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1. Meeting him

Part One

Meeting Him

Little 15 year old jungkook would never have known that there were monsters in Korea like Ju and Wood jr. he had gotten a job application for a dance group called EXO, he had gladly accepted the offer needing money. He had flown to the capital of Korea not knowing that he would be kidnapped and sold to heartless people who wanted to use him for horrible things. A big fat man with lots of chains and rings on his fingers had bought him for 2,000 won.  The fat man told 3 men to take him to his place as they were driving jungkook heard gunshots behind him and saw blood he crouched down on the seat of the car not getting up. He heard voices outside the car

(man 1) “damn wook isn't in the car”

(man 2) “but his play thing is, he went for top dollar i know that for a fact look at him.”

(man 3) can we keep him he looks like a little bunny, hi little bunny my names Jimin     what's yours”

(Man 1) “damn Jimin     now he knows your name, grab him well take him for now”

(Jimin    ) “ok, come on little bunny we won't hurt you at all we are actually going to help you”

Jungkook hesitantly go out of the car. He felt 2 people grab his arms

(Jimin    ) “Suga, J-hope get off that poor kid don't you see your scaring him let go”

Jimin     took their hands away and guided him toward the van and helped him in.

(man 1) “well you might as well know all of our names mine is  V or V which everyone you want that's Jimin ,Suga,Jin,J-hope and RM. Got it but if you tell another living soul you are dead in a split second you got me?”

(Jungkook) “yes sir”

( Jimin    ) “ hey you're scaring the bunny don't be so harsh boss”

(Jungkook) “my name is Jungkook by the way you said you wanted to know”

Jungkook huhne down into the seat feeling imaVd by the other members”

(RM) “wooo V likes  you look at his face getting red”

V reached up and was about to hit RM but jngkook grabbed his arm before he could all of the other gang members gasped in astonishment that someone had grabbed v’s arm 

(Jungkook) “don't hit him i hate seeing people getting hurt i had to live with being hurt my whole life just dont hurt anyone”

V looked sternly at Jungkook then at his arm which he was still holding on to.

(Jungkook) “sorry”

(V) “you will be”

Jungkook knew what that had met his father had said that before he abused that after he apologized for doing something he did not like or was not supposed to do. Jungkook shuddered at this thought making the others look at him 

(Jimin    ) “bunny are you ok you're sweating so bad.”

Jungkook had started sweating at the memrory the memory of his father hitting him over and over for the smallest things.

(Jungkook) “oh nothing just thinking about my childhood”

(V) “bad memories i guess , you probably did not have any bad ones seeing that the girls would have been all over you”


The other members in the gang just looked at him V’s mouth hung wide open just staring at him. Jungkook turned around kind so he was not facing tham Jimin     came over and put a hand on his back rubbing it slightly Jungkook how had tears forming in is eyes, Jimin kept shooting V angry glaciers every once and awhile while pulling tissues out of the console for Jungkook to wipe his tears and snot on him.

(jin) “Home sweet home I guess if you would call it sweet.”

Jungkook got out of the car having jimin help him with a comforting arm around his shoulder, 

(jimin) “ V can he stay with me since i will not and him over to J-Hope, he would kill him in an instant not caring, pleas V with a cherry on top”

Jimin looked at him with puppy dog eyes beaming

(V) “ o just don't do enything kinkey got it”

V walked away for a moment then realized that jungkook had touched him and yelled at him

(V) “on second thought he is staying with me i can't trust someone who touches people and yells at people for no reason.”

(Jimin) “ bit V bu- bu -but come on he won't be bad i promise just let him stay wit”

(V) “ shut up jimin)

V was about to slap jimin but jungkook jumped in the way and took the hit, falling to the floor. Hitting his head on a table before going down.

(V) “dumb ass whyd you do that?”    

(Jungkook) “ rather have it me getting hurt over someone else”

V grabbed Jungkook up by the color of his shet and pulled him into his room, instantly punching on him punching and kicking him,Jungkook not making a sound a tactic he learned from an abusive father. He learned that if he did not make a noise that his father would evenchol get tired of it and leave him alone. 

(V) *in in mind* “weird he isn't making any noise usually they all scream out and ask me to stop”

(V) “Jungkook why aren't you making any noise answer me or i will kick and punch harder.”

(Jungkook) “ i have a abusive father it a tactic that has been dig into my body, i left my faher a week ago and came here on the promes of being in a new band but i was kidnapped and sold in to hell knows what and then i get kiddnaped agin by a bunch of waid mn in a van one of them getting kinkey on me, i have been thuhe hell all in 2 days now i have to deal with sum man beatting the sit out of for hellping sum man not get slaped and getting slaped insted of letting someone eals getting slaped now how do you thin i feel iv had no sleep and a morsol of food i fucking staving and sleep depriv-”

Jungkook was cut off as V’s lips crashed into his, Jungkook not knowing what to do kissed him back. V tugged on Jungkook’s shirt Jungkook moved to give him room to take it, then did the same thing to V but undoing his pants in the process. Jungkook slided Vs pants off of him leaving him only in his boxers. Jungkook looked V up and down, Jungkook and his perfectly toned abs and looked down when he noticed that his eyes were wide in shock, Jungkook looked down at his chest and saw that he still hadabs even after being starved for 2 days. But V was not looking at his abs he was looking at the market he had all over his body. V wanting to see if he had other markes pulled his pants off revealing his boner and more marks he stood him up and looked at all of the marks their were cuts and bruises but the only thing that V could not take his eyes off of was the slash like marks and the big scare on the side of the body a bit above is hips. V looked at jung kooks face he wasn't looking as he did a minute ago he had a sad but fear full look in his eyes. He hung his head low now not looking in to v’s eyes 

(V) “ did your father do this the man you were talking about did he do all of this to you and why”

Jungkook did not answer he just kept looking at the floor wishing that he would rather be with his father than in this sichew raion

(V) “ what did you just say Jungkook do you riley mean that do you not want to be with me”

Jungkook felt a sharp pain on the side of his head v had  hit im but why he thought was it because he did not respond to his question or was it because he was mad at him 


V tried to calm jungkook down they both put their clothing back on. So they would not be undressed if someone were to come into the room from his yelling.

(V) “ i’m sorry Jungkook i just am used to people answering me when i talk to them this is how i am i am so used to people doing what i say i don't realize how they feel. I’m sorry jungkook can you forgive me”

(Jungkook) “its ok i forgive people easily it's one of my good traits if you think about.”

Jungkook smiled his bunny smile and kissed tae on the lips. Tae grabbed the back of his sert and pushed him onto the bed just as tae got on top of him the door swung open.

(RM) “Well well well what do we have here~”

Just as he said that tae started slapping Jungkook, he gave him a pleading look and Jungkook responded with a look that said he knows what he is trying to do. Suga and jin both grab tae and pull him off Jungkook.

(V) “Let me go I'm the boss i have the right to punish who i what if they do something they aren't supposed to.”

They both let go of the slightly bowed and then left. Tae looked at Jungkook with apologetic eyes

(Jungkook) “tae its ok you didn't want them to see what is happening, pulse that was nothing compared to the sum of the other things i've been put through.” 

(V) “this is bad i never want to hurt you again but i might have to keep up my appearance in the gang they don't know what is going on between us. They just they just don't know please don't tell them”

(Jungkook) “ it's kind of the same with me they would probably kill me and probably hurt you and I don't want that to happen to gather of us.”

At that moment 5 guys all poured into the room.

(V) “What the hell guys now your revs dropping too this is so low brow and jimin i expected more of you.”

Jimin looked down at the ground like he was about to cry. Jungkook looked at all of them boring holes into their eyes. Most of them looked away not knowing that he could knock them out in one blow of his fist or at least slap them to the ground. They all got on their knees and apologize for intruding on a conversation of them trying to become friends with this abused stranger. One of them asked why he had been slaping him then. Of course it had to of been suga. Jungkook walked over to them and shoved them all out of the room calling them annoying brats.

(RM) “hey we all are older than you your only lets see 15 or 16 V is 18 you know that would be bad if it got out that he is getting close to a 15 or 16 years old. And the fact that I'm older than him makes it weird that he’s the leader. Sum would say that i should be the leader doncha think boys?”

All of the boys shook their heads and instead grabbed RM by the arms pulling him down to the basement and locking the door.  

(V) “he needs to learn a lesson do you want to come with me he tried to ert me and i know that you would kill if he had, you can punish him a little too for threatening me how's that sound Jungkook?” 

(Jungkook) “ what he would have killed you i'm going to kill him!”

Tae led Jungkook down to the  basement and he saw that RM was tied to a chair. His head hung low tae untied him. Once he was untied he immediately on his knees begging for money saying that he was drunk and that he did not mean it.

(V) “What do you think Jungkook should i forgive him for this or should he be punished”

Jungkook looked at nam joon with fire in his eyes, as he continued to look at him, he saw the same look he would give his father before he was going to be beaten for sumout rages thing. 

(Jungkook) “that look it’s the look that tha-”

Jungkook chokes back a sob before saying that he would forgive him just this once and that he was lucky that he was a soft hearted bunny.  Rm looked at jungkook with gratitude in his eyes. Jk flowed tae backup to his room. As tae shut the door and loved it he punched on jk once again.

(V) “if someone interrupts us again I'm going to kill them”

They both heard a knock on the door tae got up and answered it telling jin the one at the door to tell everybody to go to the club and help out their evan RM. as they hear the car pulls out of the driveway he goes back to jk kissing him on the lips, and moving down to his neck and collarbone making him moan in pleasure giving them both a boner, tae takes off both of their shirts and jk starting to un do taxes paints in the process he gets taes paints off of him and then takes off his own leaving them both in there boxers revealing their hard cocks threw the matrol, tae reaches down and starts to stroke Jk cock, Jk moaning at his touch. Suddenly suga walks into the room.

(Suga) “what the fuck are you 2 doing?!”

(JK) “becoming friends”

(V) “suga why are you here you should be at the club with the rest of them”

(Suga) “if i do remember properly you said that when i joined the gang that one of us has to stay home when the others leave so that nothing happens even if you are here.”

(V) “I specifically said ALL of you to go even RM so you should have taken a hit and went with them.”

(Suga)” i can't wait to tell all of them what I saw”

(V) “if you do i will rip your tongue out of your mouth and then kill you and you know i will i did it to Wonho so don't test me he did the same thing you wanted to do but i was with RM’s girl friend so don't test me now go to your room and don't come out till i say you can.”

(Suga) “sorry boss it’s just that they never include me in anything at all not even going to the club i love the club its so fun.”

(V) “come on suga I guess we will go to the club we all can be their i’ll get patrick to watch over the house”

(Suga) “riley yu would do that for me”

(V) “not for you for jungkook he has never been to a club”

(Suga) “ he’s only 15 of cores he has never been to a club they wont let him in”

(V) “they will if i go it’s my club remember suga, hint MY CLUB”

They all went to the club but V would not let JK go with the way he was looking in torn pants and a shirt. He put jk in a blue silk shirt and black jeggings that had ribs in the knees (outfit from DNA). and than left .as they got their they walked in and saw all of the other members kissing sum random girls probably the pole dancers.

(V) “ what the hell are you all doing this has never been aloud when i am here or not here you are not aloud to do this you got me i will punish all of you when we get home. Get in the car. Suga you can stay here and wacher over just don't do anything to the dancers.”

(Suga) “yay”

When they got home Tae started telling them what they had to do for their punishments.

(V) “RM you will clean the whole house and not eat for 2 days Jimin you will polish and clean all the weapons and no food for a day, Hobi you get to weed all the flower beads and no lunch for the next few days, jin you will not be punished senc you were not doing anything to them sluts.”

(RM) “ boss don't you think that you are bein a bit harsh on us like this is not the first time it has happened, like taking in wook’s sex toy and letting him rome and live around the house, it’s unherd of i mean like come on”

(V) “ is that back talk you know i hate it when you talk back to me.”

(RM) “sorry i just got mad.”

(V) “well you better watch your attitude towards me and jk i will not have you messing up the whole house because you don't like the way I run things got it”

(RM) “yes sir”

(V) “now go do your punishments” 

(all) “yes sir”

They all went to leave and so did jungkook but V grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up stairs. Once he had shut the door they V started kissing him aging, 

(V) “ why are there so many interruptions in this house maybe me and you should go on a trip by ourselves to get some alone time,”

JK did not answer he just pulled him in and kissed him more passionately not wanting him to leave.


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