I Never Forget

Diana Delgado still has finished her life yet, but she has. She still needs to be by her best friend's side, Valencia Pecha, she is still confused about things. So, when Diana gets back to her life, she helps out Valencia with her things and leaves her forever.

Author's note

If you love watching romance coming to life, this is for you.

1. Prologue

“Diana, she was an amazing nurse. A true friend, a loyal sister, and a good guy. She was a girl who spoke the truth, joked about the dead, and tried to be in with the cool crowd. Diana is still in my heart, still in my life, and forever be my sister. We might miss her, but don’t forget her. Thank you.” 


The service for Diana Delgado was peaceful, knowing that my sister wanted to be cremated, but she won’t know. Diana’s best friend was just crying the whole service, but she was a mad chocolate cake. After the service, our family and friends decided to have lunch at my house. Diana’s favorite flowers surrounded her picture, her favorite foods spread out, and her childhood pictures around the house. 

“You did a great job, Crispin.” Mom said. She smiled, “I couldn’t think about draining her ashes.” 

“Mom doesn’t think that way,” I told her handing her a tissue. Our mom was wearing a black simple dress and her black heels, our dad was wearing a black suit and a peach tie. It was Diana’s favorite color. “Honey, don’t cry. We are supposed to remember not to cry.” 

“He’s right mom,” I say reminding her.

A glass tinked and we all turned to Diana’s best friend, “Hi. I like to make a few words.” She said in a soft voice, she was wearing a black dress and a pearl necklace. I think Diana gave it to her for her birthday, turning 21. 

“If you don’t know, I’m Diana’s best friend. We’ve known each other since Elementary school, she was giving me some of her crayons because I didn’t have any.” She chuckled and so did the crowd. She continued, “Diana was like a sister to me, a person I could always go to. I couldn’t believe that the world could do this to her, so young, and so happy. I miss her too much like I lost a part of my heart, but Diana would tell me to keep going. Think about what I can do and what I can’t. I know that her brother, Crispin,” everyone looked at me then back at her.

 “He would be a brat and bother us during sleepovers,” the crowd laughed. “But, I know that in my heart that Diana is a person you can learn from. Because she taught me so many things, and she will forever be in my heart. Thank you.”

The crowd smiled at her and applauded, Diana’s friend smiled back. Diana, I love you the most.  

Me too, Crispin . . . . 




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