Its My Job, Not My Love

When Selena's Mom gets her a new job at a multi-million dollar company, her boss starts to get into her business. However, he doesn't go that far.

Author's note

Love will start to grow, at least that's what she told herself.

7. I Still Love You


As I get to work late, Selena is already at her desk talking to someone.

I don’t recognize him but once I heard his voice, I knew who it was. 

“Come on, that was forever ago.” He says.

“Yes, and I still remember. Why are you even here?”

He chuckles, “I’m here-”

“Hey, MarKus!” I say, interrupting the conversation. He turns to look at me.

“Wassup Freddy!” He daps me up and we head into my office. 

“So, Selena works here?” He asks sitting down.

“Yeah, dad hired her yesterday to keep tabs on me.”

I roll my eyes and hand MarKus some water, “I forgot you two even dated.”

“Yeah,” he takes a sip, “She still isn’t over it.”


“Nah man, she the one,” MarKus says, slurring.

“‘The one’ dude are you crazy! Her?” I say.

“Yes dude, she is. But she’s mad at me right now.”

“For what?”

“Because she thinks that I can easily make it to the top with her?

Get a job, go to college, and shit.”

“You can work with me and my old man, dude.” I laugh because he knows its a joke. 

“Hell Nah, man. But for real though, she is-”


A short Latina girl with brown curly hair, and a big ass. Walks pass them,

she lays her hand on his chest and she walks away. 


“Hit that,” I tell MarKus.


“Hit that!”

MarKus smiles and went to a room with her alone. 


    “Well, I’m not surprised. She is very, I don’t know, strict?” I tell MarKus.

    “Bro, she needs to get over it.

You need to tell her that your ass thought it was a good fucking idea.”

    I laugh, “As you said. Forever ago”



    I knock on Dickwad’s door, “Come in.”

    I was really hoping that MarKus wasn’t in there, but he was. 

    “Your 3 o’clock is here,” I say politely. 

    Dickwad stands up and buttons his suit and walks out, “Thank you.”

    I sigh and as I try to head back to my desk, MarKus grabs my arm and locks the door. 

    “We need to talk,” he tells me.

    “No, we don’t. I have to work.”


    “MarKus,” I warn.

    “Selena can you please just listen to me, please?” He says that twice, TWICE. 

    I sigh and I sit on Dickwad’s leather chair, “You got 5 minutes. Starting now.”


    “Tick, tock-”

    “Fine. Back then, I really loved you.

I know you weren’t talking to anyone else after me because Amy told me. I miss you,

Selena, I miss our study times together, I miss you at my games. Please, can we-”

    “Times up.”

    “Selena, sit down.”

    I roll my eyes and fold my arms.

    He sighs, “I still love you, Selena,

I didn’t date anyone else after you broke up with me. You can ask Freddy.

Can we just start talking?”    

    I look at him and I sigh, “Fine.”

    He smiles his stupid smile, “I-”

    “I have to unblock you first, I’ll text you when I can. I have to get back to work.”

I walk out of the office and I went back to my desk, and my cheeks started to get hot.


Amy: You at your lunch?

Me: Yes.

Amy: Okay Good

Amy: I want to tell you something

Me: Yes?

Amy: I think me and Freddy are getting back 2gether

Me: Really? Y

Amy: He texted me "Hey, Can we talk?" 


As I got home from the driver, he gave me his number for anything.

There was a bouquet of flowers with a note, ‘Call me 2night.’

I smiled and opened my door,

as I opened it a girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes looked dead at me.




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