Your Worse Nightmare

Deep in the mind of Jacob Rowland, a well-known businessman, who has done some shady things in his past. To earn a guaranteed silence on his past he is forced to go into his own mind, to help test some new scientific equipment.


8. Flying

     Jacob moaned and turned onto his front. It was too bright to be doing this now. He just wanted to go back to sleep.  thought for a moment. He remembered falling off a cliff, his eyes jerk open just to close tightly again. He was flying! "Why am I flying?" He screamed. He hated flying! He was hardly okay with airplanes. If he could drive there he did. But if he couldn't he always had someone with him and some ice water on a plane, he hated the idea of those lying death traps some people enjoyed going on. He only went on them when it was absolutely needed and him being the person in charge left it almost impossible to get out of being a few planes a month. He needed to travel and get places fast sometimes when he had meetings at different companies in the same week. 

     "Okay just breathe," He told himself and peaked his eye open. He snapped it shut and took another shaky breath before he slowly opened both eyes and looked down at the ground that was very far below him. He felt his heart pick up as he looked at the ground, but he stomped on his own fear and watched all the things below him move around and live while he was up here, far from any animal that could hurt him. He turned around and started at the cave. He was still looking at the talking snake and the reptile thing it was sitting on. They looked at him in wonder. He smiled for the first time since being put in his head. He was finally out of there reach. It was the best feeling for him, but it was short-lived.

     While those two couldn't come and get him he was still flying in the sky and that was becoming a slow fall towards the ground. And those two noticed it too. They backed away from the entrance and he could hear the footsteps rush to the entrance. He didn't want them to find him. He wanted to get to the ground and disappear before they could find him. And in his head, that's what happened. He was suddenly on the ground and running towards the trees he had seen while he had been so far up in the sky. "It's great I'm not dead," He told himself as he panted aiming for one of the trees. He wanted to know why he was going through all of this. He knew that he was in his mind, but he didn't understand why his mind was going against him like this. Did it not like that he was physical inside of his own head, or was it just that he had so much bad stuff happen to him that it was forcing him to deal with it now. 

     Jacob darted behind the tree just as the reptile thing shuffled out of the cave. Jacob scrambled up the tree and watched as the two looked around for him. He saw the mouth on the snake move but couldn't hear what they were saying, but he watched as they gave up looking for him again and walked away.

     Jacob remembered all of a sudden that he had indeed been up in the air flying. He thought that it had all been a dream. A terrifying one, but a dream none the less. Shaking his head he remembered that everything in here was a dream. He was starting to get a hold on what he needed to do to find the way out of here, but he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to do so. He had already managed to pass out twice out of fear. And if he had to go through all of his fears and memories, he didn't know what he was going to do. 

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