Stay, Don't leave me alone

The promise Aidan and Julia had, they promise to be together forever and ever.
Everything changes
Will Julia stay with Aidan?

Author's note

I wont update this

1. Promise

Another promise you failed to keep. you keep on breaking those promise that you made with me long ago

"I had enough Aiden, I can't stay with you anymore, you are ruined my life and i want to stay away from you"

Aiden doesnt respond, his in shocked and he doesnt know how to react

That was 15 days ago

14 Days left

While working, thinking to myself what did i do to cause such a hugh mess to our relationship, I'm thinking about you daily and wondering what i could've done differently, how can i built this relationship up with you, how can i resolve this issue.

After finishing work i head home and head to Julia's room, i waited a moment with Julia

then I say "Stay.... Stay with me , dont go... dont leave me here alone"

"I can't... i already made a disicision. you know me, every disicsion i made, i kept it all the way to the end" replied Julia

"But you can change this, its not over yet, the power is in your hands now, you can just change your mind just like switching the lights off and on" in a deserate voice by Aiden.

"Julia i can't lived without you. i want you to stay with me forever, didn't we made that promise together"

"I can't handle it anymore Aiden, we can't lived together . theres too many drama" said Julia

Out of options i left Julia's room, heading straight to my room, I'm exhausted from work and went to bed.


13 Days left

Another day what can i do, always thinking about what i did that was wrong, i wrote down all the list of promise we made together and counted it all, out of the 10 i broked 7 out of 10. I am really a terrible person.

Thinking back there were more bad rather then good. Out of everyone here i'm the worst person to ever exist and i wish i could go back in time and change everything that i did. 

I'm late for work so i'm heading out. 
I remember that you promise me that you would stayed together with me forever and ever.

That promise made me so happy

I wish you truly did stay with me and i don't want to let you go.

I wish you change your mind and stay.

Please don't go

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