💙Blue roses💙 and Milkshakes Lukanette fanfic

This is a Lukanette AU fanfic


1. chapter one: the day we first met

Marinette Pov

Crash the chocolate milkshake hit the blue steeled tiled floor.

“Marinette you clumsy girl”! My sister Chloe yelled at me.

it had been the fifth time that I dropped a milkshake on the floor.

I remember the angry look on the customers face.

“I’m sorry” I said really fast at him.

“It’s just that my shoes where untied I said really fasted.

“That’s it I will take my money elsewhere” he said

The customer got up and walked out the door.

“I’m so telling mom and dad about this” Chloe said

“Shut the hell up” I said to her.

I got a broom and cleaned up the chocolate mess.

I started to hear rain outside just the I saw a boy walked in drenched from rain outside

And walked inside then stumbled on the floor

My sister was fast asleep in her room

“Hey can you hear me” I said to him.

“He has a fever” I thought in my head

I then called the hospital

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