Its My Job, Not My Love

When Selena's Mom gets her a new job at a multi-million dollar company, her boss starts to get into her business. However, he doesn't go that far.

Author's note

Love will start to grow, at least that's what she told herself.

8. That One Family Member That Is Over Protective


I just looked at her, she seemed familiar. I close the door behind me and she just sighs.

    “Hi. Are you Selena?” She said.

    I nod, “Um. Who are you?”

    She stood up and walked towards me, slowly. “I’m Ericka Stone. But you can call me Lisa.”

    Stone? Are you serious? How did she get into my house?

“Your Ericka that Freddy talks about, your the sister?” 

    Ericka nods, “Yeah. I’m sorry about him leaving early, I was drunk that night. But here’s the thing,”

She breathes in, “I think Freddy is acting weird.”

    I laugh, like literally laugh. “Freddy? Like Fredrick Stone? Acting weird, why would that be the case?”

    She rolls her eyes and sits on my couch, I sit across from her.

“I have no clue, I think it’s from you. He was here last night, I know he had better plans.

With other girls,” She muttered, “But. I know you said something that got him-”

    “Acting weird?”

    “Bingo! So, whatever you’re doing, keep going.

Because he is actually being more open about things. Even apologizing to his ex’s.”

    Amy! No wonder she got a text from Freddy. 


As I let Ericka out, I text my mom. To see if she is coming home tonight. 



Me: Are you coming late tonight?

Mámi: Si Mi Amor. Lo Siento, I can send you food?

Me: No, I can make food. Just worry about work, Mámi.

Mámi: Aye Mi Amor. I'm going to send you food.

Me: Ma!

Mámi: I'll get extra orange chicken!!

Me:  FINE!!


I roll my eyes and get a call from Amy. 





“Freddy apologized! How sweet!”


“So, I was wondering if you can help me try to get together with him!”

“I know you are happy, Amy. But do you think this is a good idea to get back together with him? 

“Can’t you just be happy for me?”

“Amy, you know what-”

“No I don’t, why do you always have to push me down?”

“How do you know if he’s not going to do-”


“So? That doesn’t mean he wants anything with you!”




I can hear her voice crack, she was about to start crying. 

“I’ll talk to you later, bye.”


She cut me off.




As I get home, I got a text from Amy, Ericka, Dad, and Mom.

But what I didn’t expect, was that I got 10 missed calls from Selena.

I didn’t want to listen to her voicemails, but she called me one more time. 




“Who’s this?”


“No, I’m not. All I did was apol-”


“I will, so can you calm down.” 

There was a silence. 

Okay, but you better tell her. I swear Fredrick.”



“I’ll tell her.”

“Bye, Dickwad.”

And she left. 


The next morning, there wasn’t any school for a couple of days since someone killed themselves.

So, most of the teens aren’t going to school. 

So, I went straight to work. Which is very weird of me. 

As I get to the building, a girl in a tight skirt and curly light brown hair is waiting at the door. The sunlight shows her beautiful skin and her body, her eyes were beautiful like an emerald jewel. 

    As I got closer and closer, I knew who it was. 

    “Hi,” Amy said. Her smile is the best I’ve seen in days, all month was just work this work that,

but seeing her. Brought up so many feelings. 

    I walk up to her and head for the elevator, “Coming?” 

    She walks behind me and stands next to me, I press the top floor. 

    “So, what’s up with you?” I ask her.

    She smiles, “Nothing much. I gave that front lady my resume.” 

    Shit. Why!

    “Oh, you think of working here?”

    “Yeah, I need something for my college apps.”

    College apps? Good, nothing else.

    That’s good, which college your going to?” The 2nd floor bell rung, and the elevator kept going. 

    “Harvard or Boston. I don’t know yet.

My grandparents are Alumni for Harvard, but Boston is my second option.”

    I scoff, “Harvard. I forgot your a geek.”

    She hits my arm, “Yes. And you dated this geek.”

    I laugh and hit the 4th floor button, “So. How you been?”

    She sighs, “Okay. I need a job to distract me from all this drama between me and Selena.” 

    No, you just want to get closer to me. But I don’t mind. “Well, you do know that Selena works here.”

    I caught her rolling her eyes, “Won’t stop me from getting a job.”

    I chuckle, “Good for you.”

    The bell dings for the 4th floor, and right when I step out,

my mother’s hands are folded and a smile on her face.

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