Dragon's Curse

Gracy Fullbuster, born of love out of tragedy, is a cursed girl. You see, the power that was given to her mother, was absorbed by Gracy, and that is what cursed her. She is cursed by the Dragon Slayer Magic of Natsu Dragneel. She was born with a single dragon scale on her right cheek, and as she got older, the scales spread, and will only keep spreading until she turns in to a dragon. Her friends, and especially her brothers, fear the day when it happens. At 18, she already has a lot of scales, plus two little nubs on her head, two nubs on her back, as well as one nub on her tail bone. The affects of the curse have gotten much worse, and no matter what her brothers try, they know they cannot do anything. There is one who can, and will, but he won't accomplish this by himself, no matter how hard he tries, for he will get help from the last person it is expected.

Author's note

May be cringy. probably written better.

3. Chapter 2

*Gracy's P.O.V.*

Fiore High was in the capital, not too for from Saber Tooth. So, those like all us from Fairy Tail, those from Lamia Scale, and from Mermaid Heel, all have to take a bus to the capital. Now, this bus is loud and smelly, and for a person with very sensitive ears and a very sensitive nose, it is a horrible place. I have to put my music on quite loud to drown out the noisy riders. 

A tap on my shoulder told me that we had arrived, to which I was thankful. The building was quite large and acted much like a guild. We were all family here, no matter how much we fought, and argued. Not all of us got along. But oh well. 

One of my favorite things to do when I first get there is to read the list of attendees. It gives their names, their parents, their guild, what magic or magics they have, and a small description of them, In order from oldest to youngest.

Let's see here:

Ina Vandaly Kotobaki - Age 25

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Parents: Ichiya Vandaly Kotobaki *Mother Uknown*

Magic: Gun Requip/ sharpshooting

Description: Beautiful orangeish-brown hair, blue eyes, kind, caring, nurturing, kind of like the big sister/ mother of the group


Nash Dragneel - Age 21

​Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfillia (Dragneel - Fullbuster)

Magic: Rainbow Fire

Description: Blonde hair with a slight hint of pink, brown eyes, is a little bashful at times, but mostly is loud and easily excitable.


Gale Redfox - Age 21

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Gajeel Redfox and Levi McGarden (Redfox)

Magic: Iron Dragon Slayer

Description: Black hair that reaches mid-back, red eyes, Gentle, shy, bashful, quiet, quite the opposite of his dad. 

Exceed: Prong

Exceed Description: A pure black, and very tough


Jamie Fernandez - Age 21

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Jellal Fernandez and Erza Scarlet (Fernandez)

Magic: Heavenly Body Magic

Description: Blue hair, brown eyes, A bit of an attitude, more on the calm side, only truly gets angry when one of her friends gets hurt in any, especially emotionally.


Storm Fullbuster - Age 21

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockster (Fullbuster)

Magic: Ice Make

Description: Short black hair that almost covers his eye, Blue eyes, Clam, cool and collected, smart, and often who ends a fight


Java Vastia - Age 19

Guild: Lamia Scale

Parents: Lyon Vastia (Mother is unclear)

Magic: Ice Make

Description: Very light blue, almost white hair, really dark blue eyes, is a major play-girl


Gracy Fullbuster - Age 18

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfillia (Fullbuster)

Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer, Water Castor Magic, Ice Make, Ice Demon/Devil Slayer, Celestial Keys

Description: Golden Brown hair with frozen pinkish-white ends (Almost a Salmon color), onyx eyes, Rambunxious, Loud, Sweet, Has an attitude, Quite often ends up in a fight (Especially with Java)

Exceeds: Hallow and Happy

Exceed Description: Hallow: Orange fur with black patches, one around her eye the shape of a heart, and the other on her back in the shape of a bat. Has black wings, is quite the sass. Happy: blue with a white tail tip and a large white spot on his stomach, kind and caring


Riley Cheney - Age 18

Guild: Saber Tooth

Parents: Rogue Cheney (Mother Unknown)

Magic: Shadow Dragon Slayer

Description: pitch black hair, red eyes, the complete opposite of her father, A big sass, huge attitude, is a bad girl, or rather a tough girl, almost always in a fight

Exceed: Ivy

Exceed Description: A slightly darker shade of green than Frosch, and acts just like Frosch


Cory Poison - Age 18

Guild: Crime Sorciere

Parents: Cobra (Eric) and Angel (Sorano Agria)

Magic: Poison Dragon Slayer

Description: Purplish-red hair, light grayish-purple eyes, cocky, kind of stuck up, but actually cares to a point

Exceed: Marsh

Exceed Description: Purple, is shy


Yuri Eucliffe - Age 17

Guild: Saber Tooth

Parents: Sting Eucliffe and Yukino Agria (Eucliffe)

Magic: White Dragon Slayer

Description: Bleach blonde hair, navy blue eyes, A little cocky, is pretty much just like his dad, only with his mother's kindness and caring nature

Exceed: Leech

Exceed Description: Is and reddish-brown, pretty much glued to Yuri's side


Mafia - Age 16

Guild: Crime Soricere

Parents: Midnight (MacBeth) (Mother Unknown)

Magic: Dark Magic

Description: Black hair on top, and underneath is white, basically layered hair color, red eyes, is mostly asleep in the corner, doesn't do much, will blabber about something random here and there


Liam Dreyar - Age 15

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Laxus Dreyer and Mirajane Stauss (Dreyer)

Magic: Lightning Dragon Slayer, Take over Demon

Description: Blonde, eye color Ranges from orange/dark yellow to a greenish-blue, Can be cocky but is mostly much like his mother.

Exceed: Mellow

Exceed Description: Is a lime green, very calm and cool


Ray Conbolt - Age 14

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Romeo Conbolt and Wendy Marvel (Conbolt)

Magic: Rainbow Fire and Sky Dragon Slayer

Description: Has really dark blue hair,  brown eyes, loves to throw fire balls for Gracy to eat. 

Exceed: Harley

Exceed Description: A soft light blue, has an attitude like her mom, but is completely out of it sometimes like her dad (Happy and Carla)


Hikari Strauss - Age 12

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Bickslow and Lisanna Strauss

Magic: Take over Animal

Description: Has two-toned hair that is black at the roots and turns this odd blue color at the ends, lime green eye, likes to stick her tongue out, is a bit strange


Ella Strauss - Age 9

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Elfman Strauss and Evergreen (Strauss)

Magic: Stone Eyes

Description: Has her mother's hair color, gray eyes, Is the odd one out in the group


Ezra Fernandez - Age 7

Guild: Crime Sorciere

Parents: Jellal Fernandez and Erza Scarlet (Fernandez)

Magic: Requip

Description: Mother's red hair, gold eyes, Has a mark similar to his father's under his right eye, will usually stop the fight between Gracy and Java despite his age and size compared to them, is a lot like his mother, loves strawberry cake


Loni Redfox - Age 5

Guild: Fairy Tail

Parents: Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden (Redfox)

Magic: Script Dragon Slayer

Description: Has her mother's hair and eyes, but her father's personality

Exceed: Panther Lily


Yeah, It's a long list. but hey, that's what happens when kids from all over Fiore are going here. 

Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned to find my two best friends, The black-haired badass, Riley Cheney, and the bleach-blonde little shit, Yuri Eucliffe. And of course, they were bickering. 

"You bitch! Give me Leech!"

Riley snorted. "Not until you give back Ivy!"

And back forth they went, each trying to get the other to return their exceed.

That was until a scream came from across the common area. "Fucking hell! You two fucktards need to stop this shit!"

It was Mafia. And of course, that scared Yuri and Riley, so they gave back each other exceeds and shut up.

I laughed. "You two were so annoying you made Mafia made. Congratulations for pissing off the calmest one here."

I got an evil glare from both, and that only made me laugh even more. My exceed, Hallow, was in her human form, grinning slyly next to me. 

"I think they deserved that."

"Deserved what?"

Flying just above our heads was the eldest exceed here. The one and only blue flying, talking, cat named Happy. And he was as clueless as ever. He hadn't the slightest hint to him of being the oldest here. He still looked and acted like he was the same age as the other exceeds. 

When we had picked exceeds, everyone had expected Happy to choose to either stay with Lucy or go to Nash, but instead the blue exceed chose me. I still haven't the slightest clue why. I don't mind, he is actually quite nice to have around. Though, one of the weirdest things about it is the fact that every now and then, Happy will call me Natsu, and then apologize about it. We all thought it to be strange. Especially the older of us, as they had all somewhat known the late Natsu Dragneel. I have learned to shrug it off. 

My snarky orange exceed looked up at her blue elder. "Deserved getting yelled at by Mafia."

Happy simply just tilted his head, still quite confused. 

Hallow sighed, shook her head, and looked at me. "I don't know how he has survived as long as he has."

I shrugged. "Mind you, he was the exceed of the strongest Dragon Slayer. It is possible with a partner like that."

She shrugged as we entered the building, greet by Carla, the white exceed whom is just a slight bit younger than Happy. Carla nodded to Happy and he smiled. While they were together, and had a kid, they were never really in the same place. Happy traveled with me, while Carla looked after Wendy. Stepping into the common room, I get hit in the face with an ice ball. I go to tackle Java, but get pulled short as someone grabs the scarf. That just made me even madder. 


I turn and fire fist the hell out of who appears to be Liam. 

"Ok! Ok! I'm sorry!"

"You know not to touch the scarf."

"I know, I know. But Jamie wants you."

Liam points over to a corner where Jamie was waving me over with quite the urgency. I huffed and hiked over there, trying to prepare for whatever the Bluenette had in store.

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