Love Me

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  • Published: 6 Dec 2019
  • Updated: 15 Feb 2020
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Bella and her friend Rachel have known each other since childhood. Through college in California, Bella and Rachel have a fun time getting to know more and more people. When Victoria turns up at their dorm room apartment, they open their arms willingly for her as their friend. But when things start getting hot more of there friends show up. As they try to keep there relationships going as friends and possibly more, something stirs in the darkness.

Author's note

This is my first book that I wrote when I was a freshman. I hope you like!

20. Emily's Date

A Few days later…

    It’s been a couple days since we got out of the hospital and everyone had their surgery and is recovering now. Tori, Bella, Rachel and Jaina are home bound for the rest of the week, but I can tell that they are getting better with the color returning to their cheeks. The guys are always around and that makes me happy and have enough time for school work. Because I was one of the only ones that did not need surgery it is time for the concert. Jonah knocks on my door and I freak out because I’m not ready. I put on my robe and let him in.

“Hey.” I say. “Sorry about this. I’m not dressed yet.”

“That’s okay.” he says.

“Just give me a minute.” He nods and I head into the bathroom to get changed. I wear a t-shirt with stitch on it. I also wear shorts with rips in them. I also wear black Toms and a beanie. I curl my hair at the tips so that it falls in soft tendrils. Jonah wears polo short sleeve shirt, and navy shorts, with black converse. 

Emily Jonah

“Okay, I’m ready!” I grab my phone, slide it in my back pocket, and we head out the door. When we arrive at the concert, I find a spot on the grass and sit down on the blanket that Jonah brought. Soon enough, Asher gets onstage and the first song he  sings is Getaway. Next, he sings Chemistry, his newest song. When the song is over, he stops for a minute to give commentary, as singers normally do at their concerts.

“I just wanted to give a little shout out to a special girl! I heard she just got out of the hospital after being put through a really rough situation. Emily, this next song goes out to you!” he says smiling into the crowd. His eyes find me and he smiles even wider when he sees me! I almost pass out. No way did that just happen! I start to stumble back, but Jonah catches me. When I regain my balance Asher begins to sing. I notice the song right away. It’s from Andi Mack! He is singing Being Around You for me!

 “I made that request.” Jonah says smiling at me.

“How did you…” I begin to ask, but then he interrupts me.

“I pulled a few strings.” He says. I pull him into a big bear hug and kiss him. We go on and enjoy the rest of the concert. He sings Tomorrow Starts Today and a bunch of other covers he has on his YouTube channel. And then, for some reason he sings Snow Globe Wonderland. It isn’t even Christmas, but I’m not complaining. After the concert, Jonah pulls me towards the stage once everyone has left. Asher walks out from the backstage area and goes in for a bro hug with Jonah.

“Okay, now I’m confused.” I say.

 “Hi!” Asher says. “Jonah was my cousin’s friend when they were in high school. That’s how he reached me. He asked me about the concert and told me about what happened. I knew he was wanting to do something special.”

“Yeah, thanks for that, man.” Jonah says.

“No problem.” Asher replied. “Well, I need to head off, but keep in touch, Jonah! Bye!” he says as he turns and heads towards the tent behind the stage.

“I cannot believe that just happened…” I say.

“Emily, you okay? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” Jonah asks. Suddenly a tear rolls down my cheek and I embrace Jonah in my arms. He smiles and we head towards the little Italian place down the road for a bite to eat. Holy cow… What just happened?


Back at the dorms (Bella’s POV)...

Emily and Jonah both went to a concert a few hours ago. Corbyn just picked Rachel up to take her to the movies, so It was just me. I was still pretty sore from a few days ago. Tori and I got the worse of the situation. I had a broken rib from being kicked in the side and she suffered major wounds on her back from the whip and a broken nose. I pull out my phone and text Tori. She had spent the night with Summer and Elizabeth, the new transfer students from New York. Want to binge watch Twilight? She quickly replies, OF COURSE! Moments later she comes through the door with snacks and drinks. I didn’t realize Daniel and Zach behind her.

“I ran into them in the hall and they wanted to join.” She tells me, motioning to Zach and Daniel. The first movie “Twilight” starts playing and Zach lays beside me on my bed and I snuggle up to him. Daniel climbs the ladder to get up to Tori’s bed and I can hear them whispering about something. I look up and ask if everything is alright and they both giggle saying of course. They quiet down, but before they do that the bed creaks, and Zach looks at me and laughs. 


Later that night…

    After we have finished watching all of the Twilight movies, I look at the clock to see that it is 12 in the morning. I hear someone unlocking the door. The door opens and in the doorway stands Emily and Jonah. Jonah has his hands full of Asher Angel merch. Tori and I both give her a sideways glance.

“What, I just got a couple of things signed?” She says being sarcastic.

“Where do you want me to put these?” Jonah asks her. She motions to Rachel’s bed.

“I’ll move it when she gets here, speaking of her. Where is she?” She asks me.

I reply, “Corbyn took her for dinner and for a walk in the park.”

Daniel then says, “I’m going to get a drink from the vending machine.”  He heads out the door. A few moments later I hear a knock on the door. I open it to see Daniel holding Corbyn and Rachel by the wrist.

“Look who I found making out in the hall.” He says, then lets both of them go. We start laughing. “Now I’m going to get my drink. You coming, Tori?” Him and Tori walk out hand in hand towards the vending machine.


(In the hall Tori’s POV)...

     “So, how was your walk.” I say, trying to not burst out laughing. Daniel flashes me an adorable smile and puts his arm over my shoulder.

“I just wanted to spend some time with my beautiful girlfriend.” He tells me. He has never really considered me as his girlfriend. “I was also wondering if you wanted to go skating tomorrow with me and the others?”

He asks me and I replied, “As long as you're there, you can count me in!” I say as he gives me a quick kiss then gets a drink for himself for us to share.

“Well we better get back before they start tearing the building down.” Daniel tells me.

“My friends would be the ones to do that.” I reply. 


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