Your Worse Nightmare

Deep in the mind of Jacob Rowland, a well-known businessman, who has done some shady things in his past. To earn a guaranteed silence on his past he is forced to go into his own mind, to help test some new scientific equipment.


1. Jacob Rowland

     The ding of the elevator as it reached the underground parking lot made him look in front of himself. It was time to go see how well his company has done without him. If they had needed him they would have called, but it has been a week and not even a call from his secretary. Stepping into the elevator he pushed the button for the top floor and sipped on his coffee. 

     The doors dinged and opened on the first floor letting in two people. They must have just gotten here, he told himself. He nodded to them as they entered and pushed the button for floors two and three. They looked over him for a moment as the elevator music played softly before the elevator dinged letting off one of the three people now in it. The floor was filled with the clicking of keyboards and he wondered what everyone was working on. The doors opened again after another ding letting off another person. This floor was filled with small talk and somewhere in this chitter-chatter he heard," Mr. Rowland is here today. I wonder if he is just checking up on things again, or-" The elevator doors shut preventing him from hearing any more. What else would he be here to do? He wondered about that as he was waiting to get to the top of the building. Six floors later, he stepped off the elevator and looked around.

     He had gone on a small trip to Flordia to see how his business was getting on there. While he was there he also spent some time at the beach relaxing before his flight back to Iowa. It's not like he was going to be getting much sun here soon anyway, with winter so close. He sat down in his chair and placed his coffee off to the side while he looked over the papers. It was mostly checks and ideas from his idea crew, always coming up with new little toys for kids to play with.

     He never understood why he started making kids toys when he hated children. Well, he didn't hate them he just never wanted to be under one of those snot ridden, disaster trains waiting to cough and sneeze all over him. But other than that he could stand them. His sister, fond of the little things, was always trying to make him uncomfortable bring her own under his office all the time. He sighed as he looked over all the details. He was always a man of money from his childhood. In college, he studied business management and look where that got him? He was now a multibillionaire leading the biggest toy company out there, Rowland Inc. His company made mostly little cars for kids to play with and collect. But every so often someone has an idea that he should start making so other toys as well and they usually don't do as well as the cars. But he's rich he can afford a couple of mistakes. 

     "Mr. Rowland? Sir, there is someone here waiting to speak with you. She says that it is very important that she talks to you. Should I let her in?" His desk phone buzzed after his secretary finished speaking. He reached over and pushed a button on the phone.

     Coughing before he answered, he said, " Let her in," And let the button go. It was the 21st century and they were still using phones like these. His office door swung open as a brown-haired woman walked into his office. He looked her over wondering what she was going to do. She wore small glasses and a white lab coat like she had just rushed here from whatever she was working on. "What?" Jacob asked. Not going to bother with formalities. His mind was still on the sun. He enjoyed his visit to Flordia and was angry that he was back here in this good for nothing town that he had grown up in. This woman stood and grinned at him. 

     "Still the same I see. How is your little business going anyway?" She asked. He looked her over again more carefully this time. He had seen her somewhere, but where? Why couldn't he remember who she was? She was talking like they had known each other at one point. "What? Do you not remember me? Try searching your mind for the hit and run victim that was comatose for two years. Remember me yet? I bet that hasn't made any sound from your throne built on money," She said. Her eyes burned with rage. She was angry at him because of something he did in high school? How could he have forgotten about this? 

     She laughed at him. She could tell he must have remembered her and was worried about what she was going to do. "What are you doing here?" He asked her in a small voice. If anyone in this world held any power over him it was her. The one mistake that he had in his past. It was his first time driving on an icy road and he didn't know that he couldn't break when he normally did. It was close to two in the morning. No one was ever out at that time. And now here she stood the one person that could hurt his company was standing before him. 

     "Well, I would have wanted an answer as to how I am standing in front of you, but you don't care about all the money and debt that my family went into to pay for the thousands of surgeries I went through and all of the new issues they had caused me. All of the pain that I went through while you laughed it off over hot chocolate with whatever friends you had," She said raising her voice.  

     A small knock came at the door. "Sir? Are you okay in there? Do you want me to call security and have them remove her from the building?" His secretary asked and knocked again.

     He looked over to his door and then to Vanassa. She nodded her head. Coughing to clear his throat he answered," We are fine. Everything is okay. Just leave us." He was watching Vanassa smile as she continued to stand in front of him. Her arms were crossed now. He heard a sigh at the door and clicking heels walking away. "What do you want from me?" He asked her. "Do you want money? I can match every dime your family spent on medical bills," He said to her pulling out his checkbook. 

     She shook her head. "If you had asked me 6 years ago I would have said yes. But now I have paid off every single one of those bills. I'm also rich ya know. Just not as well known as you are. So I don't want your money," She said and looked him over as his pen stopped writing in his checkbook. 

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