Killing Rudolph

Rudolph the red nose reindeer. He hated the nickname and he hated all the bright lights at Christmas time. They drove him crazy. The teasing and name-calling. He couldn't stand it. Every year he hides and waits until the cold month of December until he can take his revenge.

Author's note

It might not show up the way I would like. It is definitely not showing up right for me.

3. Christmas Day 2

     "Enough time spent getting ready, Rudolph," A dark rough voice said looking up in the mirror. Even though it was Rudolph talking to himself he was still thinking completely sane about everything going on around him. He couldn't help it if his other half hated the colors and went crazy. Inside Rudolph swallowed hopelessly. He couldn't control himself, but the idea of going after the people who tortured his childhood into something of a nightmare was starting to sound better then he's going to talk to them calmly knowing that they wouldn't listen to him and have him shot for what he had tried to do. If only he could have explained that it wasn't him, it was someone else. It was his other side, the demon in control. "Let's go say hi to your old friends," He said and turned around. 

     Rudolph tried to stop him from moving and tried to not let him go, but he couldn't think about anything else and memories of the way his mother would trap him in the house ever Christmas and do nothing but worry about him every time he had to leave the house for some reason. His hooves slowed but they never stopped completely. "Ya know how this ends, Rudolph. I win, you lose. Every time I come out. How long has it been since you last saw me?" He asked and could feel his mouth form a weird smile. He didn't want to answer. He wanted to not have to hide away in the dark as far away as he could from himself, but things didn't go that way and it was his own habit now. He gave up the moment his hooves left the cave and he was flying. He never flew anymore. He had remained firmly on the ground in his cave. He was a magical reindeer he didn't need food, he really didn't want to see anything else though is why he became a hermit. 

     "Stop living in fear Rudolph and start living for fun!" He said and headed straight for the little town below. Rudolph had tried so hard to not bother the people down there and tried to let them live in peace, but that's not what this demon wanted. He wanted them all gone. Rudolph wanted to beg with him to not do this to just go after the ones that had hurt him when he was younger. But this one wouldn't listen he was going to make them pay for bringing him out and Rudolph was in the passager seat watching as he was being used to kill the people he had been trying to live with. 

    Rudolph wanted to cry but found himself smiling instead as he flew over the town and listened to all of the shocked gasps as people looked up and saw his glowing red nose and knew that it was him. What they didn't see was him struggling with himself, and a sleigh with eight reindeer behind him. He was just shocked they were happy to see him and scared because it was going to be the last thing they saw. "Aww, look at you. You know me too well, Rudolph," He said growling and swooped down to greet them all. He hoped that they could see the difference and would run. He only wanted vengeance on the once who teased him and used him when he was sick. 

     He landed softly in front of them his sharp teeth hidden behind his lips, waiting for them to be sunk into the people's skin. He could almost hear the screams that would come from them. He hated the sound. He was a reindeer he was supposed to make people laugh and smile and bring them joy, what was wrong with him? He could feel eyes on him watching him as he walked slowly towards the center of this small town. He knew that once he was there nothing was going to be okay for anyone. Rudolph knew this demon. He knew how he liked to kill people. He knew that he would draw everyone's attention to the middle of the town and then kill them all. He kept himself together for so long that it was almost an unnatural thing for this demon to hold back, but he had done his time of waiting. This time this demon wouldn't be held back until he got what he wanted. 

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