wing of eyeliner and fake eyelashes that frame my face so that my eyes pop. I wear pale pink lipstick and highlighter with all the face makeup to cover up any sleep that I did not get last night. My dress is intricate with lace covering the shimmering fabric within. The sleeves of my dress are long sleeved with lace. The back of my dress is open and is framed with more lace. The train of the dress is all lace and is very long. My bouquet is white roses with tips that are pink. I chose the bridesmaid dresses to match the theme and told the girl's to do whatever with their hair, makeup and shoes. The bridesmaid dresses are galaxies. The dresses have a sweetheart neckline and the dresses go down to the middle of their thighs.

Bella wears black 4 inch pumps with a strap around the ankle. She wears a light brown smokey eye and her hair is in curls with a pin in the back holding half of her hair up.

Jaina wears a pink smokey eye with fake eyelashes, a line of black eyeliner and a line of silver above the eye shadow. Her hair is in curls with one side fishtailed twice on one side and pinned in the back with a pin of silver that matches the dress.her shoes are 3 inch heels that are sparkly that move from silver to dark blue in shades.

Tori wears 4 inch pumps that are galaxies and match the dresses perfectly. Tori’s makeup is a white smokey eye. And her hair is pulled back and braided very loosely with flowers down the middle and weaved into her hair with tendrils coming out.

Emily wears her hair in a twist and then twists it into a bun. Her makeup is a brown smokey eye that goes from light brown to dark, with eyeliner and mascara. She wears silver sandals with rhinestones on them.

All of the guys wear a tuxedo with black bow ties and black dress shoes. Corbyn wears the same rose that Rachel has in her bouquet. They all do their hair a special way.

Jack’s POV… 

Me and the rest of the guys had decided to get together and prepare Corbyn for the wedding. He was so nervous. We had not seen the girls all day. The hours were dwindling down till the wedding started. We all load up and head to the gym of the church where the reception was being held. Zach and I start putting all the table cloths on the tables. While Jonah and Daniel put the flowers on them after us.

    We finished the final touches then head outside to meet the others. I head through the back door and run straight into Jaina. She was actively texting someone.

“Hey, Gorgeous!” I say to her.

“Hey.” She says blankly before walking away texting again which I think is strange. Later the ceremony starts. I sit between Bella and Jaina. Rachel the night before had recorded her singing the song she planned to walk down the aisle to. 

Bella’s POV….

The wedding was starting and Corbyn was standing at the alter with a nervous smile spread across his face. The music that the guys and I are supposed to come out at is starting to play.

First, Emily and Jaina walk arms linked with their dates which are Jonah and Jack. They walk out and then 10 seconds later, Tori and I walking with Daniel and Zach behind them. The flower girl has already come and spread rose petals tipped with pink down the white rug. We all take our places across from each other. The music starts playing and Rachel emerges at the end of the aisle with her arm locked in her step dad’s. They walk down the aisle and as I look to see Corbyn with actual tears in his eyes. He only looks at Rachel. Rachel looks dashing as she comes up to Corbyn. She looks at all of the bridesmaids in turn and gives them a word of thanks through her eyes. Her step dad gives her hand to Corbyn and then goes to sit down in his chair. The music cuts down and the preacher starts talking. They say their vows, the ring bearer brings up the rings and they each slide on the rings on each others fingers and then before I know it they are officially a couple. The bride and groom then walk down the aisle and back into the back to change. We all follow so that we can help Rachel pin the dress up in the back. We get back into our rooms and we all get under Rachel’s dress to help pin it up.

“Well, what did you think?” Tori asks.

“OMG, I loved it. Every minute of it.” she says all breathey like.

“Ready for the reception?” I ask.

“Of course, ready to see what y'all did all afternoon. 

    Rachel’s POV… 

As soon as I step outside, I think of myself in a beautiful fairy garden. The light sparkles in the tree tops and there is a significant amount of flowers smells in the air. I start looking for Corbyn. I find him hugging his mother. She is crying as I walk up.

“Honey, you looked so beautiful tonight.” she says. Corbyn never took me to meet his family so this would be a first for me.

“Thank you.” I say. Corbyn puts his arm around my waist and we slowly make our way around the crowd. After we have finished talking to most of the guests we head over to the table and start getting ourselves food. We finish filling up our plates, so we head off to the head of the table. We finish eating and decide to eat our cake. The cake that Corbyn and I picked out is a 4 layer cake. The top layer is light blue and as the layers get bigger the darker it gets. On the cake, there is all the constellations in white icing. And there are shooting stars and the Milky Way.


Corbyn cuts the first piece and then feeds it into my mouth. I then cut a piece and feed it to Corbyn. After everyone eats the cake we dance the bride and groom dance which is, ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend. After we danced every dance. We decide to open everyone's gifts after when we have alone time. After we have finished it is almost 12, so we decide to do sparklers. All the people I invited, line up and get in an arc. Corbyn and I kiss before the sparklers and then we walk through and kiss at the end. After that we get in a Corbyn’s car as we get thrown with rice and streamers and drive to our new apartment close to the school.


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