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Chelsea Eaton isn’t anything special, well, she wasn’t anything special. Ever since her family made their mark on the world, she’s been trying to make the world an easier place for others. Harry Styles is everything special. As the heir to BTC Ltd, he has it easier than any other person on earth.

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5. Chapter Four | ♥ | My Evidence

Chapter Four | ♥ | My Evidence

My head felt heavy, too heavy to lift. I flailed my arms wildly trying to search for my phone that had been placed on the bedside table. Who gives out unlimited champagne anyway? Finally, my hand landed on the cool, blank screen. The amount of energy it took to lift the small brick was unbelievable. The time flashed in my face brightly - 8:22 am, I couldn't even sleep in on a Sunday!

"Maria," I shouted weakly, watching her bound into the room with a glass of orange juice, "You're honestly the best."

"You had a very good night," Maria nodded, her smile wider than I'd ever seen it before, "Mr. Styles brought you home. I've never seen you look so content, Miss Chelsea." She paused for a second, "Although, the gardeners did have to deliver your shoes to us because you'd thrown them onto the lawn. Imagine £10,000 shoes getting ripped to pieces by the gardeners!" She laughed uncontrollably, slapping her hands on her thighs. I smiled with her, trying to remember the rest of the night.

"Oh!" I shouted finally, "Maria, look! A little girl named Darcy made me a bracelet." Maria stared at me blankly, staring at my wrist with confusion plastered on her face. I narrowed my eyebrows and stared at my bare wrist, then lifted the other one. Had I dreamed about it? My hand latched on to my phone as I typed quickly into the Google search bar. There had to something. It happened; I know it did!

After 30 minutes, I found myself sitting at the dining table, my thumb accidentally clicking on an article about Harry. The picture loaded instantly showing a photo of me with Darcy in my arms while Harry looked at the two of us, the bracelet planted safely on my wrist, "Maria, look!"

"Perhaps you dropped it outside," She shrugged, looking at the picture, "I'll make sure our gardeners keep an eye out for it." I nodded sadly, slipping my phone into my pocket.

"How was your night, sweetheart?" My mother asked, walking into the dining room dressed in a dark navy pantsuit.

"I had a good night, how was yours? All I kept seeing was you and dad laughing together in the corner of the room like school kids!" My mother blushed brightly, a small smile on her face. Every time you speak to either of them, you can tell that there's nobody else on earth they'd rather be with. I'd be confident enough to say they are the happiest couple of earth.

"Your father kept making me laugh," She chuckled, "We saw you bidding, too! We almost had a heart attack when we heard £2 million for some earrings!"

"It was for a good cause," I winked, remembering that Harry had outbid me anyway, "Harry won them anyway. It's not like he's going to need earrings, he should have just let me win." My mother rolled her eyes, grabbed her laptop from the table and headed out of the room for her first meeting of the day. I took my phone from my pocket and stared at the picture again. 

For some reason, my mind clouded this moment, all I could remember was Harry tapping his foot angrily as he waited for the small scenario to end as soon as possible. In this picture, his facial expressions had softened as he stared towards Darcy and me, a nearly invisible smile on his face, but still a smile. 

Harry's P.O.V | ♥ | 

My mother slammed her laptop in front of me angrily as I nursed my sore head, "What is this?" She screamed, "What is this, Harry? We do everything for you, we find you a suitable date and you throw it in our face! I cannot believe you. That poor girl. What are Mr. and Mrs. Eaton going to think?" The article stared at me, grinning as a sour reminder of the night.

"You can sort it out, you always do." I shrugged, not taking my eyes from the picture. It laughed at me as my arms snaked around the figure I'd been pictured with. Her long blonde hair shielded her identity, as my face smirked leading her into the Waldorf - my hand placed on the silky green of her lower back.

"We will have to sort it out, Harry," My mother growled, dialing the publicist from her phone, "It's time to sort your life out." She rushed out of the room, her laptop in hand. My hand moved into my pocket, my fingers running over the small beads, stopping on the small C. 

My mind focused on Chelsea's face when she had received this. Her eyes shined with excitement while her face glowed radiantly, a perfect smile sitting there as she stared at Darcy - it was a perfect definition of pure happiness, and I couldn't seem to shake the image. Why would somebody be so happy to receive such crap?


Louis and Niall sat on the sofa towards the bottom of my bed, their fingers smashing violently on the PS4 controllers, "Calm down, I'm trying to think!" They quickly paused their game and turned to face me, their eyebrows raising as they eventually looked towards each other.

"Hey," Louis shouted with a grin, "You want us to sell that picture to the newspapers?" He threw his phone in my direction, the lock screen glowing in my face, "Oh yeah, we got screenshots. Your mother can't hide anything from us!" They both laughed as they returned to their game, my mouth curling into a smile. How had they done it?

"I'm more interested in this picture," Niall said, throwing his phone my way this time. This article showed me, Darcy and Chelsea stood together in a huddle, a look on my face that I'd never seen before, "Want to explain what your face is doing?"

"I-I don't know." He rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the game. I zoomed in on the picture, studying my facial expression. I slammed the phone onto the bed, my head was already too sore to be thinking this much about a picture!

As we walked into school the next day, I noticed Chelsea and Casey sitting together, Maddison stood just in front of them, "Maddison," I said, stepping forward, "What are you doing?" She hesitated and took a step back, not knowing what to say.

"I-I was waiting for Chelsea," She nodded finally, satisfied with her answer, "She's taking forever." Casey gave her a small smile and looked back up to me, her face crumpled into a permanent state of worry. 

"Chelsea, why do you continue to associate with Casey, when she is in no way part of our social group?" I asked, trying to seem intimidating. For anybody else, this would have worked, but Chelsea just laughed and pushed herself up from the bench to face me.

"Because social status doesn't define who I chose to be friends with," She said sweetly, her perfume was enough to pull me towards her, "Neither do you, Mr. Styles." She smiled to herself with the success of her reply as she settled on the bench. I nodded with a smirk and headed towards the hangout. How could I mess with her today?

Chelsea's P.O.V | ♥ | 

The trees swayed carefully in the wind like they were inviting me to sit under their leafy branches so that I was shaded from the hot sun. As I made my way towards the largest tree, I heard a small scream erupt from the side of the building, my instincts kicking in, making me run towards the sound. I peeked around the corner of the building, my hand flinging to my mouth to stop any sound coming out, "Jake won't mind?" Harry whispered, a smirk on his face as he tugged at another button of her shirt. Stacey grinned, pulling his tie so that they kissed deeply, "I guess he won't." Harry leaned in for another kiss, his body pressing her into the wall. I couldn't decide whether it was for purely selfish reasons, or because I felt so bad for Jake, but I grabbed my phone and pressed my camera. The shutter noise sounded, causing the two of them to stop in their tracks, "Who the fuck is that?"

My legs launched into panic mode as I rushed towards the school, my heart beating so fast it felt like it would give in at any moment. I pushed myself to run faster, but it wasn't enough, "What do you think you're doing?" Harry grabbed my wrist, pulling me into a small gap between the two white buildings, "I'm giving you one chance to answer me." I could tell he was trying to control the anger building up inside of him as we both breathed heavily against the wall, "Give me your phone, Miss Eaton." I shook my head and he dropped my arms, using his body to pin me against the wall. He quickly reached for my phone but I moved it just in time, pressing my knee up to his stomach and making my escape.

"Chelsea?" Maddison's voice filled the room, "Chelsea, are you in here? We've been worried sick." I pushed the stall door open, my heart still pounding violently in my chest. He was so angry, but I couldn't rid myself of the feeling of his body against mine, his breath hot on my face as he smirked attractively, "You've been hiding from him in here? Come on, let's get out of school for the rest of the day."

We walked around the mall slowly, smoothies in our hands, "I can't believe Stacey would do that to Jake," Maddison frowned, "I thought she was better than that. I guess not."

"We can't jump to conclusions," I shrugged quickly, "Maybe she was blackmailed into it, or maybe he just has extremely good persuasion skills."

"I doubt it. Stacey has always had a thing for Harry," Maddison chuckled, picking up a white ruffled-collar blouse, "Harry has never been into her before though. I wonder what changed. How did he act with you the other night?"

"He was sweet," I sighed, "Actually really sweet, he took me home once we'd had enough to drink!"

"You went home with him?!" Maddison gasped, jumping around the clothing rail to listen to the rest of the story more intently.

"Not like that, he took me home and put me to bed, then he went home," I laughed. Maddison tapping her chin in thought, "But when I took that photo of Stacey and him together, he nearly lost it." Maddison nearly passed out at the word photo and demanded that I show her it.

"You could do so much with this photo," She grinned, "You could force him to stop being an asshole, or you could..."

"I need to show Jake and then I need to get rid of it," I explained to Maddison, who seemed disappointed with the plan, "Harry's more powerful than me in more ways than one. I will show Jake tomorrow, then I will delete the photograph. Maybe Harry should make better decisions."

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